Sunday, July 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01Aug2016: my Heart is searching out abstruse synonyms today over at II La Papessa’s temple while the Feather of Truth has flown right to the Truth of the matter, I Il Mago. (Today’s deck is *Tarot: 2012* by Alexander Daniloff. It’s a gorgeous deck, as you can see. The card stock is completely unvarnished, and sharp-cut, so it has a very different feel, but works extremely well. I love it for its beauty & light exoticism.) Speaking of, as gloriously exotic as this morning’s draw looks, it immediately made sense to me on a very basic, mundane level. 
Your Heart is into seeking out even more knowledge with which to be armed, and the Truth of the matter lies in, “Stop it, Mark! Quit preparing & start doing! Summon your Will or go home! Get down to the business of being a Magus, of ‘training your students & helping people.’ You’ve been stocking up on booklore for over 50 years, dude, that’s enough. Go get some more field experience, NOW.”  I’m not going to make it any more complicated than that today; it’s a Monday, hey . . . .  I ask the Cosmos today to give us all more opportunity to get out there and practice what we preach. Be Well!   

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 31Jul2016 : today my Heart is lurking in the brambles of the 10 of Wands while the Feather of Truth has gone to our old friend, VIII Justice to balance her friend out. (Today’s deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans. A wonderful, very different deck.) Well, the draw this morning looks right. I’m not going to spend a lot of time belaboring a point; my Heart is weighed down by the illusion of burden; the “burden” of continuing to “do the work” of advancing Enlightenment, not only for myself but for others (in my role of Tarot guide.) I don’t “reasonably” find this to be a burden at all, but apparently my Heart does, as he seems to be squeaking now, as in “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” (“Little whiner, I’ll teach you! Where’s my belt?” Grin – not really.) I understand his plaint, he’s a lazy fellow “at heart,” & doesn’t really want to have to work, he wants to “emote his way forward.” LOL, sorry, pal, not a chance in Hell of that! It is good to remember, too, that this 10 can represent an attraction to negativity; that is something I must doubly guard against, because I go bad places with it. 
Moving right along at a good clip (no extras today, kiddies – you should all be in church, anyway, flagellating your souls, assuming tons of guilt, and begging a psychotic deity to think of you now & then, right? LOL By Thor’s testicles, I hope not!) we go looking for the Feather of Truth and find her seeking the aid of one of our oldest friends, VIII Justice, (this, despite our quarrel over her address!) She reminds me again that it is ALL a choice, and one that I must make every day, big & small. Our two cats are lovely, but a choice must be made; and once made, defended and held in faith to the utmost of our beings, or until proven wrong & shown the right one. NOBODY (sorry, Francis!) is 100% infallible (I know, him neither) and it behooves ALL of us to remember that as we judge others judging us & yet more others. It’s like a game of “tit-for-tat,” and just as pointless.  But the Judgement spoken of here isn’t the daily, quotidian, you-could-be-wrong kind; this is the kind where you REALLY need to be sure that you’ve done your research and your homework and you KNOW the right choice to make. I am almost always overly sure of myself and my judgements, and every time Justice comes up I am reminded that I need to be just with myself, as well, both for the praise and the blame. IF I’m doing something for the good, I need to say so to myself; if I’m doing something contrary to that, I need to upbraid myself and correct my behavior. Justice reminds me of that today, I believe. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL some insight into our Judgements today. Be Well!  


Friday, July 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 30Jul2016: today my Heart is in VII the Chariot and the Feather of Truth has sought a more stable place with IV the Emperor. (Today’s deck is the *Tabula Mundi: Major Arcana Edition* by M. M. Meleen. Ms. Meleen is something of a mystery; she seems to be known to few people but her closest friends. I have a theory; Ms. Meleen is actually M(elina) M(ercouri) Meleen, the former Greek film actress and then national politician. She has retired from an active life; I believe she is “our” Ms. Meleen, spending her crone-hood cranking out absolutely wonderful, fabulous decks in some garret apartment she has decorated like the temple of the Oracle at Delphi. Hey, it’s a theory, one of many . . . . *Tabula Mundi* is Tarot art & knowledge at its highest and finest. I can say no more than that.) It is a Wowie! Day, I see . . . 2 MA cards this morning. This less than pleases me; I know, I know, picky bastard, but really, it’s just a daily draw and the devil is in the details and I’m being handed two great big universal symbols in return for the little tiny question, “So, hey, wassup, my man Tarot?” Talk about overkill! But as always, there will be a message, so let’s see if we can find it embedded in the body of this Harkonnen soldier . . . oops! wrong trope, sorry . . .  My Heart surfaces out of the waves of Binah gasping desperately in the backwash of the VII the Chariot. Tubing his way to Geburah, as Cancer ruled by the Moon with Jupiter exalted (or, as some GD’ers would have it, Mars in connection with Sun or Mercury.) “As the symbol of the way of the human will to proceed, the ability to use the powers of life and keep the outer and inner balance, The Chariot shows a strong will, a strong personality, and at its best, victory and success. But it also is a symbol for controversial power, for contradictions that are not solved, but just controlled . . . one should check carefully whether the desired goal is compatible with one's life and inner self.” (Raven & I)  Here in this deck, however, we have more of a focus and drive towards seeing the vehicle of self pushing forward as it carries the Grail, and “Stay In Balance!” (emphasis mine and we know why – Grin.) On a more personal note, I know that my Heart has been edging towards more of a “Go! Go! Go! Let’s get this show on the road!” kind of stance. We’ve been relaxing at the Pond of Procrastination quite long enough, lovely as Palmreader Springs is, but it’s time to get the vehicle back on the highway. Enough of the questions, I have the responses; it is time to implement them. Get busy, Mark, and carry that Grail, but . . . carefully! (And no “hangin’ 10, dude” . . . you’ve never ridden a surfboard – successfully - in your life!)  Okay . . . “dude.” 
Turning to check on where the Feather of Truth has gone today, I find her self-satisfyingly installed amongst the panoply of IV the Emperor. With Aries on the Zodiac and Mars ruling with the Sun exalted, we’ve got a real “Energy!” card here. As far as this having even the slightest thing to do with my life this morning and the previous card as well, I can see responsibility, order, security & continuity ALL being important in both my day & my life, and I can realize that MOST today here at home working with my materials as well as devoting some time to the home front, which is important to me, too. My marriage doesn’t survive in a vacuum, nor do my friendships. Yet I am also this Emperor in his Aries-ness, I know that already about myself; I would much rather throw myself into the “big” rather than the “small.” But, again, the devil is in the details, and the Emperor cannot sit stably on the cube of Matter without knowing that his foundations have been made to withstand until the end of time. The bees with the Emperor here are a stroke of smile-producing inspiration; not only in their recall of ‘the industrious worker’, but in their mathematical perfection and general metaphysical terminology they are the symbol of the blessed fruit of good, honest labor(as well as immortality & resurrection.) Bees are all sorts of good luck in endeavors & enterprises as well, which is just as well for me, as I start this new enterprise. “King of Kings, seek order from chaos, and act to build a firm foundation for your kingdom. Send forth your seed. Ambition and power are qualities of rulership. The Grand Architect reminds you that planning is necessary [nb - the Masonic paraphernalia] Be not rash and beware arrogance; it leads to the decline of empires and their builders.” (M. M. Meleen, *Book M: Liber Mundi* Atu House, 2015.) On Path 28 of the Tree of Life, from Netzach to Yesod, the Emperor is moving from Victory to Foundation, speaking to the need to establish Stability after Consolidation. This must be at least partly accomplished through Action; there is no purely mental path to follow on this Journey, we must drag our manifestations along with us, kicking and screaming if need be, but coming along they are. That includes our actual physical manifestation, too; in order to “accomplish this IV Emperor” I have to physically get off my butt and start moving about, setting up my physical reality to accommodate this new aspect of my Journey, the “Tarot learning forum” that is forming here under my impetus and my students’ desire. I am trying, and succeeding I hope! to instill in the beginning of this forum the purely investigatory nature of our studies, So far, so good, but we are still at very beginning days, and I am still pouring foundations, Emperor-like, wondering who is playing questionable Shelleyian jokes at my labor’s expense. Ha! I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the desire to establish strong foundations for all of our works and manifestations today. Be Well!    

