Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13Jul2016: today my Heart is joyriding with 0 the Fool and the Feather of Truth, not appreciating the Heart’s hijinks has gone to seek rectitude in the company of the King of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. This is another deck that I REALLY like but almost never use, because I forget he’s on the carousel. It is a modern interpretation of the Thoth Tarot, “reimagined for our century,” and despite the blathery blurb fluff, it is a good reading deck and is clear enough in presenting the Crowley/Harris symbolism in a simpler, cleaner, more understandable, “primer-like” way, but it ISN’T a novelty or children’s deck; it is the real thing, and quite useful. If the style appeals to you at all, you can safely purchase this rather wonderful little deck. The companion book is a help, as well. I shall try to remember to use the deck more often [“. . . and good luck with that, Horatio.”]) I know many tarologues are slightly mad for 0 the Fool, but I’m not one of them. I don’t Dislike him by any means! I just don’t find him all that easy to identify with or to try and emulate. That is certainly due to the fact that my Journey goes so far back that I can’t really remember a “foolhardy before” period, at all; I was fascinated with and obsessed by Egyptian mysticism at the age of 5. The outré called me from an early age, I liked the darker things, etc.etc., pretty much the standard CV for a Seeker or tarologue or other kind of “spiritual worker”, (thanks to the Kaballah, the term “psychic” has come to seem rather inferior and soiled. Which, actually, it is.) My Heart could easily be there today, however, due to the insouciant aspect of the Fool; I was regaled with tales of savage barbarity from the darkest heart of savage France yesterday; our young friends went to an electronic music festival in a nearby town called Sète; hijinks ensued. I was/am thankful to be l-o-n-g past shenanigans and opportunities to behave badly in an uninhibited group setting. I no longer actively seek to incarnate the Fool in public, in any of his manifestations; nor in private, for the most part. I still LOVE to joke and laugh, and my sense of humor hasn’t even waivered through the various tsunamis in my life.  My point being that being the playful innocent setting out upon the road is far, far away somewhere in the memory files, and I can’t really access the experience. However, energy-wise, he is very useful; he is Pisces going to Aries on one hand and on the other Uranus & Mercury. He is of the Air, and travels Path 11 from Kether to Chokmah. His status as undefined potential is not useful to me at this stage, but his tremendous reserve of Energy is, as he taps directly in the Abyss, being 0. All & Nothing. There is much more to the Fool, of course, but space demands brevity. Suffice to say that I can understand my Heart wanting to be here today, but really, I’m not in the mood for the midway. Turning to look for the Feather of Truth, 
I find here looking upon my Heart with disdain from a perch next to the King of Wands. I find the set-up rather amusing; the Fool is looking at the King, but with an eyes-closed, “I’m seeing something else” expression, while the King is casting a sidelong look of distrust and disdain at the Fool. And of course they are at opposite ends of the deck (linear,) or close neighbors on the Snake (circular,) depending on your POV. Aside from that, or rather along with it, is the fact that if I am going to pick a significator from the deck for myself it is this king. My male energies bounce between 4 poles: the males of Wands and the males of Swords. I know this guy, inside & out. IF he is today’s vessel for the Truth, then I more or less know which direction it is going to come from; Mark the Adult needs to present and functioning, because the King of Wands always means I need to put my grown-up skin on and be that person today. Something is afoot and I will need to be credible, authoritative and decisive. Once the goals of childhood fantasies, now they are simply encumbrances that must occasionally be born. Pressing beyond the stasis of being a “productive adult in today’s society,” one finds that the privileges of class are actually the strictures of indentured servitude to a system by which only an elite few profit, and that to the loss of their souls. In the end, nobody wins, not even the plutocrats. Well, enough of that; I’m not an economics professor, and I detested reading Keynes. On the energy level, I’m the Fire of Fire, sitting in Chokmah. I am “committed intention toward assertion and action.” (LWB) One of the weaknesses of this king, even on a good day, is his “I’ve got one overpowering shot in me, so use it wisely” status. I don’t like to admit it but that does sound familiar. I used to fight more, in younger days; now you get the one shot, and if it doesn’t work, oh well, I’m going home for a cup of tea and some tea to smoke. Sinking into old farthood, I fear. On verra. Today I ask the Cosmos to gift us ALL with a clear vision of our energies and ways to ameliorate and augment them. Be Well!    

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