Thursday, July 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22Jul2016: today my Heart is seeking consensus among the 6 of Swords and the Feather of Hope is carrying his hopes with her as she visits XVII the Star.  (Today’s deck is somewhat of a French curiosity, the *Tarot Arcus Arcanum* by Hansrudi Wäscher and Günter Hager. There is no LWB or accompanying separate text, just the cards . . . so there. It is a standard RWS system & layout, and as you can see, the visual style is clear and bright. They were in the “yay/nay?” box; while I don’t think they are trash-worthy, I will simply put them in with other to-be-stored decks as they bring nothing new or exciting to me.) (Generations of far-future initiates are going to owe me big time when they discover the buried cartons of initiatory materials from the fabled collection of the legendary Mark-hotep. Grin.) So today my Heart is off witnessing “consensus in Science,” so to speak, if you force Crowley and Waite to mate at the point of a shotgun. Actually, whenever I see this card, I automatically think of Los Alamos, New Mexico & the Manhattan Project team that developed the first nuclear bomb. Voilà, “teamwork in science” according to, apparently, my inner judge. Apparently I have a deep suspicion here, and why I know of no reason, absolutely none. No, I didn’t have a traumatic experience with my lab partner in high school chemistry class, either. Maybe it is just that after 60+ years of being lied to by a sector of the scientific industry which is at the beck & call of the profit-mad corporations, I’m REALLY tired of their bullshit: big pharma, agribusiness, Monsanto, etc. One can only hope that Hell is true for them in their belief systems, and that they are forced to never stop eating bills of currency covered in blood and excrement. Me, I’ll be enjoying champagne (at long last, again!) on the Lido deck of the H.D.S. Osiris Is Risen. 
My Heart must want something awfully badly today to go seeking in the company of those strange attractors, the Sixes. I don’t quite see the relevance of this today, so I am going to trust in that hoary old chestnut, “More shall be revealed . . . !”  Turning to look for the Feather of Truth (and truthfully, looking for a little more relevance,) I find her keeping company with XVII the Star and a decidedly fey-looking ibis. Well, I can at least understand this; the Feather wants “Hope” to “pitch in and lend a hand” with her buddy 6’s current dilemma, but the best she can offer is the previously stated old bromide. She is PROHIBITED from personal interference in the lives of humans, of course; She exists as our Arcanum of the Rebirth, of us and our hopes for Enlightenment, after the upheaval of XVI. I know XVII well, but not too well; I don’t like to outstay my welcome when I visit her. I’m a cynic/stoic/libertine by habit and inclination, I’m keeping it short today; no kabbalism, no alchemy, no astrology, and just the barest reaction to the draw itself. Why? I feel very lethargic about the Tarot today, so I’ll go take a nap. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a fresh viewpoint to see the quotidian. Be Well!    

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