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 29Jul2016 : my Heart is watching in open-mouthed amazement as the King of Cups tries to imitate a scorpion in a pool of (well, water, I guess – it doesn’t suggest water) liquid ; and we are watching this through the eyes of Yaldabaoth, a child of Sophia in the lion/snake form. While my Heart is witnessing this astonishing performance, the Feather Truth is not surprised to see XIV Temperance holding Court, riding a heart on cliff-side waves. (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers. If I start, I risk not finishing, because I am such a fan-atic about it. This deck is among the sparsest handful of decks that stand at the summit of what I could consider “the art of deck-making;” they are simply superb. I always fall for the illusion that somehow these more knowledgeable, symbol-heavy decks reveal “more” to me than a “normal” deck; silly, I know, but there you have it. Every person who loves Tarot should have a copy of this deck and its accompanying book; they are Tarot genius.) My Heart is slightly horrified to see the King of Hearts trying to embody his token, the Scorpion. Perhaps this is the reason that this King is always seen as not being very “comfortable in his skin; “bien dans sa peau.” He is, though; he’s fine in his “peau,” it is YOU that suddenly feel un-fine in yours. One of the factoids that always struck me as unlikely is that the King of Emotions would have emotional issues with which he hadn’t dealt. “BZZZT!! Wrong!!” “I’m sorry, Mr. Trebek.” “Not sorry enough! You’ve disappointed the king!” And voilà, the crux of the matter – the king is a master manipulator of the emotions and the parts of intelligence affected by them. This King can literally make you want to melt into the floor with shame simply by a severe glance from him. He IS Scorpio, and for the most part, the exaggerations and mythos around Scorpios is true, not false – they ARE from Venus, they experience a more “reptilian” sensibility of emotion; fine, calculated & cold. (No, don’t bother writing to protest, Scorpios; I shall throw all of your unread notes into a brazier with an Aries-like guffaw.) Love with a Scorpio is either exhilarating or abysmal or both at the same time, quite incongruously; there is no in-between, no XIV hanging around the King’s life as his patron Archetype. There is FAR MORE in the King, now that I look at him, of the emotional bully that I can most unhappily see in myself; shit! - time to tinker in the basement again and fix the antique plumbing in this rambling old residence. But damn! if I don’t live in France! (sometimes I forget) & one of our most favorite sayings is “Quand on parle du loup, on en voit la queue,” which is to say “when one speaks of the wolf, one sees his tail,” i.e. “Ah! Here’s comes the Devil now! Were your ears burning?”  
It seems the Feather of Truth has succeeded in luring XIV Temperance from her usual well-trimmed garden or court and his convinced her to visit someone in DESPERATE need of her touch, me (“. . . as the King, of course, Madge . . . geez!”) Well, {{sigh,}} she’s b-a-a-a-c-k! I say that as if I’m disgruntled and discomfited, but I’m not, it’s an act. We are OLD friends, XIV and I; we have been ever since I was an infant and wanted too much even then. Any person who lives a life of excess of any kind can expect to see her around; I “see” her fairly much constantly. My life has been a paean to libertinage, excess and burning the candle at all THREE ends; it is why my body suffers now, “paying the bill for the party;” it is why I have no regrets or “wish-I-had-dones” hanging around, leftovers of my youth and now unfulfillable. In a balanced and objective judgement, I have lived a life of extraordinary liberty in a cocoon of ridiculous privilege which the greater part of the world will never be able to access. Therefore, I ALWAYS feel a bit “niggardly” (it doesn’t mean what you think it means; look it up) if I complain about paucity or bitch or ask for “more.”  I need no one’s permission to fill a “place,” or to leave it. For my own continued happiness and well-being, I have learned the place of my friend XIV in my life, and she plays quite a vital role indeed. She keeps me from being an ignorant & loutish spectacle and always motivates me to refine, refine, refine “my material” until I can say that it is close to immanence and evanescence. However, let’s remember that Temperance is something of a trickster; she is Scorpio, as well, so I’ve been double-Scorpio-ed today! (I feel as If I’m saying “I’ve been clusterfu**ed today!”) I wish I could just plop down here the entirety of Ms. Payne-Towler’s chapter on XIV, because she makes it clear, with backup, that Temperance is FAR more of an active, kiss-the-Devil-and-dream-of-Space kind of card. She does say something at the end which I would like to cite (she is speaking of the card reversed, but still, perform the light mental gymnastics required and you arrive at its upright meaning as well;) “Finally, we learn to stop fighting with ourselves, stop the resistance to the forces of growth and change, and willingly accept the correction that awaits us. It’s time to surrender to the forces that have always been right there, trying to guide and educate us through our life’s lessons, but which we were resisting and rebelling against for whatever reasons. What remains after having burned out and eroded away every previous stance and worldview is our original Nature, that pure essence of Spirit which has been with us all along.” (p. 388, *Tarot of the Holy Light*, ‘deck creators’, Noreah Press, 2015.)  I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of clear-Sight for seeing and knowing in which role we are today and why. Be Well!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for the 25Jul2016 : today my Heart is fenced in by the 6 of Swords and the Feather of Truth has gone back to warmer climes to dry out his plumage at the King of Wands encampment. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. This is one pf my old, emotional favorites; when I first picked up something beyond the RSW I had mainly worked with until then, [I owned a Thoth deck, of course, but wasn’t drawn to working with it for many years.,] enter stage left the Tarot of the Sephiroth. I had already learned to be wary of mass-marketing Mss. Mori & Stockwell, so this exceptional deck made a difference to my view of them and they lost their Doreen Virtue candy-apple gloss & became real designers to me; women who could think in terms beyond my then-current  limitations. [Now that I have continued my Journey, I have a fond spot for ‘”Nanny” and have placed her in a home where they don’t beat her too often (Grin.) No, “Granny” works for me; (I work my girls ‘til they drop, then they better be gettin’ on back up an’ makin’ me sum more money off them angels, fallen or not! Shebazzra! Arleena! Shaqwanda! Dim Sum! Grandma! Gets yo’ skanky asses on them streets and bring Daddy some green!!” J] Suffice it to that today I like the deck. She is an old favorite, and her symbolism was of great help as I found my way further into the temple.) My first card is the 6 of Swords, my erstwhile Heart’s new “crown of thorns” worn as proudly if less painfully than the original. As Mercury in Aquarius, he’s a speedy guy; He sits in Tiphareth, and signifies “the successful use of thought; mind over matter.” Well, I’m glad to hear my brain still functions. On a side note, the card’s color is Yellow, which is my fetish color (who cares?LOL) I like the card’s rundown in the accompanying book, Guide to Tarot of The Sephiroth” by H. Mori and J. Stockwell, Deck created by Dan Staroff, U.S. Games, 2001. “The glory of integrated and/or directed thought and its communication. The Place to go to integrate the right and left brains to explore the interconnection and balance of thought. “I entered the sphere of Tiphareth and landed on a beach where I was met by Hermes and Thoth (as Ibis.) They walked with le to the beach looking out on the water over which floated the image from the card, the six-pointed star formed from the six interlocking swords.” Meaning? You all know, it’s YOUR card? And yours, & yours, and mine. The 6 is different for everyone, because what we integrate at that speed is highly individual, each time. So sit back and integrate a bit, Mark; you need to, to understand clearly where to march from here. “You have to know the rules, in order to break them efficiently.” Let’s turn and look for the Feather, shall we? 
Ah ha, there she is, hanging out with her inamorata (or one of them, I’m never sure,) the King of Wands. The Fire of Fire sits in Chokmah, and if you don’t want to be on the constant move, then don’t become his friend. He wants to get out, go do, and move on. Staying to nurture something past birth is BORING, donchaknow? “So let’s get this spectacular event worthy of fireworks in the works and ready to go, and when the fireworks die out, we’re moving on.”  He has an army of flame behind him – he doesn’t have much choice but more importantly he doesn’t WANT more choice. The guy is undoubtedly king, in every fiber of his being, but he isn’t comfortable at rest. “Gotta sing, gotta dance, gotta set the world on fire!” I CAN do this, and sometimes I do – he IS one of the four masculine pole around which I circulate, the other three being King & Knight of Swords and the Knight of Wands. Rarely a Page. On a purple day, a woman; Grin.  But the top 4 are men and he’s one of them. I can’t say I really like me like this: I get shit done, sure, and I’m effective at what I “command,” BUT I am NOT “Sherman Marching Through Georgia,” believe me. I wouldn’t WANT to be, not and pile on that kind of horrendous Karma by the industrial cargo-tanker load. Oowee-shit! THAT has got to reek to the corners of the Cosmos: all of those military & crypto-military types for whom wholesale death is “Windex on the situation at hand. “OH well, back to the King; He’s a busy guy; he’s thinking of ways to make Pyromania attractive to the masses; Aside from the joking, I want to emphasize that this trump brings nothing calm nor “closed & shut” to a reading – there is more wood to be burned. He is over it – He’s been there, is ready to return and recycle (yawn’ “Get me back to a damned Ace, would you? (sarcastically) PLEASE?” He knows he’s going; no one has a choice, this is how the machine works, as it helps and aides travelers on the Path since the Dawn of Time. This king, however, has traced out the entire Path, and “Quite Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn if you get off Wheel or not!” he’s done, finished, over, out in a blaze of glory: he has nothing left, nothing else, to give. We are finally on our own at a threshold; to Jump into the free Air over the Canyon and learn to soar, or climb back down the mountain and walk away, defeated and now without purpose or meaning in life. I know what I’m going to do; I sincerely hope to see you up there. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today, along with a pair of emotional wings, a taste of flight in the Empyrean. Be Well!   

