Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 18Jul2016 : today my Heart has decided to soar with the « crows » and VIII Justice whereas the Feather of Truth has taken homey accommodations in a roadside shack-up with the 2 of Cups (“Get a room!”) (Today’s deck is *Crow’s Magic Tarot* by Londa Marks. It’s magical, it’s avian, it’s full of animal spirit-genre symbolism and advice; it is a well-meaning deck, and I like it. Otherwise, there is nothing particularly outstanding with this deck, other than its single-minded intensity of focus on the crow, magical bird of omen and lore.)  As my Heart card today, I have drawn VIII Justice. If you read my blog regularly you will know that this is NOT my preferred placement; I prefer Strength at VIII and Balance/Justice at XI, but this is a question that has challenged far more anally-retentive minds than mine, so I shall let it go, here.  More than anything else, this combination immediately brings to mind, “Is their justice in my couple?” VIII is Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, aspected by Saturn (introspection), and s/he walks Path #22 between Geburah & Tiphareth on a breath of Air. This deck’s accompanying book has an interesting take on this card, herewith, “Fly purposefully with intent toward the center, then steal some thunder from the right and lightning from the left. Throw it into the fire and catch the sparks that rise from it. Smear charcoal on your face, in rows of two. Draw horizontal eights over your eyes. Whisper to the gods that you have arrived. Move your body with drum sounds and wind-rustled trees. Feel a sense of freedom. Begin to see.” This makes perfect sense to me. “What?!?” you shriek, wondering if Magical Mark has lost his marbles. No, I haven’t, and there is a reason, which you already know if you’ve been paying attention. I was born into a clan of the Osage Indian Tribe, but to general surprise I was not of my mother’s clan but the signs most definitely indicated I belonged to the Windworker clan. This has proven true over the years, in many of its various forms, by incarnating in & through me; I have been able, at rare times, to work with the planetary forces and manifest my Will directly, immediately & visibly. The one “thing” which is of the UPPERMOST importance in working with the energies is CONCENTRATION, “Willpower,” the ability to form & maintain FOCUS. And then, while you’ve got your focus superfine-tuned and laser-focused, you have to weave intent and means into it in order to create a new thing, your “spell.” Once that is created in your mind, you let it manifest with a push of good-Will on your part. I work with Air; others work with the other elements. Funnily enough, with the gift of Air and the nature of Fire, I’m a walking conflagration wherever I go. Ha! That isn’t literal, of course: I’m not Drew Barrymore in “Firestarter,” LOL. I don’t work with Fire, as much as I am drawn to it; I was gifted to work with Air, and although it doesn’t form the gravitational core of my being, that was/is the gift. So deal with it, Mark. This, on the whole, gives me a real talent for discerning the Truth in a situation and seeing that fairness is accorded to both sides of a position.  To do this, one needs to reach centeredness, which on a great day I can, in order to incarnate just a scintilla of this 8th Major Arcanum. 
Only on a great day, mind you: I have to struggle with this one a lot; it seems to be my personal “challenge” from the Tarot this time around. “True, conscious action results from realization, and wisdom is based on action. The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between.” (Raven)  I turn to locate the Feather of Truth and find her cozied up with and shading the 2 of Cups, AKA “Love,” it sits in Chokmah on the Tree of Life, arriving by Water. Astrologically it is Venus in Cancer. My stomach always heaves a bit when I see or hear that word “Love” used; overused is the more correct term. When it comes to that kind of “love,” I call that “lurv.” The cheapening of the concept of Love has been eternal, however, and the emotion itself always springs back ever-green, so one needn’t worry for its health. My marriage enjoys its presence, of course, but it isn’t the foundation of our union; we have something more sure & dependable, we believe – an unshakeable friendship. We were friends first, before we decided to stabilize our lives with a marriage (we were both older people without children, so had no attachments either pro- or con.) Marriage was an obvious step in our Paths, one that we were meant to take together, and so far, although we don’t travel in tandem, we HAVE traveled in peace & unity, and with a great deal of loving affection. Our Paths, our Journeys, are very different, but that serves both of us well; we feel untrammeled by the presence of our life mate (THIS “life!”) in the inner councils of our Journey. It’s GREAT to have a friend who is supportive of your Journey; I took the Journey alone for so long that now having company is a delight and yes, sometimes a mystery. But that’s marriage. Here, today, this 2 of Cups IS my domestic set-up and it seems to be thrumming right along. I shall be careful today, nevertheless, to so make sure that VIII Justice has a seat at our table; it is possible a situation could arise needing her presence. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the foresight to summon Justice when she is needed. Be Well!    

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