Friday, July 15, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 15Jul2016: today my Heart is STILL hanging out with his new best buddy, IV the Emperor while the Feather of Truth has winged her way over to once again visit the Page of Wands; it’s ‘revisiting day’ today at the old folks’ home, it seems. (Today’s deck is the *Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea* by Julia Turk. Based on the Golden Dawn interpretation of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, as well as the GD tarot. This is one of my very favorite decks, and not because it’s loaded with mystic symbolism; I have an emotional attachment to the deck, which accompanied my return to Tarot after a few years’ lapsus during my “professional incarnation.” I was simply too busy at the time for Tarot, and the fields were lying fallow until I could devote some time to their husbandry. This was my “Welcome back!” deck, a gift to myself, and I fell deeply in like with it. It still claims a warm spot to lay by the fire in my heart. It works like a slick stick o’ butter in the Green Giant’s hands, too; it’s a great deck for reading. I shall always have a copy of this one on hand; she’s my late-in-life child. [I also have 5 backups, waiting just in case.] Grin.) Well, well, well, talk about an old warrior returning home to rest his tired feet, drink some heated ale and swyve his woman, here’s my Heart returning to the court of the Emperor, with whom he was just palavering a few days ago. We already know all about IV the Emperor: the Path of Tzaddi on the Tree of Life; the Sun in Capricorn, zodiacal sign, Aries; progression from Netzach to Yesod on a tongue of Fire; and the number 4, physical reality, structure, orientation. “He is the abstraction of establishment, its stability and security.” (Raven)  I believe my Heart is here this morning because he yearns for a bit of old-school order and stability and logic in my life right now. I’m all for being eccentric, but like many things in life, “You have to know the rules & regulations REALLY WELL before you can break them effectively.” I AM an eccentric individual, I acknowledge that, Hell, I even glory in it; yet I know how far it works and beyond what limits it won’t. I said eccentric, not mad. The Emperor’s more social role is constantly present in my life anyway; yesterday I played “available father-figure” to some friends & expats here in Montpellier as we got together and celebrated the French Independence Day, the 14th of July. (Mistakenly called Bastille Day; the French NEVER call it that. That would be like Americans calling the 4th of July “Continental Congress Hall Day.”) It’s a role I fit well; I do the big gruff daddy bear with a good heart quite well, thank you. I just mix a LOT of humor in it to “help the medicine go down.” (No Mary Poppins cracks, thank you.) 
So today continues the trend; who’s you’re Daddy now, eh? Turning to scout out the Feather of Truth, I find her flitting around in the path of the Page of Wands. This guy is not one of my avatars, and for that reason I rarely pay him much attention. I flit among 4 males, the Kings & Knights of Wands and Swords; if a Page applies to me, then it describes a knot of adolescent imagery or energy that bubbles up to the surface of my pond and momentarily disturbs my tranquility with its sulphur-smelling excess and clumsy desire to be of help. This Page is the Spring Equinox – that means stormy weather as the seasonal systems change. He is his Queen’s unquestioning servitor, but he does have a Will of his own, and he is capable of using it to, Spring-like, randomize the events or energies of a situation in such a brusque manner that night seems day and day night. He is a passing traveler, a quick breeze . . . he rides in, he delivers, he rides out . . . no name, no renown, no reward. Our Page here, standing in as the vehicle for the Feather of Truth, could be telling me that today, while I am being that Emperor in my Heart, I need to let some fresh air in to renew and repurpose my Will and my ideas. That Page seems to be going somewhere awfully fast, and my best intuit-guess is that he’s heading for the suit’s horizon, from where he can gaze out over the city walls at the Blessed Fields beyond, peopled by the Major Arcana, (Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit that it is a fitting conceit.) Whatever the reason for his presence, Spring & Summer, contrary to my Aries-ness, are NOT my favorite seasons, so his arrival isn’t fatuously welcomed with cries of greeting and open arms. That’s okay, though – I can be civil and say hello without being a hypocrite. If his arrival is for any other reason than to remind me to allow a little fresh air & some ideas to flow into my ambiance/sphere, then he will have to spell it out for me. I am not particularly open to intuiting “for” him today. “And so it goes, Mikey, so it goes.” I’m feeling rather diffident today about a lot of things, actually; after a lovely little celebration yesterday, this morning’s news of the attack on Nice just colors it all grey. Friendships change & evolve & form & break & reform every day, and the need to be Zen with it all can be a bit unnerving, at times. One longs for that phantom stability that the Emperor personifies, but beyond which one must eventually move. So be it. Have writ, the flaming finger moved on . . . . (Which makes an odd idea pop up in my mind – “I wonder if I can find a Hand of Glory?”) I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with a breeze of fresh air and fresh ideas blowing through our “houses.” Be Well!    

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