Sunday, July 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01Aug2016: my Heart is searching out abstruse synonyms today over at II La Papessa’s temple while the Feather of Truth has flown right to the Truth of the matter, I Il Mago. (Today’s deck is *Tarot: 2012* by Alexander Daniloff. It’s a gorgeous deck, as you can see. The card stock is completely unvarnished, and sharp-cut, so it has a very different feel, but works extremely well. I love it for its beauty & light exoticism.) Speaking of, as gloriously exotic as this morning’s draw looks, it immediately made sense to me on a very basic, mundane level. 
Your Heart is into seeking out even more knowledge with which to be armed, and the Truth of the matter lies in, “Stop it, Mark! Quit preparing & start doing! Summon your Will or go home! Get down to the business of being a Magus, of ‘training your students & helping people.’ You’ve been stocking up on booklore for over 50 years, dude, that’s enough. Go get some more field experience, NOW.”  I’m not going to make it any more complicated than that today; it’s a Monday, hey . . . .  I ask the Cosmos today to give us all more opportunity to get out there and practice what we preach. Be Well!   

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