Monday, June 27, 2016

The Fool To The World:
A journey through the tarot.

It started with the Fool who danced the merry path,
He cared not for the future and could not change the past,
He lived only for the moment, the pleasure of the day,
He made but one commitment, to be on his merry way.

He met with a Magician of diplomatic skill,
Who gave him opportunities and bade him do his will,
He opened to him new ideas, his choice of action made,
A sense of purpose to his life, confidence, his trait.

A High Priestess sat by his side, new lessons for to teach,
Through meditation and renewal, his spirit guide beseeched,
To balance understanding, mystery and wisdom,
To give strength and serenity, that he may one day find his kingdom.

The Empress helped to find himself in harmony with his thoughts,
Development of his emotions is a fertile future bought,
The fruits of labor be enjoyed, a harvest to success,
To be as one with nature, to be as one with progress.

The reliable and devoted Emperor, a father to the Fool,
A leader to authority, the master to the school,
With the power of conviction makes a scholar of the pupil,
To found a solid basis through self-discipline and ritual.

And then he meets the teacher, a kind and generous confidant,
The inner wisdom, the spiritual quest, the awareness of the Hierophant,
The exchange of philosophies, an answer from within,
A guide of inner conscience, the patience to begin.

Two images, in harmony, invoke a choice to make,
The Lovers offer happiness, but which road should he take?
Should he part, to reunite, or should he stay and flower?
The importance of the choice he makes shall mark his soul forever.

In a Chariot his spirit soars above his tribulations,
The struggle he does not give up, he meets it with endurance,
He travels through his consciousness, a clear and open mind,
And with his perseverance his emotions are refined.

He found Courage in his inner strength and hope in discipline,
To cope with any obstacle should the future, perchance bring,
To confront his own ego and challenge his foolish pride,
He recognized his own truth and called upon his spirit guide.

Next, he comes upon a Hermit who patiently awaits,
Those who seek his wisdom, to withdraw and meditate,
To ponder on the next world and the lessons learned in this,
To mature in the reflection of a drop of cosmic bliss.

As the Wheel of Fortune comes around and a new cycle begins,
As one door closes another opens and a new wheel starts to spin,
Destiny has played its part, a reminder of the truth,
That nothing lasts forever, sometimes he has to start anew.

Within the scales of Justice that weigh his pros and cons,
He takes sole responsibility for all he's said and done,
In fairness and in balance he decides upon his plan,
To cut away the worn threads, no longer relevant.

A Hanged Man is a turning point, a spiritual event,
In suspended animation, where reality is spent,
Time to try another angle, to turn things upside down,
The wise man never struggles, to get his feet back on the ground.

He surrendered unto Death then, allowing change to take place,
A situation left behind to wither and decay,
His loses, hard to cope with, but a clear path lies ahead,
A time to change direction, a chance to start afresh.

With patient, calm and self-control, he seeks harmony and peace,
Through Temperance and moderation his burdens are relieved,
The rocky road has leveled out and travel comes with ease,
To leave the anger by the wayside and moderate the stress.

When the Devil brings obligations, entangled in his thoughts,
The Fool must reach his inner conscience to unravel the knots,
A careful time of reminisce is caught up in the past,
He must come back to the present to move forward at last.

A lightening bolt that strikes the Tower, a past that's burned away,
He clears his thoughts for growth, that new paths may be laid,
The breakdown of the old ideas brings awakening of new rules,
When a bolt of inspiration brings liberty to the Fool.

A Star then shone upon him to spread optimism all around,
To paint for him, a future bright, where dreams and wishes could be found,
His past efforts rewarded, make improvements for the future,
Expansion of the psychic laws bring opportunities to nurture.

His dreams, strong with confusion, mumble beneath the Moon,
But highly charged emotions, although muddled, are not ruined,
He floats along with them awhile, yet makes no plans for travel,
He bides his time within his thoughts until the trickery unravels.

As the Sun shines on his rebirth, success is on the way,
And in the company of good friends he is again a child at play,
His worries he has overcome and joy is in the air,
His love of life is undeterred, a passionate affair.

With clarity comes Judgment, evaluation of events,
To reward a duty that's been done as a task comes to an end,
With satisfaction in his soul, rejuvenation in his heart,
To know the truth of the spinning wheel, to fear not a new start.

The World is his, with sense of pride, the Fool feels happiness,
To applause of others admiration, the Fool has found success,
A light shines on his inner peace, contented by completion,
His will is strong, his spirit soars, beyond imagination!

By Harry Boslem    

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