Friday, July 8, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 09Jul2016: my Heart today is feeling a bit frightened and unsure of his fate as he faces his “issues” in XII the Hanged Man while the Feather of Truth is witnessing a frightful scene, that of the stabbing of the Count by Rachel van Helsing, Prof. Abraham van Helsing’s great-grand-daughter. (Today’s deck is the flaming NEW *Twisted Tarot Tales* by James Battersby and Christine Aguiar. It’s a one of a kind deck, being a Technicolor compendium of most of the more twisted horror stories and urban legends out there. It comes with 39 extra cards; most are alternates and there are 3 new MA & a Querent card. It was fun creating my personal deck from among the choices, and the cards’ artwork is both expressive and astonishing. Kudos all around for this macabre effort!) While I could nitpick about XII the Hanged Man not being upside down, I won’t, because obviously his world is! In the general meaning of the card, the sense of self-sacrifice, it would be hard to see too much of that in this card; rather it seems as if we are looking at a sacrifice, without the voluntary aspect. I’ve noticed a curious tendency in my daily Scales readings: more than a few times, one day’s Feather of Truth turns up the day after or 2 or even 3, sometimes, as the Heart card. In the last day or three I’ve had the XII in the Feather position, now it has moved up into the Heart position. Hmmm, more & more curious . . . . At any rate, XII in the Heart position ; which is curious as I’m not feeling in the least like I’m sacrificing anything today, much less myself. It just isn’t there. So, I shall wait for the situation or feeling to arise later in the day. All of the far distant interior view is here: “Uranus as neutralization &inversion, Neptune as the spirit of sacrifice, & the 12th House as a symbol for metamorphosis through isolation and knowledge.” (Raven) The Hanged Man travels between Geburah and Hod, by way of Water. He is a symbol for a turning point in life; stop, breathe, assess. There is no hurry for change, however; I am carefully weighing options and choosing with great care. Well, if & when this comes up during the course of the day, indeed I DO hope I act with wisdom & care! It behooves me to give myself my best and my all, n’est-ce pas ?
Turning to look for the Feather of Truth, I find myself transported to England and the basement of Carfax Abbey, where lovely little Rachel is about to give the count 10 of her best! The 10 of Wands is the card of “Are you tired of that burden yet, Stubborn-As-A-Mule?” We’ve traversed the entire minor arcana and we are being asked, “Tired of your self-burden yet? Tired of walking around in that meat envelope feeling the effects of an illusory gravity? Then make a decision to either put down that burden and strike out in a new direction, or return to the beginning to repeat your journey still carrying your fucking “fardeau.”  I like the look on the Count’s face; he looks like an angry shoe salesman shooting a venomous glance at a client’s friend who is advising her not to purchase the pumps. HA! OR perhaps a slick majordomo upset that the lady has shown up improperly dressed. Whichever, HIS burden is about to lifted whether he wishes it or not; his accursed eternal half-life is about to end. As should any half-life WE are leading, by the way. If we ARE living a half-life, then we are missing out on the essential; growth & change. The atmosphere of the card is oppressive, mirroring The GD appellation for the card. It sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life; existing in Fire. In astrology it is Saturn in the 3rd decan of Sagittarius. Fire on Earth is a sing of uncontrolled and destructive burning having lost its purpose of the higher spheres. Wands are Spirit/Fire/Chi at their hearts, and as such do very bad indeed when forced to live at lower than usual vibrations. On the other astral hand, this card gives one the chance to think, to synthesize the learning experiences, and to then decide, “How do I wish to proceed?” In my view, at least, the card is a natural “hail-fellow-well-met!” for the XII, with that Major Arcana following the resulting decision from this minor arcana event. I’ve faced quite a few 10 of Wands in my life, and I have almost always thrown away the burden and evolved. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 efforts, but with determination one succeeds. I am, as ever, determined to continue my Journey; if that indicates that another sacrifice and burden-losing is either necessary or already in progress, then I am/will be fine with it. As I’ve discussed before, I have NO fear of sacrifice, I love to shed my skin. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a touch of the spiritual chameleon today, and allow us the ease of a large change well met. Be Well!  


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