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 27Jul2016 : my Heart is sitting proudly with IV the Emperor while he Feather of Truth has flown off to witness her friend XIV Temperance blend Fire and Water together to form moderation. (Today’s deck is *The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot* by Chic & Sandra Cicero. Speaking of this deck & book set on the *Aeclectic* Tarot site, our friend Bonnie Cehovet writes a wonderful review & I suggest you read it in full if the deck interests you. Here is a taste; “I truly have grown fond of Tarot decks with a great deal of esoteric imagery, so it was a joy to review this deck. I was fascinated to learn that it had first been commissioned by Israel Regardie for work by the Golden Dawn Society. [Yes, by name I knew that this was where the deck originated, but I did not know the "story behind the story" - that which makes decks come vitally alive.] The "Golden Dawn Magical Tarot" is intended to be used for work within the system of symbolic and ritual requirements necessary for Golden Dawn cabalistic work. It can be used, however, by Tarot students at any level for divination, meditation and ritual work.” Thank you, Bonnie. I happen to adore the deck for its practical application in helping a beginner learn the Golden Dawn system and then carrying even an adept on its shoulders with ease. If you want to “go somewhere” with Tarot, you are going to have to pass through the Golden Dawn at some point – this deck & book are a wonderful way to learn the very useful system.) Alrighty, then! Let’s round ‘em up an’ move ‘em out! I’m right out of the box holding my fancy-shmancy Heart completely in drag as IV the Emperor. It’s pretty drag, I’ll give it that. “Red & Aries & more horns and dominion and the Cube of Matter and the Tetragrammaton present in the 4; oh yeah, babe, bring it all on, Daddy’s ready!” LOL. It would be kind of reassuring if I was that stupid to believe in roleplaying at face value, but I don’t. My Heart in IV the Emperor can be a very good or a very bad thing, depending on where my hubris is on any given day. Normally, however, it is a spectacularly good fit because, in all honesty, I think I make a pretty good Emperor. I’m neither capricious nor cruel, and while I may worry a bit too much about the outcome of my judgements I never lose sleep over their rightness. Our Emperor wears the Hexagram, emblem of the Perfected Man, and while I may be far from perfected, the “idea” of it is no longer so impossibly out of reach. This is doable, Mark. Leave your Heart in IV for now, the throne is a bit overwhelming but your Heart may grow into it; the only way to know is to try. Turning from the edifying yet surprising sight of my Heart ascending to stand equally with such a VIP, I turn to find the Feather of Truth acting as part of the plumage on the eagle present in this ancient version of the illustration for XIV Temperance. 
Here is where one can see the” vast difference between the two philosophies governing their systems; Golden Dawn and its cosmic goddess wearing the crown of the Principles of Nature. The card is just overly rife with symbolism, as you can see for yourself, and all of it points to an alchemical understanding of the process of tempering a substance to obtain its perfected state. *****with references to the paths of Capricornus and Scorpius, and the sphere of Tiphareth on her chest, our lady is cooking up a storm. Actually, she would be calming down a storm, but you understand . . . .  There is something about this 2-card combo that truly revives my interests in the Golden Dawn viewpoint (although ultimately I find it a bit too restrictive.) I shall have to go back & review the basics, but I remember them as generally very applicable regardless of your situation. On verra. In the meantime, ‘today’ I have XIV Temperance ruling over in Ma’at’s Halls of Truth. Usually if XIV Temperance is present, that means that there is a need for her, and that would mean that it is entirely possible that I get carried away by some facet of IV the Emperor’s role. I wouldn’t be surprised – I’m easily seduced by glamor & glory combined, it is a weakness of mine that I have worked to correct. My success with my work took an odd turn, into personal eccentricity, when I did this, but that is acceptable, I can live with it; I can’t handle the hubristic demands of assuming the full mantle of that role full time; not only is that unrealistic but it is also extremely unhealthy! We tend to call it a “Napoleonic complex”! They shut people up in medieval institutions for that shit. No thank you. Moderation in ALL its forms is horribly applicable in my life; I seem to know no personal boundaries unless I learn them the very hard way. Ouch. As a result, XIV Temperance has become something of a pretty-much-all-the-time companion on the Path; she knows my flair for drama can get the best of me, and that most times it is the worst thing in the world for me. So she keeps me calm and TRIES to keep me on a short rein, although of course that is ultimately impossible as she MUST be internalized completely before I can leave her avatar behind. To progress past Moderation one must have “consumed” it, one must have “become” it.  There is no other door through this particular gate; no unmoderated being makes it on the Path past this point without that basic transformation of being which “allows”  one to be moderate, to see all sides, to blend and thus to make blended decisions. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a portion of XIV Temperance/Moderation today in order that we may more calmly regulate our lives. Be Well!   

