Sunday, July 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to a special Scales of Ma’at for 04Jul2016, with the Querent being the United States of America. That’s right; I’ve pulled a Scales reading for the U.S.A.’s 240th birthday – “Joyeux Anniversaire, les Etats-Unis !” As an American, I drew the cards for my land of birth, and today’s cards are a reflection, in my mind, of the current “State of the Union:” the Heart is located in the 7 of Wands and the Feather of Truth is fanning the flames in the 9 of Swords. Just off the top of my head, I would say that is a fairly accurate reading of the current situation, n’est-ce pas ?  (Today’s deck is a new little favorite, the *Tarot del Fuego* by Ricardo Cavolo, which I am using to honor the USA with its own Tarot fireworks.) It’s a short, sweet ride today; I will not air my personal politics, and I shall not cover the current American political scene at all; I wanted a quick scan of the country, not the people vying to guide it.  The Heart card today is the 7 of Wands; this 7 is on the Tree of Life in Netzach, arriving by Fire (naturally), represents Mars in Leo (hell of a fire combo there!) and is entering a space of creativity and anarchy. The USA is in a struggle to survive, and the 7 stands in for its will to fight & survive, to surpass its current limitations and forge ahead. That poor beaver is trying to save his dam in the card illustration (from both Fire OR Flood!) and I can’t help but feel that is exactly how the USA feels right now – trying desperately to save the home before the disaster hits, but he is doing it with great bravura in despite of his fears. The 7 is calling on America to stand up and fight, to overcome opposition and to succeed, to survive. The Feather of Truth today has gone to lend support to a beleaguered 9 of Swords. The 9 is in Yesod by way of Air, and here we have Mars again, this time in Gemini (an uncomfortable couple?) This is from Always “Mars in Gemini can be unfocused. They easily get bored, so they need a frequent change of pace. When they are bored, they feel exhausted. If they are interested, on the other hand, there is no stopping them! They have a passion for words, and are quite adept at using them as a weapon. They are good debaters, and love to argue. They thrive in busy, energetic environments where everything is in a constant state of flux.” Well, yes, without going into details one could say EXACTLY that about the current political situation and the U.S.A. in general; the States are like an ADD child in full-on mode, and no one has any Ritalin. (I have NEVER understood why you treat ADD with Ritalin, never.) Raven ( has this to say about the card (more or less; I have to edit and clean up his/her English, often): 
“The Nine of Swords is entering Yesod, the fields of reflection and imagination, and while all other Suits made themselves comfortable in blessings & happiness, the Swords seem to be the outcast, called ‘Cruelty'. With the airy nature of the mind, the Swords cannot rest, they cannot stop thinking and analyzing - and in the end, cannot ignore the fact that nothing really leads anywhere, that in the end there is nothing. (Take the technology of our century as one little example: the Wands praise the spirit of mankind, the Cups dream of all the goods that could be done, the Disks enjoy the riches it produces - the Swords analyze the effects and come to the conclusion that our planet gets destroyed.) Therefore, it is a bit unfair to call the Nine of Swords a bad card, or criticize it for cruelty or 'over-analyzing'. After all, we cannot expect the suit of the mind to tell us that we're better off with our heads in the sand, just to not see the cruel truth that is out there.” Harrumph! Well! Again, yes, I am forced to admit that this is exactly the State of the Union that I am seeing at the current time. I am an American citizen living abroad permanently, but I still have family and financial interests in the U.S.A.  and you may believe me when I tell you that I keep a sharp watch on the goings-on back between the American borders. To be quite frank with you, I believe that America is going through a mental breakdown at this time, and I can only hope she recovers; I would add that I hope she recovers to the FULL extent, that meaning to become the country she is MEANT to be and not the half-dollar dictatorship that the world has come to despise. I weep a bit for America; she is so lost in her mad excesses and quixotic behavior that her path to self-destruction seems imminent and clear; I pray that this isn’t so, because the fall of the U.S.A. would entail a setback on a planetary scale of unimaginable proportions. And yet . . .  I root for the Revolution of the Young; I hear about it constantly through friends and contacts, their noise is building. They want it to change, and they may well get their way once they have the reins. I pray that the Great Seduction doesn’t ensnare them, too. It would be wonderful to celebrate a reborn America in the near future, one with hope, one that honors its own Declaration of Rights and allows Love a seat at its table; If I could give anything to America thus year for its birthday, I would like to give it Love, Compassion and the Courage to refuse the demagoguery of the minions of Chaos and to try once again to incarnate on Earth a small piece of the Justice that holds sway in the Universe. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the courage to refuse demagoguery in ALL of its forms. Be Well!  

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