Monday, June 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 07Jun2016: today my Heart is in the 7 of Pentacles (a card I shall now forevermore associate with my friend Terri Reed) and the Feather of Truth is trying to rest on a moving object, X the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is the*Hear of Stars Tarot* by Thom Phan; This from Aeclectic on this deck; “The Heart of Stars Tarot is a modern deck of 78 cards, illustrated with famous movie characters and scenes. Each image was carefully chosen to fit the essence of each card, and create a more familiar link with the traditional Rider-Waite symbolism. The deck is self-published and available from the artist.” This is in my “judge them lest ye be judged” pile of decks that I am triaging; does it or does it not remain? The *Heart of Stars* has several things going for it: it shuffles like a dream, has a very basic good pre-reading vibe to it, and although I am unfamiliar with some of the stars or movies depicted [I am a BIG fan of Lorelei Douglas’ *The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot,* which dates me big time. Ha!], the images have been chosen with care to fit the arcana. As to interpretation, you are on your own, there is no LWB. Fine by me, I have my own Truth.  It stays, definitely.)  (Today is a half-sized column for a simple draw – I won’t pad the reading to fill space.) I see a simple truth in a simple reading today: while my Heart is keeping company with Mark Hamill (“Luke Skywalker”) and Yoda, he is bound to the Waiting Game. Now that I have launched my venture, will it grow, will it flourish, and will it at least bear fruit? I may only have two trees in my orchard, but I do hope for the magnificent flowering from them. But I must wait. 
As for the Feather of Truth, the truth is that no one knows how it’s going to turn out, much like this day. It’s all in the air, up for grabs, and I can only hope that any resident evolution or goodness in MY soul will influence the outcome of the venture. On a more immediate and mundane level, the Truth is that ALL OF IT is on X the Wheel, and we must work to keep the wheel lubricated and in spinning order, otherwise it may just stick with us hanging upside down. (You’ll notice we are NEVER left sitting on top of it. I believe that THAT is simply a function of inertia, balance and residual momentum. The natural state of things at rest is, for us, a damning sign of lack of growth, of “bathing in the mud.”) And what does the Wheel of Fortune EVER ask of us but Patience?? My most despised Virtue, I have VERY LITTLE room for Patience, which is doubtless why I am constantly tested upon it. Be patient about this, Mark; be patient about that, Mark; well, screw Patience! EXCEPT THAT I can’t. I HAVE TO make way in front of the inevitability, of the gravity, of the process of the Great Machine (the Cosmos as God’s motorized Lego® construction for perfecting the imperfect, us.) {{Sigh}} . . . As much as I’d rather not, I must ask the Cosmos today to gift us all with a large packet of Patience with ourselves and others. Be Well!  


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