Monday, July 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26Jul2016 : today my Heart is keeping sober but elegant company with the Queen of Wands and the Feather of Truth, taking this opportunity of a visit to the Courts, seeks out V the Hierophant for some advice, a game of dice and a glass of ambrosia. (Today’s deck is the *Ludy Lescot Tarot* by – surprise! – Patrizio Evangelisti (you thought it was by Ludy Lescot, admit it! No, she’s fictional.) It’s a straight RWS deck with lovely fantasy-style art. When this deck came out, it made noise as being somewhat scandalous; it escapes me now, I see nothing a-normal about it. It gets a good review from the standard, Aeclectic. I like it; it is nothing special, mind you, but it’s . . . “well, grandma, it’s nice. You’d like it, really.” If it falls into your hands, it’s a good reading deck, quite cooperative; however, if you are going to spend money, put it towards a more daring choice.) Good morning again, I feel like I’m back in the saddle after a couple of days of feeling like shit and not wanting to blog. Today it’s back to the table; and that feels normal. My Heart today has sought out the cool & serene company of the Queen of Wands. It’s an odd choice; while I am often the King of Wands, I have no affinity for this Queen, this Athena sprung full-grown from the brow of Zeus. My wife doesn’t live here, that is a given; my mother was more Queen of Swords reversed and besides, she’s gone, so not her. I’m a bit mystified, but I can identify with my Heart’s need for the cool touch of Athena’s hand and the reasoned sound of her stately tones. She is Aries, and that’s my Sun sign. She’s also rather pitiless, but that is another side that I’m not seeking today; she isn’t looking at where the Feather has gone, she really doesn’t care. She is the Queen of the thrones of flame, sitting in Binah arriving by Water (lots of steam; Water + Fire.) “. . . she is the mother of her element, the emotion and the sensitivity, thus having her attributes of love, understanding and sympathy, her abilities to form and create, spending trust and warmth. The fiery character provides pride, passion, inspiration and powerful independence, her charisma, strength and expansiveness.” (Raven) She can also become an evil-tempered bitch, bearing a grudge forever and ever, never forgetting a perceived slight, real or imaginary. I’m really NOT sure why she is around today at my Heart’s request; I can’t quite figure out what business he thinks he has to conduct with Her Majesty. Well, “on verra” . . . “we’ll see.” 
Turning rather quizzically from meeting the Queen with my Heart, I find that the Feather of Truth has flown to the side of V the Hierophant. Well, I suppose that in the face of one intransigent power on could place the person of another, but I’m not sure that provides anything of real substance other than the loud clash of cymbals, a lot of smoke and the dazzling illusions of a couple of mirrors. I haven’t seen THIS guy for ages! Why the Feather would have recourse to his skill set seems counter-intuitive; I have grown past the need to be a follower, a learner “at the feet of the Master;” now I am a student at the “feet” of the Cosmos, a much larger arena, where I have room to breathe and stretch and Act. Nevertheless, the Hierophant can always circle around to remind one of the need to STAY instructed, to STAY current, and above all to keep one’s head above water when dealing “with the authorities,” especially the “spiritual” ones (however, this warning is useless to me; if there is an underling of ANY religion near me, I immediately smell sulfur and hear the rattles of a snake. Grin.) One of my greatest problems with teaching others (which I have done professionally, as well) is that I have an almost pathological fear of appearing to be someone who takes himself for a Buddha. (That’s an enormous can of worms, I know, but skip it for now.) Coupled with my firm belief that “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him,” (think about it,) it puts me in an awkward situation; I want to teach, I LOVE to teach, but I dislike the ego side of it (“And the reason, Mark? Eh, the reason, pal?” – yeah, I know, I’m aware of it.) However, knowing two things doesn’t automatically cancel one of them out – there is a reason NOT to teach and a reason TO teach, and while conscious of both, Conscience will not let me be idle; I really NEED to try and get the “Truth” (as I see it, knowing & using the Tarot) out there. My old buddy V the Hierophant is part of it; on the Path of Vau, 16 in the Tree of Life, he is also Taurus, and has the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces. His Path runs from Chokmah to Chesed, and he is of the Earth. “The Hierophant is a symbol for a world of belief and confession, may it be a church, a sect or an occult society. He's the pope, the druid or the High Priest in a system of creeds and dogmas. He represents the religious and intellectual tradition of a person, and may be the one the person is born to or possibly the one he has chosen himself.’ (Raven & I.)  Be that as it may, he is not my master, but he may serve as a traveling companion for a bit while I update my database, something I desperately need to do. (Books, treatises, books, manuals, books, videos, books . . .) So there we have it for today; a snobbish Queen “cuts” the Hierophant at Court, causing him, in best Moses-style, to pick up his tome of apocrypha and threaten to abandon the people of Israel who . . . wait, wait; wrong fable! Sorry! (Grin.) “Keep it light, Reggie. The rubes don’t appreciate a smartass.” “Yes, Ruby dearest.” Today I ask the Cosmos to gift us ALL with a look at the lighter side of our lives with a good laugh. Be Well!    

