Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 27Jul2016 : my Heart is sitting proudly with IV the Emperor while he Feather of Truth has flown off to witness her friend XIV Temperance blend Fire and Water together to form moderation. (Today’s deck is *The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot* by Chic & Sandra Cicero. Speaking of this deck & book set on the *Aeclectic* Tarot site, our friend Bonnie Cehovet writes a wonderful review & I suggest you read it in full if the deck interests you. Here is a taste; “I truly have grown fond of Tarot decks with a great deal of esoteric imagery, so it was a joy to review this deck. I was fascinated to learn that it had first been commissioned by Israel Regardie for work by the Golden Dawn Society. [Yes, by name I knew that this was where the deck originated, but I did not know the "story behind the story" - that which makes decks come vitally alive.] The "Golden Dawn Magical Tarot" is intended to be used for work within the system of symbolic and ritual requirements necessary for Golden Dawn cabalistic work. It can be used, however, by Tarot students at any level for divination, meditation and ritual work.” Thank you, Bonnie. I happen to adore the deck for its practical application in helping a beginner learn the Golden Dawn system and then carrying even an adept on its shoulders with ease. If you want to “go somewhere” with Tarot, you are going to have to pass through the Golden Dawn at some point – this deck & book are a wonderful way to learn the very useful system.) Alrighty, then! Let’s round ‘em up an’ move ‘em out! I’m right out of the box holding my fancy-shmancy Heart completely in drag as IV the Emperor. It’s pretty drag, I’ll give it that. “Red & Aries & more horns and dominion and the Cube of Matter and the Tetragrammaton present in the 4; oh yeah, babe, bring it all on, Daddy’s ready!” LOL. It would be kind of reassuring if I was that stupid to believe in roleplaying at face value, but I don’t. My Heart in IV the Emperor can be a very good or a very bad thing, depending on where my hubris is on any given day. Normally, however, it is a spectacularly good fit because, in all honesty, I think I make a pretty good Emperor. I’m neither capricious nor cruel, and while I may worry a bit too much about the outcome of my judgements I never lose sleep over their rightness. Our Emperor wears the Hexagram, emblem of the Perfected Man, and while I may be far from perfected, the “idea” of it is no longer so impossibly out of reach. This is doable, Mark. Leave your Heart in IV for now, the throne is a bit overwhelming but your Heart may grow into it; the only way to know is to try. Turning from the edifying yet surprising sight of my Heart ascending to stand equally with such a VIP, I turn to find the Feather of Truth acting as part of the plumage on the eagle present in this ancient version of the illustration for XIV Temperance. 
Here is where one can see the” vast difference between the two philosophies governing their systems; Golden Dawn and its cosmic goddess wearing the crown of the Principles of Nature. The card is just overly rife with symbolism, as you can see for yourself, and all of it points to an alchemical understanding of the process of tempering a substance to obtain its perfected state. *****with references to the paths of Capricornus and Scorpius, and the sphere of Tiphareth on her chest, our lady is cooking up a storm. Actually, she would be calming down a storm, but you understand . . . .  There is something about this 2-card combo that truly revives my interests in the Golden Dawn viewpoint (although ultimately I find it a bit too restrictive.) I shall have to go back & review the basics, but I remember them as generally very applicable regardless of your situation. On verra. In the meantime, ‘today’ I have XIV Temperance ruling over in Ma’at’s Halls of Truth. Usually if XIV Temperance is present, that means that there is a need for her, and that would mean that it is entirely possible that I get carried away by some facet of IV the Emperor’s role. I wouldn’t be surprised – I’m easily seduced by glamor & glory combined, it is a weakness of mine that I have worked to correct. My success with my work took an odd turn, into personal eccentricity, when I did this, but that is acceptable, I can live with it; I can’t handle the hubristic demands of assuming the full mantle of that role full time; not only is that unrealistic but it is also extremely unhealthy! We tend to call it a “Napoleonic complex”! They shut people up in medieval institutions for that shit. No thank you. Moderation in ALL its forms is horribly applicable in my life; I seem to know no personal boundaries unless I learn them the very hard way. Ouch. As a result, XIV Temperance has become something of a pretty-much-all-the-time companion on the Path; she knows my flair for drama can get the best of me, and that most times it is the worst thing in the world for me. So she keeps me calm and TRIES to keep me on a short rein, although of course that is ultimately impossible as she MUST be internalized completely before I can leave her avatar behind. To progress past Moderation one must have “consumed” it, one must have “become” it.  There is no other door through this particular gate; no unmoderated being makes it on the Path past this point without that basic transformation of being which “allows”  one to be moderate, to see all sides, to blend and thus to make blended decisions. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a portion of XIV Temperance/Moderation today in order that we may more calmly regulate our lives. Be Well!   

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