Friday, August 12, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 13Aug2016. Normally this space is occupied every morning by the Scales of Ma’at daily reading, but I have gone “on vacation” until at least the end of the month of August, and sitting here on my hands doing NOTHING with the Tarot or Tarot-related felt really foolish, as well. So I shall peripatetically post the next two and a half weeks and who knows what it shall be? Today I’m looking at a very simple two-card Path & Obstacle question, using *The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit * deck by Kim Krans, along with an eponymous companion book. It is a spirit animal guides’ deck, organized around 5 Suits, the regular 4 plus Spirit. There is a bottom to top hierarchy within each element, but it would be incorrect and perhaps even irresponsible to believe that there is a card-to-card direct relationship between the two systems; for one, the Animal Spirits deck uses 63 cards. They are beautifully simple cards, like the sister Tarot deck, and with their own hierarchies and interplays. Today I asked a simple question requiring only the 2-card Path & Obstacle spread. 1 down vertically, the 2nd horizontally covering it. The 1st card represents the Path you are asking about and the 2nd card represents the opposition that is met as you try to follow that Path. Simple, non? Si. This morning my 1st card is the Whale, at the top of the Water food chain, and my 2nd card is the Cheetah, 9th from the bottom on the Fire food chain. My question revolved around the idea of “What am I to do with all of the sexual energy I have  not being used at this time?” What the cards tell me is that the Path I am “supposed to be on” is serene, “vast,” calm, peaceful and of grand design, of stability, compassion and communication. My Path’s energy is available to be used to generate welfare for the “whole kingdom,” and not a particular subset of that. And what is my Obstacle? Myself, of course! in the form of the Cheetah, the lightning-fast representative of action, achievement and solar forces. I get in my own way, it seems. 
Whereas my Path could be that deep, calm, majestic glide through the elemental Waters of Creation, my electric, Aries self is busy creating the maximum amount of movement & noise, of “Sturm und Drang,” in order to get its own way, which is that same goal, but the Fire cannot see that he is evaporating the Water, not heating up anything in an amorous or amical way. To put it even more simply, I’m tripping over myself. So, I need to retire my ego from the situation, which is going to be bear’s work, as my emotional needs and want for love, commitment and “heat” ALL have strong roots in the ego, even though I am hoping to fill a spiritual need with electricity/Fire. It is timely advice, for at the moment I am in a situation where my opportunities for Loving are vast, spiritually speaking, and any return I may receive will be in an evolved format, one removed from the previous adolescent/young male need for sexual reaffirmation. (That stage lasted FAR too long in my life, and I am STILL dealing with stray lascivious thoughts breaking into my necessarily more mature meditations in the present.) I want to emphasize that the cheetah is NOT to be taken as a ‘bad’ animal; I am simply reading him here in the spotted fur coat he has slipped on to represent MY interpretation of the Cheetah energy. He wears as many different skins as the number of people who see him. I may confidently say that at this time neither the cheetah nor the whale is my spirit animal guide, but they are doing duty here in bringing me this message; all the animal guides do that, “pitch in & help each other?” I *believe* that at this time my spirit guide is of a far different order and genus than either of these two, but his very nature would be a hindrance to addressing the question with me; he’s meant for other things. As to WHAT “it” is, I shall keep that to myself at present; “it’s” attention is very hard to attract as it is, and I shouldn’t like to distract it from essential duties. Today I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL better communication with our guides of any race or state of being. Be Well!  

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