Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15Aug2016 : today I’m still thinking in one-card terms, but I’m also experimenting with design and meaning, so I drew two cards, in a loose approximation of the Path & Obstacle spread: as the Path card, I received VIII Repose and as the Obstacle I received the 4 of Coins. (The deck today is the *Tarot Egiziano* by dal Negro, an Italian company with no specific artist specified. It is an Italian esoteric Tarot featuring Egyptian, astrological, Hebrew, numerological and other symbolism. I truly like it; it is an unusual and VERY functional deck.) The Virtue card depicts Eve in that moment just before the biting of the apple; life is about to change forever, and Adam & Eve haven’t the faintest clue (other than a talking serpent in a tree – I mean, come on, wouldn’t YOU be suspicious?? Grin.) In this case, Virtue represents Trial, as in test. Oh goody goody, there is an exam of sorts somewhere in today that will help determine whether killing people & living in the unorthodox zone of the professional spy  are compatible paths towards enlightenment. Ha! No, I’m joking, but you get my drift – the card today serves like a career counsellor. Whatever “gives” today should be read with a Scrying eye, as it contains a message and a meaning; for me, I believe the test is about “mentor stamina,” and whether I am really capable and want to communicate what I know about this science/art. The second is to make sure that ALL of my motives have been purified and there isn’t an icky streak of control or desire running through the realization/manifestation. The auguries are good; the card is upright and I feel no sense of a need for recoil from the concept of “virtue.” In my humble opinion, “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law” is more applicable in theoretical situations; in real life, it is more like “Compromise What Thou Must In Order To Progress Is The Whole Of The Law.” Well, we’ll see . . . . 

Drawn as the Obstacle today is the 4 of Coins. In “Il Piccolo Libro Bianco,” the meaning is given as “a donation, news, love of material wealth; miser.” And that’s upright! Hmm, perhaps I’m about to gamble and WIN! at the “Bet Your Virtue” window, the odds are always spectacular there. Grin – I doubt it, I’m not a gambler, but have personally experienced its effects on an entire family. It is just as ugly & frightening as any other addiction taken to the Full-Tilt-Boogie limit. A theoretical application (rather long, but worth it) is given by *TarotLore* which is as follows; “The Fire of the heart on the house of Scorpio, the Eighth, which is the house of secrets, of the money and possessions of other people, of death and sex, of inheritance and debt, loans and delay in all material matters, psychic activity, but much hampering in all physical activities--all this makes clear much of what tradition has handed down. Everything falling in this house is connected with some secret, which cannot be divulged to the outer world, and consequently in relation to this world these things cannot appear in their full light or significance, are more or less handicapped, meet with obstacles and are wrongly judged. It is related to monastic life indeed. On the other hand it is the psychic and sexual expression of the love born in the heart, and it means, on this account, certainly "cleaving to that which one has" in a very personal way. It is the card of desire, attachment, secret longing for possession, which, when not being satisfied, may lead to retreat and retirement. The fire of the heart is here suffering from dissatisfaction or impossibility of realization. It is probably the least favorable card of the pentacles suit, at least in a material sense. It may hold much good for the future, however. Material benefit in this case will never go without some loss or sadness at the same time, as in the case of inheritance. Desire, longing, etc., which will be probably satisfied in the future, delay, retreat, retirement, secret possession, legacy, inheritance, loan, mortgage, gift, the former not without some drawback, sadness or loss. Debt, probably, is going to be paid. Condition of being limited, enclosed, hampered or delayed. Some good which is not within the reach of the Querent.” (A. E. Thierens) S-o–o-o-o-o, my Virtue is to be tested today, a result of which is its own opposition through material means and preoccupation with the material. Well, I can’t let that happen, so I shall need to keep a lookout for DIAMs today (Dangerous Idiots Against Mark.) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the antidote to preoccupation with the material. Be Well!   

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