Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! As noted before, I’m « vacationing » until the end of August; there may or may not be posts on any particular day until then. Today, I was curious, and as it hadn’t occurred to me before, and as I am by nature an idle fellow and keen observer of the human condition (sic!), I thought (idly), 3I wonder what my Birthday looks like in Tarot. Not trying to find any mystic one number to sum “me” up, but simply curious about how it looked in the cards. Ah –ha, but which system, Sherlock? Egyptian? Golden Dawn? Etteilla ? Esoterico? Well, how about a “sampler”; (you remember samplers, don’t you? When your beaux or belles came a-courtin’ and brought flowers and chocolates? What?? You’ve never experienced that? Oh, well, that’s sad. Enough about you, let’s get back to ME.J LOL) I found this to be more of an interesting exercise than I had thought! Can you guess my birthdate from the cards? Hint: I use the continental dating system.) I find the Egyptian the most remarkable, but I am afraid to say it is the most accurate, I don’t know that. The 03 card in each draw indicates (generally) the Empress in her role as Mother Nature. Interesting, as I have no hyper-strong connection there except through my AmerIndian roots. The fact that “I” start with a Hermit 2X seems natural; I am, to greater or lesser degree, a “monastic” kind of man. However, the 3 other cards that fill this position, in the Egyptian, the Etteilla & the Esoterico, decks I am given to “believe” to be closer to my intuitive interpretation & feelings. Well, before I continue on and on without any visual reference for you, let’s put the cards up, shall we, class?

I find it to be an interesting exploration of what might be considered my “natal character” in Tarological terms, rather than astrological ones as given in an Astrological Natal Chart. Try it at home (Always With Adult Supervision, Class!) and if you feel so moved post your results here as addenda to this post. I ask the Cosmos to gift us all with a different way of seeing ourselves today. Be Well!

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