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 25Jul2016 : today my Heart is contemplating the death of self for a greater realization and the Feather of Truth is keeping company with the Page of Cups.(Today’s deck is the wonderful *Tinker’s Damn Tarot* by Doug Thornsjo. A good working deck.) I am, AGAIN, profoundly unmoved to write personally about the draw for today, so instead I will patch in a couple of good pieces from Raven on these cards. Be Well! Hopefully my own “voice” shall return tomorrow. XII - The Hanged Man. Path of Mem 23 in the Tree of Life Uranus as neutralization and inversion, Neptune as spirit of sacrifice, the 12th House as a symbol for metamorphosis through isolation and knowledge. Tree of life: From Geburah to Hod. Element: Water. Number: 12 - the perfect number, symbol of the zodiac, 3 x 4. The Hanged Man is a symbol for the turning points in life, showing up a need to stop and assess a situation. We're hanging in the air until we find a new view of the things around us, a proper way to rearrange or restart. But the Hanged Man is a 'silent' card - there's no pressing need for change. No big change is waltzing towards us - we can peacefully keep on hanging and complaining. The Hanged Man just shows that we're just 'hanging', he requires a new viewpoint, and sometimes a lot of patience. In its positive aspect, the card shows the need for a time of consideration, the forced relaxation gives the opportunity to relax and reflect, to sort thoughts and ideas and find a new way to cope with a situation. 
Drive: Devotion, acceptance of fate, maturity. Light: Overcoming the ego, changing life, a new sight of the world. Shadow: standstill, rejection, loss of perspective My Heart contemplates the death of self and finds it acceptable, nay, even desired. As the Feather of Truth today, I have drawn the Page of Cups (Courier of Water). The Page/Princess of Cups, (Princess of the palace of the floods); Malkuth in the Tree of Life Astrology: Venus in the water signs. Element and world: The Earth in the waters of Briah. Tree of Life: Malkuth. The Princess of Cups represents the earth in the waters of Briah, an island floating in the groundless seas. She is far from her father's flames and her mother's depth, and she lacks the researching spirit of her brother. She is of endless tenderness, kindness and lovingness, living on her isle of romance and joy. Therefore, an unaffected spectator might take her as childish or selfish, but the island of the princess can be so fertile and rich. Artistically inclined talents can be detected and supported, medial abilities can rise and deeper insights can be gained. On the dark side, the island can turn out to be a castle made of sand, sinking in the seas of irrationality and daydreaming. The Princess of Cups, unwilling to leave her realm outside the 'common' world, may sink with it and at its worst might seduce others to follow her. Drive: The exploring of the inner worlds. Light: Intuition, sensibility, tenderness, fantasy, dreamy imagination. Shadow: Faking, abuse of feelings, selfish, luxurious, deviation, a flatterer. The Truth for me, today, seems to be in opening myself up during the immolation of self to new and rewarding relationships. That I can do. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of inspiration to carry on with the week. Be Well!   


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma'at for 24Jul2016; my Heart is in XIX The Sun and the Feather Truth is in the King of Swords (hoo boy! You busy tonight, sir?) (Today's deck is the*Tarot of the Ages* by Mario Garizio and Patrizia D'Agostino. The cards are too small, the illustrations are too small, caught between two b-r-o-a-d white bands, and while the art is good, it has to be magnified to see it. This deck was on my "Stay or Leave" pile- "Say goodbye, Virginia, we'll send this deck to the colonies, where perhaps their limited intelligence can amuse themselves ad infinitum. They are too dumb to understand the real purpose." Not AT ALL a good purchase.) I'm so bummed out by the cards, I'm not motivated to read them. So here they are, make of it what you will. Now, I'm going back to sleep as I am abnormally tired. I ask the Cosmos for clarity and motivation todaufor ALL of us. Be Well!  

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 23Jul2016 : My Heart is dressed for success laughing with the other courtiers around the 4-square throne of IV the Emperor; meanwhile back on Earth the Feather of Truth has stumbled upon the scene between the seven knaves on the 7 of Wands, stumbling upon victory despite themselves. (Today’s deck is the mystic, marvelous, magic *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini. A totally unique & wonderful deck, it defies description but invites exploration.  It has an old, TdeM feeling to it, but it is firmly in the RWS system. The art is surprising; good, bad, crude, sophisticated . . . it’s a lot of everything, and fascinating. Get one – it will provide you with hours of curious and fruitful inquiry.) Today’s reading is clarified with citations from a respected author on the Marseille tarot, A. J. Thierens ; I’m so thoroughly sick of talking about these two cards that I ‘m going to let the cards talk and give myself a break. That said, “Drop your drawers, Maynard, and let’s get started.” “There is much more mystery buried in every symbol than words spoken can tell. Superficial consideration might make astrologers wonder at this image, which assimilates worldly power with the sign Cancer instead of with Leo, to which they are accustomed. The people are ruled by the sign of Cancer, says the astrologer. And thus originally the chosen emperor accepted vox populi as vox Dei. This chosen dignitary was nothing of a tyrant, originally, nor did he have anything to do with rulership or warfare: he was simply the highest and most pure expression of the soul of the people or nation. The sign of the soul indeed is Cancer. In the older pictures we see the effort to let the man make a figure 4 or something like the symbol for Jupiter with his crossed legs. 
There may be some meaning in it, but this seems futile with regard to the general significance of the Emperor as the representative of the past, of memory, tradition in the people and in family life, dharma and the real motives of the soul in the background of life, which actually rule life. Still in a personal way the Emperor indicates the father of the Querent, because it is from his father that his soul derives its elements. Compare in the horoscope the 4th house. Some authors say this card means 'realization.' That is correct so far as this word means an inner realizing of the significance of outer facts: the gathering of the harvest of experience, which will become the store of memory” (*General Book of the Tarot* by A.E. Thierens). So knowing this, I turn to find the Feather of Truth, and see that she has joined the “fêtards” surrounding the loud-mouthed partier on the top of the wall. Here in this 7, we have all this as a very strikingly typifying the element Air on the Seventh house, that of the airy Libra, house of relationship, marriage, meeting of the Self and the Not-self, which rules contracts, books and manuscripts. Here only comes 'discussion' into play. In the Fifth house the individuality was alone, and for discussion you want two persons. Discussion, relation; measure, proportion; rules given for conduct. There is uncertainty or opportunism in so far as rules are given in relation to circumstances, which may change. The personal interests are brought in, in relation with those of others. Fair weather. All of which is fine with me – I’ve got the car on cruise control today, I’m not interested in doing any aggressive, personal driving today. And, sometimes you really DO need fresh air. So – roll down the widows, kick the seat back, turn up the tunes, and hit the autopilot – Mark the Magnificent is joyriding in his ’72 cherry-red convertible Cadillac DeVille, today. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL our time in our own Cadillac DeVilles today, joyriding in a friendly Universe. Be Well!   

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22Jul2016: today my Heart is seeking consensus among the 6 of Swords and the Feather of Hope is carrying his hopes with her as she visits XVII the Star.  (Today’s deck is somewhat of a French curiosity, the *Tarot Arcus Arcanum* by Hansrudi Wäscher and Günter Hager. There is no LWB or accompanying separate text, just the cards . . . so there. It is a standard RWS system & layout, and as you can see, the visual style is clear and bright. They were in the “yay/nay?” box; while I don’t think they are trash-worthy, I will simply put them in with other to-be-stored decks as they bring nothing new or exciting to me.) (Generations of far-future initiates are going to owe me big time when they discover the buried cartons of initiatory materials from the fabled collection of the legendary Mark-hotep. Grin.) So today my Heart is off witnessing “consensus in Science,” so to speak, if you force Crowley and Waite to mate at the point of a shotgun. Actually, whenever I see this card, I automatically think of Los Alamos, New Mexico & the Manhattan Project team that developed the first nuclear bomb. Voilà, “teamwork in science” according to, apparently, my inner judge. Apparently I have a deep suspicion here, and why I know of no reason, absolutely none. No, I didn’t have a traumatic experience with my lab partner in high school chemistry class, either. Maybe it is just that after 60+ years of being lied to by a sector of the scientific industry which is at the beck & call of the profit-mad corporations, I’m REALLY tired of their bullshit: big pharma, agribusiness, Monsanto, etc. One can only hope that Hell is true for them in their belief systems, and that they are forced to never stop eating bills of currency covered in blood and excrement. Me, I’ll be enjoying champagne (at long last, again!) on the Lido deck of the H.D.S. Osiris Is Risen. 
My Heart must want something awfully badly today to go seeking in the company of those strange attractors, the Sixes. I don’t quite see the relevance of this today, so I am going to trust in that hoary old chestnut, “More shall be revealed . . . !”  Turning to look for the Feather of Truth (and truthfully, looking for a little more relevance,) I find her keeping company with XVII the Star and a decidedly fey-looking ibis. Well, I can at least understand this; the Feather wants “Hope” to “pitch in and lend a hand” with her buddy 6’s current dilemma, but the best she can offer is the previously stated old bromide. She is PROHIBITED from personal interference in the lives of humans, of course; She exists as our Arcanum of the Rebirth, of us and our hopes for Enlightenment, after the upheaval of XVI. I know XVII well, but not too well; I don’t like to outstay my welcome when I visit her. I’m a cynic/stoic/libertine by habit and inclination, I’m keeping it short today; no kabbalism, no alchemy, no astrology, and just the barest reaction to the draw itself. Why? I feel very lethargic about the Tarot today, so I’ll go take a nap. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a fresh viewpoint to see the quotidian. Be Well!    

