Saturday, August 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 07Aug2016: this morning my Heart is “all wrapped up” in the 7 of Wands (oh hardy har har!) while the Feather of Truth has gone to witness disaster in the form of XVI the Tower affecting the immediate course of things. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Naught* by M. Case Watson. There is no LWB, as Mr. Watson actually made these decks for a select few exploring the dark side of the Tree of Life. The deck literally vibrates in my hands, and regardless of which side of the Tree you are dealing with this deck delivers the goods. It reads WELL. You just have to be prepared for some darker answers to your question than usual, but you knew that, or you wouldn’t be using this deck. At some point in the future I will showcase his other two decks and you shall see that deep, dark work went into these amazing cards.)  Alright then, let’s dive in and see what the dark side of the Tree may – or may not! – have to say to me. My Heart today is wrapped in the straightjacket rags of the 7 of Wands today, and if you can find a creepier illustration of courage, I invite you to do so. Our 7 sits in Netzach having arrived through Fire; astrologically, she is Mars in Leo. “The Seven of Wands is entering Netzach - the depths of creativity and anarchy standing under the number of destiny. And like for all the Seven's, the leaving of the beautiful Tiphareth comes like the fall from paradise. But Fire is a fighter, and though the element seems to be burning down, it will struggle to survive. So the Seven of Wands talks of a situation where we have to face forces stronger than ourselves, situations that at first sight seem hopeless, yet we'll have to use all that we've learned and fight.” (Raven) In a positive and light-filled atmosphere, this would be speaking more of Courage, fighting spirit, overcoming opposition , perhaps even Initiation & rebirth; here, I think, I am being informed (by myself & the Cosmos) that it also stands for being attacked and facing hardships; given the nature of this deck, I believe I was guided to use it today for this reason; to make me aware that this may lay in front of me today, and thus I must marshal my forces and put a brave face upon it as I turn to face the soldiers of Darkness of Spirit & Mind. 
I turn to look for the Feather of Truth and find that it has been halted in mid-flight by the apparition of XVI the Tower. Well! Harrumph!! If I was looking for comfort from the Truth, I am sadly misinformed, perhaps even disastrously so. Of course this isn’t the card that automatically tells you the house will burn down or your pet will die or you family stricken; it is rather a warning to “Hang On To Something, A Tsunami Is Going To Hit!”  The Tower is on the Path of Peh, #27, between Netzach and Hod by way of Fire, on the Tree of Life. Its planetary playmates are Saturn and Uranus - the sudden breakout of realization & the destruction of old values. Its own planetary ruler is Mars. “The Tower is a symbol of endurance and its destruction, an allusion to sudden, maybe shocking realizations that crushes old views and persuasions, maybe the view of the whole world. The area of relative security starts wavering, our tower then falls and with it the walls around us that have become too narrow. It is rarely the evil, but rather the necessary development we meet when there is a change in the armor of destruction. So in the positive aspect, this most violent trump will mean that we proceed to learn that losing the old secure fortress of our beliefs will reward us with a major step forward.” (Raven & I) And sometimes you have to give that first step a helping kick in the ass. That is XVI the Tower, ALL of that above, not just the asskicking. XVI is about breaking up structures, destroying the old, getting rid of obsolete loads, and the sudden realization of the truth, the will to change old ways, to recreate life and start something new. Of course, if you INSIST, you can take it down Negative Alley, and have it stand for blind destruction, but why do that unless you are either A) INDEED in a desperate situation which requires only one thing, flight; or B) you are deliberately manifesting a destruction of some sort, in which case, I do hope you went into it with your eyes open because you are going to have to PAY to work that kind of darkness. And the payment is going to seem like wildly oversized suffering in comparison to what you may have done, but that’s how the menu prices out on the dark side. Live with it, you invoked it. THANK ISIS, OSIRIS & HORUS that that is not what I have been doing, nor anything even remotely similar! But I shall have to admit, I DO suspect I know to what this applies; I’m on the verge of another life-changing temblor, I’ve felt it coming for a while now. The new teaching is part of it; so is my growing need to finish establishing the emotional balance in my life which I picture and desire. So, too, is the WAY I think, I think (grin.) I feel one of those decade-long high foci coming on, and I know, already, that it is going to be deep, deep down into the architecture of Tarot and a few related metaphysical sciences. It IS going to be a disaster in terms of lifestyle-changing proportion, because I already know SO many close to me will not understand. That is okay, that is part of the price I know will be coming. But my bedrock is solid; my knowledge base is sufficient to at least begin inquiries into further mysteries, my curiosity is never-flagging, my emotional base of marriage is sure and well-established and I have only support coming from my partner. I’m ready to enter the Tower, if only to see what may be salvageable. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today the opportunity and the wisdom to build a path of knowledge out of any disaster we may encounter. Be Well!   

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