Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 08Jun2016 :today my Heart is riding hell-bent-for-leather with VII the Chariot while the Feather of Truth is enjoying the felicitous companionship to be found at the 6 of Cups. (The deck today is *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. You’ve heard me rave on & on about tis deck – yes, I love it; I think it is the ultimate arcane deck out there – but that is MHO. Obtain it. Be amazed.) I feel that the reading is “Justified” today. (I’m going to use that word from now on when I have a draw that rings obviously true; there are a lot of “Justified”s in the world, most of them attached in some way to matters of faith or metaphysics and generally denoting a grand charlatan. I’m going to use it for one thing for which its usage IS “justified,” [ah ha!], an obviously truthful Tarot spread.)  My Heart “feels” like it is in the Chariot, indeed. In the book which is a separate from the deck pack, (*Tarot of the Holy Light* Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers, Noreah/Brownfield Press, 2015) Ms. Towler gives us an amazing & astonishingly profound performance on an academic stage of working her way through her deck and explaining the meanings of these overly replete cards. Her entry for VII the Chariot is as full of knowledge as they all are, and I took away one sentence of PRIMARY importance and referenced it to me & to this card; “Whenever a Chariot card shows a feminine charioteer, we are to envision Sophia enthroned within the psyche of one who is blending Light and matter, ascending and descending forces.” Female Sophia or Transformed Magus, that explanation is as concise and perfect as it gets of what is going on here in this card. This card, VII the Chariot, is the culmination of the 1st Septenary of the Major Arcana, the Personal sphere. 1) Magus – Imagination, 2) Priestess – Sophia, Wisdom, 3) Love comes to live in the Empress as the fecundation of matter, 4, 5 & 6) “. . . the Emperor is building his castle according to the design that the Hierophant proposes in order to provide the best possible environment for the consummation of the Lovers, & then 7) the Chariot, a living vehicle for the Magus’ further explorations. The Chariot is the awakened human animal body, vehicle, and vessel piloted by Sophia.” THIS is where I feel I have been deposited with the birth of my teaching venture, “ready to go, in an awakened state of mind.” 
 Thus, I feel this card is “Justified!” Ha! Creating bridges instead of burning them – what a novel sensation! Grin. Turning to see where the Feather of Truth has taken herself, she is over at the rather busy 6 of Cups. This card is the positive side of Mars in Scorpio, “the hero rescuing the prisoner” (Towler); sitting in Tiphareth, this version of the 6 is upfront and openly a card of “Learning Is Best When Coupled With Play.” The ego/lion is willingly playing the game with the angels, there is alchemy going on in the foreground, and the blessed flow of Water is being illumined by the Sun behind all, leading all involved into a period of R & R that is actually a learning experience in Trust. I cannot think of a better ambiance or wished-for atmosphere in a teaching situation than one of Play, Learning and Trust. This is my Feather of Truth card today, so this not only applies to the atmosphere I maintain & should maintain in the “classroom,” so to speak, but it is a bright little lantern for me today as well. Remember to make your day a mixture of the three elements, Mark, missing none. Therefore I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the ability to joyfully speed our way to the Garden of Knowledge of Good & Evil, and to make the correct choices for ourselves. Be Well!   



  1. I like this Six of Cups. I Thought it was Strength at first, then I read your description. Trust brings Strength.

    On a side note, that sun has a rubber ducky in the middle

  2. As you've noted. I think this is a great! way to look at the 6. Thanks!

  3. As you've noted. I think this is a great! way to look at the 6. Thanks!