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21Jul2016: today my Heart is testing his mettle with the 9 of Wands while the Feather of Truth has gone to sit at the feet of a great Jewish mystic in V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is *Sol Invictus: The God Tarot* by Nick Phillips and Kim Huggens. This deck was sitting in my box of “shall-she-stay-or-shall-she-go?” decks, and upon taking another look at it, I am still torn. The concept and the write-up (Kim) are superb, but the execution of the art work is simple & childish, too amateurish for what this deck is claiming to be – a compendium of Male Deity across time & distance, to give the Divine Masculine equal time with the overabundance of the Divine Feminine present in Tarot. The artwork puts me off, and distracts from the reading for me. O, the other hand, I’m not going to “toss it,” but will keep it boxed in storage with other decks I neither want to use on a frequent basis or oddities that please me but don’t quite hit the mark. It’s a shame, really, because the idea shows GREAT promise.) My Heart is off testing his mettle with the stressed-out 9 of Wands, the Japanese deity Yamato-takeru. I suppose I DO need this rest between battles, the repose while still stressed and awaiting an outcome. I will win, eventually; I am destined to do so. As for the Feather of Truth, she is off sitting at the feet of the “in-chakrized” Jesus of Nazareth. Okay, I give up. I’m finding this trite and tedious and the message uninspiring. Tomorrow, boys & girls. Be Well!    

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 20Jul2016 : today my Heart is happily at home in #47 Conjecture, one of his favorite pastimes, and the Feather of Truth , feeling a need for a more serious & sober note for the day has gone to lodge with #59 Revelation, and waits. (Today’s deck is, of course, my FAVORITE Egyptian deck, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro. This is the King Cobra of all the Egyptian decks, absolutely stunningly beautiful and a dead-on, truly insightful reading tool. I cannot praise this deck enough; as far as I am concerned, this deck is the summit of Egyptian-style Tarot deck design, utility, power & beauty. If you can find one, or spot one on a used shelf, or whatever wherever whenever, grab it at any price and never let it go.) My Heart today is in much-loved old stomping grounds, Conjecture. The guessing games of the Heart are endlessly fascinating to itself, and mine can spend hours ruminating on all of the imaginary possibilities of what might even be an imaginary situation. Timewasting, in a word. That, of course, is NOT what this card represents. What it does represent is the questing of the Heart into the unknown, into the true nature of existence after death; the search for knowledge which is not naturally acquired with age but must be sought after, searched for, and discovered through one’s own efforts, not one’s simple existence. “There is an Enigma at the heart of things, and by Hru I shall know it!” It is also a symbol for acuity, mental clarity and a willingness to find one’s own way rather than accept tradition as given. This is a curiosity about Death and the beyond, not a Fear of it. Being the curious fellow that he is, he is under the influence of the Moon, and his hieroglyphs translate akin to “flying over water.” If you absolutely MUST think of him in terms of tradition rather than Egyptian Tarot imagery, he is somewhat equivalent to a “passive Page,” which would indicate either earth or water. Considering his astrological influence, the Moon, and his own hieroglyph, “Flying Over Water,” we are forced to place him, ALTHOUGH HE DOESN’T REALLY FIT, into the Page of Water/Cups. You can already see where and how and why this analogy is going to fall apart like a cheap rug – at every seam it has; and it has a lot. No, you are better off taking the card in its OWN context of Conjecture and spiritual thirst for knowledge and love of the process of learning that which is Unknown. The Moon is doing her best to illuminate hidden wisdom for us, and our magical letter (Hebrew) ‘malachim’ is seeing us safely through the passage on the Tree of Life. While not a subject for unbounded joy because of its very nature, I am completely satisfied to have my Heart occupying himself this way today. It is a quest for knowledge from which I never return empty-handed! Turning to find the Feather of Truth, I see that she has taken up a grand station in the train of Herupakhrat, (Harpocrates, the child Horus [Hru].) 
He (Herupakhrat) is ruled by Mercury, and is protected on his travels by the magical letter ‘Malachim’, the same as #47 Conjecture, so they already have one strong association, at least. Horus will grow up to become the mighty avenging god pharaoh of Egypt, vanquisher of his “evil” uncle Seth, etc. etc., “Alright now, children, let’s all recite the savior myth prevalent in every world religion.” Here, however, he’s still a kid; he needs his mother’s (Isis, Aset) magical spells to protect him from Uncle Seth. Revelation comes in the form of advice and information from his deceased father, Osiris (Asr), resurrected thanks to Isis and now ruler of the Afterlife (the resurrected Christ.) Isis is the pattern here for both Mary & “the Holy Ghost” in Christian mythology; which makes Harpocrates the child Jesus, receiving his revelations “from his Father” and preparing himself to “go about his Father’s work,” defeating Seth. (Christians didn’t even redress it very originally, did they? Flying monkeys on a stick! Smoke & mirrors, folks, I’m tellin’ ya’, smoke & mirrors.)  This arcanum also links me to Thoth, our “patron deity” as Tarologues/Tarologists, with his emblem above Herupakhrat’s head and below his feet is his father’s (Osiris) oracular head, the emblem of his primary cult center, Abydos. Any divinatory meaning given to this card is sketchy, at best: aid provided by an unknown woman, etc.; that kind of thing. Unimportant. What IS important is the principle of the arcanum itself, and the Truth which I seek on a daily basis; “revelations from my Father” is as good a way of putting it as any, actually, and why not?  I’m seeing encouragement here, and a sign that the success of my efforts is self-evident; The Truth is also that it is, itself, unreachable without the help of “inspiration,” “insufflation” – the taking in of spiritual breath and allowing it to be our own breath, and/or communion with the divine (if your atheism insists, the “larger organization of immaterial & material structure.” Harrumph.) I can live here easily enough today, and I shall be mindful of assistance received, if indeed it is. Above all I shall continue to seek revelation from the oracular voice of my “Father,” and to pay attention to his advice for Victory. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a “universal translator” to hear the revelations meant for us in “our father’s voice.” Be Well!   

