Saturday, July 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! top the Scales of Ma’at for 17Jul2016 : today my Heart is taking a frog-marched & forced pilgrimage to XVI the Tower, for what he isn’t sure, but an interview at the Tower never bodes well ; and 2nd we have the 10 of Alembics (Cups), AKA Satiety, as the momentary resting place for a flighty Feather of Truth. (Today’s deck is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. This is a heavily gnostic, mystical, dark deck, and it is full of profound things to say, IF you are in a place to listen. A Special deck, in every sense of the word.) I, myself, am feeling very off this morning, so I’m going to summarize some gnostic input on the cards and leave it at that. I just don’t have the energy this morning to do otherwise.  “Atu XVI: The Blasted Tower. Letter: פ Pé (P), ף Pé Final. Number: 80, 800F. Proximity: Sephira #7 (Netzach) to Sephira #8 (Hod). Ruling Pentagram: Pent #27 "Exciting"– Water of (Li) The Clinging, Fire (Above/Below) Earth of (K’an) Abysmal, Water (Without/Within). Berashith: "Elohim created man". Corner Hexagrams: (Upper right) Fire: Hex #22: (Pi) Grace (Lower left) Air: Hex #21: 噬嗑 (Shi Ho) Biting Through (Upper left) Water: Hex #48: (Ching) The Well (Lower right) Earth: Hex #47: (K’un) Oppression. The picture painted by the Hexagrams is fierce, cleansing, and dismal. Pi, Grace, in the position of Fire certainly indicates a kind of inner purity and innocence being protected by a much larger force. It is the image of fire on a mountain. It also indicates physical lava on a volcanic slope. It is a beautiful sight but also dangerous. Once again Aleister Crowley has given us an image very much in tune with the true core of the original and most authentic tarot. But here the tower is the fire on the mountain of technology. Besides being attractive and beautiful, this Hexagram also indicates the process of working on some affairs. “But he dare not decide controversial issues in this way.” In the Wilhelm/Baynes edition of the I Ching the Sun is compared to the useful thing and the stars and moon the beautiful or graceful thing that is not practical. By balancing beauty with practicality there is success. So the Tarot is talking about an event where man is being punished for not keeping these two things in balance. It doesn’t take a genius to automatically consider the unnecessary and stark pursuit of profit for the sake of profit alone, practiced in crony capitalism and immoral, unjust profiteering that does harm to people. This is not an indictment on business itself, no more than we would condemn the Sun itself for performing its duty. But it is clear that without a balance of beauty and practicality, the universe has no choice but to lay the fiends low by using their own brutality against them.”† As I turn from contemplating the effect of XVI the Tower in my life, 
I turn to look for the Feather of Truth, and find her in the tableau with the 10 Alembics (Cups,) AKA Satiety. Here again, some information: “Ten of Alembics: Satiety. Historical: Lord of Perfected Happiness. Ruling Pentagram: Pent #10 “Resplendent” – Air of (Sun) The Penetrating, Wind  Berashith: “And Elohim said, “Let Tiamat be collected in one place” Ruling Hexagram: Hex #52 ( gèn), Keeping Still (Mountain) Tiered Bigrams: Air (Above), Earth (Middle), Water (Below) Element/Planet: Water of Earth (Malkuth, Kingdom) Planet/Sun Sign: Mars in Pisces. The 10 of Alembics shares one of eight double hexagrams with 10 of Blades, 10 of Alembics and 10 of Staves. This one is Mountain over Mountain, #52 and indicates great strength and stability. I cannot help but thing of the Mountain Goddess Parvati who certainly is equitable to the personification of The Mother this card represents; it is the element of Water taken to its maximum. She does tend to be emotional in certain circumstances, but no one would ever accuse her of being *unstable*. The tiered bigrams reveal Water in the below, Earth in the mid region and Air in the above, the perfect image of an island paradise. The card is a good omen generally. Water of Earth can be connected with any water scene, seaside, waterfalls, lakeside, riverside. Mars of Pisces actually helps fortify Pisces and is completely necessary to the sign in the Nu Aeon. There is a connection to the Queen of Alembics as well. When the Water element goes to war it tends to be for reasons of Great Justice. In the Pentagram we have Air of Wind, indicating the Warfare will be of an intellectual and communicative type. The card may indicate politics or intellectual debate or warfare of doctrines. This is especially so if both doctrines have two different views, both of which have their own truths.”† As you can see, today doesn’t promise to be easy. Well, shit. I’m feeling energy-low and positivity-flaccid, so I’m going to have to depend on Isis, Osiris, Horus, Thoth, Anubis, and even Amon-Ra, the Hidden One, to carry me through this day. I’m just not there. So, today I ask the Cosmos for a blast of Energy, Direction and Purpose to re-start our days if needs-be, or to maintain a good level if they started that way. Be Well!

(† = “The Mutational Alchemy Tarot: or The M1thr0s Tarot Companion Book” by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda. 2008-2015 The Abrahadabra Institute LLC, Olympia, W.A.)    

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