Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 06Jul2016 : today my Heart has taken the plunge into deep waters with the Knight of Cups and the Feather of Truth has quixotically skipped from yesterday’s Ace of Cups to the 4 and then back to the Ace, all in a 24-hour period. Hmm, “curiouser & curiouser . . (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Dreams* by Ciro Marchetti & Lee Bursten.  It is already a legendary deck, and rightly so, as it is quite beautiful, moderately gnostic, and displayed in a visually luxurious schema. If you can find a copy, buy it, you won’t regret it.) My little Mexican Day-of-the-Dead Heart (I refer to its appearance) has quirkily decided to ride down into the deeps of Nun with the Knight of Cups. Our Knight is Air in Water, which I visualize as a LOT of froth, but questionable substance; it isn’t “written into” the card, but I tend to think of this Knight as a bit of a foamhead in the “Christian- from-‘Cyrano-de-Bergerac’” model of young gentlemen.  He is full of a wild, horse-on-a-stampede kind of love for Love, and not exhibiting much good sense about it. There is a lot of the “Love me, love my dog” air about the guy. Striding from Libra to Scorpio, he is Air in the waters of Briah, and is home in Tiphareth. I can only suppose that my Heart is longing for my libido to take the reins of the horse and drive this chariot on down the road to emotional obsession!
 Okay, okay, perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but not much, I feel. Habit & memory would enjoy leading me back a few steps on the evolutionary ladder, to when I was of more callow sentiment and more earthly pleasures were paramount. However, my brain & spirit are alert, knowing that mentoring someone can easily lead to too narrow a focus on the individual and not enough on the process. That leads to personal involvement, and for me, that leads into the murky waters of sexuality and artificial “levels of love” that in the end only serve disappointment. Knowing this about myself, and having overcome it in the past, I can hopefully say, “I don’t mind the ride, honestly, but don’t expect me to play. It’s too similar to masturbation, this love for Love’s sake; pleasurable a moment but ultimately selfish & messy.” I like the Knight of Cups, I just don’t trust him; he led me down too many false routes in my youth for me to start believing him now; however, what I can do is to take him as a harbinger of a renewal of passion/energy in some area of my life today, or that will begin today. That’s as much credence as I’m willing to give Christian here 
for the moment. He means well, but . . . . Turning to track the Feather of Truth, I find that she has landed in yet another cup, this time the lifted chalice (a reduced-scale Ace of Cups) in the 4 of Cups. Three others lay empty on the ground, while the figure contemplates the full fourth. I feel the figure IS Truth AND me, and I also know exactly that to which this card is making reference in my life. The 4 of Cups, sitting in Chesed by way of Water, is also the Moon in Cancer. I see this 4 as a sign of the aftermath; “. . . the emotions are stabilized. A relationship might be comfortable, but it is fixed, the zenith is already crossed and the worth is taken (for) granted. When there is no more risk, freedom and excitement are lost. 4 is the number of structure and reality & implies a certain authority; it provides security and order. This might be useful when it comes to Disks, but emotions can't breathe with too much control, waters will foul when kept from floating. Therefore, the 4 of Cups is not quite the best choice ever, and it shows. Behind the bright glamour of the four golden cups the grey ‘tristesse’ of emptiness is already lurking.” (Raven & me) I am in a stable, “authorized” relationship, and yes, it has most definitely passed into the realm of security & comfort; however, both of us want it and like it that way. It is NOT a situation with which we are unhappy, by any means. The problem with the situation is that while security and stability truly DO count at my age (64), I STILL miss the “excitement,” the undefinable something in a relationship in which there is passion and strong emotion. I occasionally feel badly about this; “You old goat! What the fuck do you still need that for except to give yourself trouble? Don’t be an idiot, leave it alone, and quit worrying it like a dog with an old bone!” I still haven’t resolved this issue . . . I sometimes feel that I am not meant to resolve it, just to suffer the schizoid-ness of it. I’m hoping that is an erroneous feeling, and just a stoic “forewarned is forearmed” kind of kneejerk response. I believe it very well is, as recently small chinks are appearing in the immense wall of its indifference to my frustration, in response to recent course adjustments that the Tarot recommend I take into consideration. In that vein, feeling a bit queasy with that 4 as my Feather of Truth, I drew a third, explanatory card to resolve the question in my mind, and – ta da! – up popped, as it did yesterday, the Ace of Cups. Ha! Blow me over like a “feather” if THAT doesn’t shake me a bit more aware; 3 Cups, with the resolution being in the Root of the Powers of Water, that Ace. (For more information that I shan’t repeat here, just scroll down one day to read about the same Ace in yesterday’s reading.) This is one of those “power Water readings” that ALWAYS leave me a bit discombobulated; as readers will know, the Cups Court is neither familiar nor comfortable for me, although I am dazzled by its promises. I ask the Cosmos to give us Clarity today to see past any “dazzle” in our lives. Be Well! 

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