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 19Jul2016 : today my Heart is full of XVII the Star while the Feather of Truth seeks some comfort, misguidedly, from the King of Coins. (Today’s deck is the *Perrin Tarot* by Claudio Perrin [1865 ca.], edited by Giordano Berti. This is one of the few decks issued so far from ‘Rinascimento’, the Italian Renaissance-style cards publishing venture of Mr. Berti, and it is a beauty. The colors are magnificent, and not too blaringly done, which might even have been common in 1865. It’s a lot like classical statuary; we find it so “white” and “classical,” but when it was made, most of those items were covered in polychrome paint, and were loud & garish. Yes, the antique art world resembled an animé cartoon color value scheme. I like the small differences on this deck, too, and of course it is issued for collectors. Here’s the BIG news; these decks read really, REALLY well! I find that this deck in particular is abnormally quicksilver-y in the hands and makes drawing a breath of ease; the readings are right on & the cards have an open channel. I LOVE reading with this deck, it FEELS right. If you obtain one, you’ll be Happy with it.) Right off the bat today I get good news in the form of XVII the Star, sitting as my Heart’s goal for the day. The Star is commonly telegraphed as “Hope,” which is correct, as far as it goes. It is important, however, to remember its placement, right after XVI the Tower. The card isn’t merely hope, then; it is the PROMISE of a new dawn, of the night turning its cycle and the new day dawning on a scene of progression towards enlightenment. She is VERY reminiscent of XIV Temperance, isn’t she? Two pitchers, two flows of fluid of life into the body of Man/water, the gorgeous, natural woman/goddess incarnating the key value in each card, XIV is all there, but here with the addition of the stars overhead and a vaster cosmic significance. She is of Air, and is astrologically Aquarius. She is also Venus in Pisces (and to some extent Jupiter in Aquarius, “the inscrutable.”) She walks Path #15 “The Window” between Chokmah and Tiphareth (thus coming from the Mercy side of the Tree.) She is, of course, in herself as Venus, “the ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, houses of riches, art, beauty, and of the organized body. In the latter it represents the Law of Harmony between the Self and the Not-self.” ( Basically, the Star is the arcanum of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. “Can you dig it?” Turning from XVII the Star to see where the Feather of Truth has gone, I spot him trying to make sense of the muttered monologue of the King of Pentacles. 
He mutters because he’s a busy man; running a material kingdom is busy, occupying work, not a moment to spare, no time to waste, why, just look at him! He is living witness to the thanklessness of the task. On this card in this deck in particular, that King is looking awfully worried, don’t you think? The weight of the crown is causing his forehead to crease and his countenance to frown. The classical description of this king is just as unhopeful for the individual cause; “The King is the higher octave of the ace, and this particular king heads the cross of fixed signs, so has to do with economy, agriculture, art, vast business, devotional service of the church. The general effect of this card must consequently be to afford protection, and as it shows a very favorable attitude on the part of superiors or influential people, though these will be rather young, or at least, not very old. There is above all noblesse in this card, integrity, honesty above all doubt, nor is anything in it which can be turned to evil, were it thrice reversed. The only sort of faults that could be observed in people coming under it would be Pride coupled with some vanity, love of pomp, gambling. The Leo-type will naturally dominate the card. Here is a man whom you must go to see and visit, because he will never come to you. He has a widespread influence, which is for the good of everybody who wishes to profit by it, and against which it is hopeless to contend.” ( So, there, that is who I am “supposed to be” today to deal with circumstances OR it is more likely someone I will meet later in the day; I tend to the latter explanation because I have never classified myself nor been classified under this card, this arcanum; “It does nothing for me, Madge.” It DOES, however, remind me of a conversation I had into the wee hours of the morning with one of our younger friends here, an incarnation of a Norse, Thor-like Taurus, to give him a mixed-metaphor meaning. The young man is a walking embodiment of the physical and the physically beautiful, and yet his Heart is almost pure spirit, his mind is focused elsewhere on grand concerns like adjusting man’s presence on this planet to normal, manageable levels of cooperation with Nature and not in spite of her. He has also very recently become a student of mine in the Tarot. If I rid myself of preconceptions, I find that so many of our young friends have so much from which we can profit, and do; and in return, we gladly share who we are with them, to their benefit. I speak generally here as well as specifically; it is as true for you as for me, as true as we will let it be. One MUST learn that wisdom and learning may come to one from the strangest of places and most unlikely of people, but one has to stay Aware, folks! That means me, too, smartass that I am. As: Earth, Virgo, Taurus & Capricorn, sitting in Chokmah, someone or some part of me has something to tell me today about duty and its necessities, I can feel that. We shall have to wait and see what the details are, and if the Devil is hidden therein. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL some discernment today, to be able to triage our information in a manner which is most helpful to our individual Journeys. Be Well!   


