Friday, July 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 29Jul2016 : my Heart is watching in open-mouthed amazement as the King of Cups tries to imitate a scorpion in a pool of (well, water, I guess – it doesn’t suggest water) liquid ; and we are watching this through the eyes of Yaldabaoth, a child of Sophia in the lion/snake form. While my Heart is witnessing this astonishing performance, the Feather Truth is not surprised to see XIV Temperance holding Court, riding a heart on cliff-side waves. (Today’s deck is, of course, the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers. If I start, I risk not finishing, because I am such a fan-atic about it. This deck is among the sparsest handful of decks that stand at the summit of what I could consider “the art of deck-making;” they are simply superb. I always fall for the illusion that somehow these more knowledgeable, symbol-heavy decks reveal “more” to me than a “normal” deck; silly, I know, but there you have it. Every person who loves Tarot should have a copy of this deck and its accompanying book; they are Tarot genius.) My Heart is slightly horrified to see the King of Hearts trying to embody his token, the Scorpion. Perhaps this is the reason that this King is always seen as not being very “comfortable in his skin; “bien dans sa peau.” He is, though; he’s fine in his “peau,” it is YOU that suddenly feel un-fine in yours. One of the factoids that always struck me as unlikely is that the King of Emotions would have emotional issues with which he hadn’t dealt. “BZZZT!! Wrong!!” “I’m sorry, Mr. Trebek.” “Not sorry enough! You’ve disappointed the king!” And voilà, the crux of the matter – the king is a master manipulator of the emotions and the parts of intelligence affected by them. This King can literally make you want to melt into the floor with shame simply by a severe glance from him. He IS Scorpio, and for the most part, the exaggerations and mythos around Scorpios is true, not false – they ARE from Venus, they experience a more “reptilian” sensibility of emotion; fine, calculated & cold. (No, don’t bother writing to protest, Scorpios; I shall throw all of your unread notes into a brazier with an Aries-like guffaw.) Love with a Scorpio is either exhilarating or abysmal or both at the same time, quite incongruously; there is no in-between, no XIV hanging around the King’s life as his patron Archetype. There is FAR MORE in the King, now that I look at him, of the emotional bully that I can most unhappily see in myself; shit! - time to tinker in the basement again and fix the antique plumbing in this rambling old residence. But damn! if I don’t live in France! (sometimes I forget) & one of our most favorite sayings is “Quand on parle du loup, on en voit la queue,” which is to say “when one speaks of the wolf, one sees his tail,” i.e. “Ah! Here’s comes the Devil now! Were your ears burning?”  
It seems the Feather of Truth has succeeded in luring XIV Temperance from her usual well-trimmed garden or court and his convinced her to visit someone in DESPERATE need of her touch, me (“. . . as the King, of course, Madge . . . geez!”) Well, {{sigh,}} she’s b-a-a-a-c-k! I say that as if I’m disgruntled and discomfited, but I’m not, it’s an act. We are OLD friends, XIV and I; we have been ever since I was an infant and wanted too much even then. Any person who lives a life of excess of any kind can expect to see her around; I “see” her fairly much constantly. My life has been a paean to libertinage, excess and burning the candle at all THREE ends; it is why my body suffers now, “paying the bill for the party;” it is why I have no regrets or “wish-I-had-dones” hanging around, leftovers of my youth and now unfulfillable. In a balanced and objective judgement, I have lived a life of extraordinary liberty in a cocoon of ridiculous privilege which the greater part of the world will never be able to access. Therefore, I ALWAYS feel a bit “niggardly” (it doesn’t mean what you think it means; look it up) if I complain about paucity or bitch or ask for “more.”  I need no one’s permission to fill a “place,” or to leave it. For my own continued happiness and well-being, I have learned the place of my friend XIV in my life, and she plays quite a vital role indeed. She keeps me from being an ignorant & loutish spectacle and always motivates me to refine, refine, refine “my material” until I can say that it is close to immanence and evanescence. However, let’s remember that Temperance is something of a trickster; she is Scorpio, as well, so I’ve been double-Scorpio-ed today! (I feel as If I’m saying “I’ve been clusterfu**ed today!”) I wish I could just plop down here the entirety of Ms. Payne-Towler’s chapter on XIV, because she makes it clear, with backup, that Temperance is FAR more of an active, kiss-the-Devil-and-dream-of-Space kind of card. She does say something at the end which I would like to cite (she is speaking of the card reversed, but still, perform the light mental gymnastics required and you arrive at its upright meaning as well;) “Finally, we learn to stop fighting with ourselves, stop the resistance to the forces of growth and change, and willingly accept the correction that awaits us. It’s time to surrender to the forces that have always been right there, trying to guide and educate us through our life’s lessons, but which we were resisting and rebelling against for whatever reasons. What remains after having burned out and eroded away every previous stance and worldview is our original Nature, that pure essence of Spirit which has been with us all along.” (p. 388, *Tarot of the Holy Light*, ‘deck creators’, Noreah Press, 2015.)  I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of clear-Sight for seeing and knowing in which role we are today and why. Be Well!


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