Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 20Jul2016 : today my Heart is happily at home in #47 Conjecture, one of his favorite pastimes, and the Feather of Truth , feeling a need for a more serious & sober note for the day has gone to lodge with #59 Revelation, and waits. (Today’s deck is, of course, my FAVORITE Egyptian deck, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro. This is the King Cobra of all the Egyptian decks, absolutely stunningly beautiful and a dead-on, truly insightful reading tool. I cannot praise this deck enough; as far as I am concerned, this deck is the summit of Egyptian-style Tarot deck design, utility, power & beauty. If you can find one, or spot one on a used shelf, or whatever wherever whenever, grab it at any price and never let it go.) My Heart today is in much-loved old stomping grounds, Conjecture. The guessing games of the Heart are endlessly fascinating to itself, and mine can spend hours ruminating on all of the imaginary possibilities of what might even be an imaginary situation. Timewasting, in a word. That, of course, is NOT what this card represents. What it does represent is the questing of the Heart into the unknown, into the true nature of existence after death; the search for knowledge which is not naturally acquired with age but must be sought after, searched for, and discovered through one’s own efforts, not one’s simple existence. “There is an Enigma at the heart of things, and by Hru I shall know it!” It is also a symbol for acuity, mental clarity and a willingness to find one’s own way rather than accept tradition as given. This is a curiosity about Death and the beyond, not a Fear of it. Being the curious fellow that he is, he is under the influence of the Moon, and his hieroglyphs translate akin to “flying over water.” If you absolutely MUST think of him in terms of tradition rather than Egyptian Tarot imagery, he is somewhat equivalent to a “passive Page,” which would indicate either earth or water. Considering his astrological influence, the Moon, and his own hieroglyph, “Flying Over Water,” we are forced to place him, ALTHOUGH HE DOESN’T REALLY FIT, into the Page of Water/Cups. You can already see where and how and why this analogy is going to fall apart like a cheap rug – at every seam it has; and it has a lot. No, you are better off taking the card in its OWN context of Conjecture and spiritual thirst for knowledge and love of the process of learning that which is Unknown. The Moon is doing her best to illuminate hidden wisdom for us, and our magical letter (Hebrew) ‘malachim’ is seeing us safely through the passage on the Tree of Life. While not a subject for unbounded joy because of its very nature, I am completely satisfied to have my Heart occupying himself this way today. It is a quest for knowledge from which I never return empty-handed! Turning to find the Feather of Truth, I see that she has taken up a grand station in the train of Herupakhrat, (Harpocrates, the child Horus [Hru].) 
He (Herupakhrat) is ruled by Mercury, and is protected on his travels by the magical letter ‘Malachim’, the same as #47 Conjecture, so they already have one strong association, at least. Horus will grow up to become the mighty avenging god pharaoh of Egypt, vanquisher of his “evil” uncle Seth, etc. etc., “Alright now, children, let’s all recite the savior myth prevalent in every world religion.” Here, however, he’s still a kid; he needs his mother’s (Isis, Aset) magical spells to protect him from Uncle Seth. Revelation comes in the form of advice and information from his deceased father, Osiris (Asr), resurrected thanks to Isis and now ruler of the Afterlife (the resurrected Christ.) Isis is the pattern here for both Mary & “the Holy Ghost” in Christian mythology; which makes Harpocrates the child Jesus, receiving his revelations “from his Father” and preparing himself to “go about his Father’s work,” defeating Seth. (Christians didn’t even redress it very originally, did they? Flying monkeys on a stick! Smoke & mirrors, folks, I’m tellin’ ya’, smoke & mirrors.)  This arcanum also links me to Thoth, our “patron deity” as Tarologues/Tarologists, with his emblem above Herupakhrat’s head and below his feet is his father’s (Osiris) oracular head, the emblem of his primary cult center, Abydos. Any divinatory meaning given to this card is sketchy, at best: aid provided by an unknown woman, etc.; that kind of thing. Unimportant. What IS important is the principle of the arcanum itself, and the Truth which I seek on a daily basis; “revelations from my Father” is as good a way of putting it as any, actually, and why not?  I’m seeing encouragement here, and a sign that the success of my efforts is self-evident; The Truth is also that it is, itself, unreachable without the help of “inspiration,” “insufflation” – the taking in of spiritual breath and allowing it to be our own breath, and/or communion with the divine (if your atheism insists, the “larger organization of immaterial & material structure.” Harrumph.) I can live here easily enough today, and I shall be mindful of assistance received, if indeed it is. Above all I shall continue to seek revelation from the oracular voice of my “Father,” and to pay attention to his advice for Victory. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL a “universal translator” to hear the revelations meant for us in “our father’s voice.” Be Well!   


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