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 18Jul2016 : today my Heart has decided to soar with the « crows » and VIII Justice whereas the Feather of Truth has taken homey accommodations in a roadside shack-up with the 2 of Cups (“Get a room!”) (Today’s deck is *Crow’s Magic Tarot* by Londa Marks. It’s magical, it’s avian, it’s full of animal spirit-genre symbolism and advice; it is a well-meaning deck, and I like it. Otherwise, there is nothing particularly outstanding with this deck, other than its single-minded intensity of focus on the crow, magical bird of omen and lore.)  As my Heart card today, I have drawn VIII Justice. If you read my blog regularly you will know that this is NOT my preferred placement; I prefer Strength at VIII and Balance/Justice at XI, but this is a question that has challenged far more anally-retentive minds than mine, so I shall let it go, here.  More than anything else, this combination immediately brings to mind, “Is their justice in my couple?” VIII is Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, aspected by Saturn (introspection), and s/he walks Path #22 between Geburah & Tiphareth on a breath of Air. This deck’s accompanying book has an interesting take on this card, herewith, “Fly purposefully with intent toward the center, then steal some thunder from the right and lightning from the left. Throw it into the fire and catch the sparks that rise from it. Smear charcoal on your face, in rows of two. Draw horizontal eights over your eyes. Whisper to the gods that you have arrived. Move your body with drum sounds and wind-rustled trees. Feel a sense of freedom. Begin to see.” This makes perfect sense to me. “What?!?” you shriek, wondering if Magical Mark has lost his marbles. No, I haven’t, and there is a reason, which you already know if you’ve been paying attention. I was born into a clan of the Osage Indian Tribe, but to general surprise I was not of my mother’s clan but the signs most definitely indicated I belonged to the Windworker clan. This has proven true over the years, in many of its various forms, by incarnating in & through me; I have been able, at rare times, to work with the planetary forces and manifest my Will directly, immediately & visibly. The one “thing” which is of the UPPERMOST importance in working with the energies is CONCENTRATION, “Willpower,” the ability to form & maintain FOCUS. And then, while you’ve got your focus superfine-tuned and laser-focused, you have to weave intent and means into it in order to create a new thing, your “spell.” Once that is created in your mind, you let it manifest with a push of good-Will on your part. I work with Air; others work with the other elements. Funnily enough, with the gift of Air and the nature of Fire, I’m a walking conflagration wherever I go. Ha! That isn’t literal, of course: I’m not Drew Barrymore in “Firestarter,” LOL. I don’t work with Fire, as much as I am drawn to it; I was gifted to work with Air, and although it doesn’t form the gravitational core of my being, that was/is the gift. So deal with it, Mark. This, on the whole, gives me a real talent for discerning the Truth in a situation and seeing that fairness is accorded to both sides of a position.  To do this, one needs to reach centeredness, which on a great day I can, in order to incarnate just a scintilla of this 8th Major Arcanum. 
Only on a great day, mind you: I have to struggle with this one a lot; it seems to be my personal “challenge” from the Tarot this time around. “True, conscious action results from realization, and wisdom is based on action. The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between.” (Raven)  I turn to locate the Feather of Truth and find her cozied up with and shading the 2 of Cups, AKA “Love,” it sits in Chokmah on the Tree of Life, arriving by Water. Astrologically it is Venus in Cancer. My stomach always heaves a bit when I see or hear that word “Love” used; overused is the more correct term. When it comes to that kind of “love,” I call that “lurv.” The cheapening of the concept of Love has been eternal, however, and the emotion itself always springs back ever-green, so one needn’t worry for its health. My marriage enjoys its presence, of course, but it isn’t the foundation of our union; we have something more sure & dependable, we believe – an unshakeable friendship. We were friends first, before we decided to stabilize our lives with a marriage (we were both older people without children, so had no attachments either pro- or con.) Marriage was an obvious step in our Paths, one that we were meant to take together, and so far, although we don’t travel in tandem, we HAVE traveled in peace & unity, and with a great deal of loving affection. Our Paths, our Journeys, are very different, but that serves both of us well; we feel untrammeled by the presence of our life mate (THIS “life!”) in the inner councils of our Journey. It’s GREAT to have a friend who is supportive of your Journey; I took the Journey alone for so long that now having company is a delight and yes, sometimes a mystery. But that’s marriage. Here, today, this 2 of Cups IS my domestic set-up and it seems to be thrumming right along. I shall be careful today, nevertheless, to so make sure that VIII Justice has a seat at our table; it is possible a situation could arise needing her presence. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the foresight to summon Justice when she is needed. Be Well!    

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! top the Scales of Ma’at for 17Jul2016 : today my Heart is taking a frog-marched & forced pilgrimage to XVI the Tower, for what he isn’t sure, but an interview at the Tower never bodes well ; and 2nd we have the 10 of Alembics (Cups), AKA Satiety, as the momentary resting place for a flighty Feather of Truth. (Today’s deck is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. This is a heavily gnostic, mystical, dark deck, and it is full of profound things to say, IF you are in a place to listen. A Special deck, in every sense of the word.) I, myself, am feeling very off this morning, so I’m going to summarize some gnostic input on the cards and leave it at that. I just don’t have the energy this morning to do otherwise.  “Atu XVI: The Blasted Tower. Letter: פ Pé (P), ף Pé Final. Number: 80, 800F. Proximity: Sephira #7 (Netzach) to Sephira #8 (Hod). Ruling Pentagram: Pent #27 "Exciting"– Water of (Li) The Clinging, Fire (Above/Below) Earth of (K’an) Abysmal, Water (Without/Within). Berashith: "Elohim created man". Corner Hexagrams: (Upper right) Fire: Hex #22: (Pi) Grace (Lower left) Air: Hex #21: 噬嗑 (Shi Ho) Biting Through (Upper left) Water: Hex #48: (Ching) The Well (Lower right) Earth: Hex #47: (K’un) Oppression. The picture painted by the Hexagrams is fierce, cleansing, and dismal. Pi, Grace, in the position of Fire certainly indicates a kind of inner purity and innocence being protected by a much larger force. It is the image of fire on a mountain. It also indicates physical lava on a volcanic slope. It is a beautiful sight but also dangerous. Once again Aleister Crowley has given us an image very much in tune with the true core of the original and most authentic tarot. But here the tower is the fire on the mountain of technology. Besides being attractive and beautiful, this Hexagram also indicates the process of working on some affairs. “But he dare not decide controversial issues in this way.” In the Wilhelm/Baynes edition of the I Ching the Sun is compared to the useful thing and the stars and moon the beautiful or graceful thing that is not practical. By balancing beauty with practicality there is success. So the Tarot is talking about an event where man is being punished for not keeping these two things in balance. It doesn’t take a genius to automatically consider the unnecessary and stark pursuit of profit for the sake of profit alone, practiced in crony capitalism and immoral, unjust profiteering that does harm to people. This is not an indictment on business itself, no more than we would condemn the Sun itself for performing its duty. But it is clear that without a balance of beauty and practicality, the universe has no choice but to lay the fiends low by using their own brutality against them.”† As I turn from contemplating the effect of XVI the Tower in my life, 
I turn to look for the Feather of Truth, and find her in the tableau with the 10 Alembics (Cups,) AKA Satiety. Here again, some information: “Ten of Alembics: Satiety. Historical: Lord of Perfected Happiness. Ruling Pentagram: Pent #10 “Resplendent” – Air of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind  Berashith: “And Elohim said, “Let Tiamat be collected in one place” Ruling Hexagram: Hex #52 ( gèn), Keeping Still (Mountain) Tiered Bigrams: Air (Above), Earth (Middle), Water (Below) Element/Planet: Water of Earth (Malkuth, Kingdom) Planet/Sun Sign: Mars in Pisces. The 10 of Alembics shares one of eight double hexagrams with 10 of Blades, 10 of Alembics and 10 of Staves. This one is Mountain over Mountain, #52 and indicates great strength and stability. I cannot help but thing of the Mountain Goddess Parvati who certainly is equitable to the personification of The Mother this card represents; it is the element of Water taken to its maximum. She does tend to be emotional in certain circumstances, but no one would ever accuse her of being *unstable*. The tiered bigrams reveal Water in the below, Earth in the mid region and Air in the above, the perfect image of an island paradise. The card is a good omen generally. Water of Earth can be connected with any water scene, seaside, waterfalls, lakeside, riverside. Mars of Pisces actually helps fortify Pisces and is completely necessary to the sign in the Nu Aeon. There is a connection to the Queen of Alembics as well. When the Water element goes to war it tends to be for reasons of Great Justice. In the Pentagram we have Air of Wind, indicating the Warfare will be of an intellectual and communicative type. The card may indicate politics or intellectual debate or warfare of doctrines. This is especially so if both doctrines have two different views, both of which have their own truths.”† As you can see, today doesn’t promise to be easy. Well, shit. I’m feeling energy-low and positivity-flaccid, so I’m going to have to depend on Isis, Osiris, Horus, Thoth, Anubis, and even Amon-Ra, the Hidden One, to carry me through this day. I’m just not there. So, today I ask the Cosmos for a blast of Energy, Direction and Purpose to re-start our days if needs-be, or to maintain a good level if they started that way. Be Well!

(† = “The Mutational Alchemy Tarot: or The M1thr0s Tarot Companion Book” by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. 2008-2015 The Abrahadabra Institute LLC, Olympia, W.A.)