Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 14Jul2016. (Bonne Quatorze Juillet, for those who celebrate the French national day of independence, mistakenly called “Bastille Day.”) Today my Heart has seated himself in power & glory alongside IV the Emperor while the Feather of Truth has sought out its namesake in a more bucolic setting with the 4 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Thelema Tarot* by Renata Lechner & Jaymi Elford. Wonderful deck, one of the very best of the RWS-themed constructions, you may buy it without fear. It is lovely, and provides good readings for me. Contrary to its title, it is NOT stuffed with glyphs & symbols & incomprehensible Crowleyisms.)  I felt immediately reassured when I turned over the Emperor, IV always has that stabilizing effect on me. It should! Sitting on the cold Cube of Matter ought to be a cold enough seat for anyone’s butt, all that Aries heat notwithstanding. (For some reason, I’m getting flashes of fields of wheat under the summer sun??) Our foursquare Emperor is certainly “solid,” isn’t he? He is the Sun in Capricorn, standing for responsibility, order, security, continuity; as Aries, he is “all about the fire, man,” and he walks on the Tree of Life between Netzach and Yesod. “He is the abstraction of establishment, its stability and security . . . And even at his best the Emperor is limited - he puts restrictions and borders to the spontaneity of spirit and nature. In a more personal view the Emperor might stand for a time of stability and structure, linear thinking and discipline. (And yet although) we can't live without it, too many of those attributes will only lead to rational despotism and mental poverty.” (Raven & me.) I believe that my Heart is longing for the order and stability of the Emperor only because “things” seems so unsettled; although profoundly unpolitical, one can’t help but remark the tortured and twisted circus that the 2016 election has become in the U. S. A. My personal retirement income is up & down with the rise & fall of the dollar, and I cannot unlock the investment; my personal life has been fairly “mouvementée” and leaving me rather literally breathless more often than not; the Grand Triage has begun, I am sure of it. By that I mean the “Thinning Out” of the number of “things” that one keeps in one’s head and tossing the rest, with glee & abandon. This includes people. The Emperor assures a “safe transition,” so to speak, as one implements changes in the empire and witnesses the beginnings of the preparation for being ready for action at a moment’s notice; in this case, I’m expect my “personal rate of change” to speed up soon, I can feel it coming. Hopefully I’m going to be able to enjoy some time yet left to me on the planet as an enlightened being, and I can plant a seed of hope in the cosmic soil by watching the young learn to heal themselves and their environment. Feeling comfortably omnipotent in “emperordom,” 
I turn to locate the Feather of Truth and find her idly floating a breeze above the contemplative 4 of Pentacles. She is in Chesed in the Tree of Life, a fruit of the Earth; astrologically she is the Sun in the 3rd decan of Capricorn and in Chesed, she “has reached the realm of Chesed, the fields of condensation, growth and stability, standing in the structural discipline of the Four. The work of the Three has paid off; the fruits are rich and manifold.” (Raven) By the glowing halls of marbled Olympus! That’s a great card to accompany IV the Emperor, wouldn’t you say? I would, and I’m the only voice that counts in my head - J . However, it is good to remember that the four of Disks also admonishes that any overrated attachment to comfort or possession results in fear of loss and failure; it can be power directed against itself. What would one normally say about the illustration? She’s a dreamer; it reminds one of Pandora; she’s keeping sight of the treasure hidden from “the gaze” of the castle beyond – those are HER secret coins; the walled city is up high against a troubled sky while she is sitting in contact with the Earth. She herself is “hidden” by her cloak; the whole scene looks secretive and, if not illegal, certainly questionable. What ARE you up to, young lady? Are you burying that? Unearthing it? Gazing at in in secret? Why is it so important to you that you keep it hidden? One could call it a meditation on Coins, but there is something not quite right about the scene, something is off somewhere. For me, the Truth today lies in that doubt – which otherwise could be called a balancing point. The point? I believe it is reaching equilibrium; wanting enough but not too much, having enough but not too much, paying attention to the Suit “but not too much.”  We have to strike a balance through Tarot in order to progress; each suit has its uses and dangers, all of which must be accounted for, & our job is to blend them all with the eye for beauty of a jeweler and the nose for balance of a master perfumer. The 4 is the Four, The Cube is Stability. (Of course, a cube is more about the number 6, but that’s geometry, not occult numerology. Just pretend you’ve never heard of a 3rd dimension [much less 11!] Grin.) Well, whatever the reason, I’m solidly on my fundament today (a good thing, considering my tricky legs) and surveying my empire with a stable gaze – or what I wish to be a stable gaze – I can’t help but feel that “everything” is on the edge, waiting to tip over into carnivalesque, funhouse-type Stephen King madness, and I’m going to NEED to be my own Emperor with solid foundations. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the stability to remain “established” in troubled times. Be Well!   

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