Saturday, August 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 21aug2016 : I continue to “be on vacation” and thus the things I am “throwing up on the board” are, if you like, my version of Mardi Gras beads or product giveaways; worth very little in and of themselves, they invite you into a deeper, more full and conscious relationship with the art/science of Tarot. I hope to return in September to regular daily blogging with a new layout and new approach, or even perhaps a new gimmick; I know! I’ll do videocasts on YouTube wearing absolutely nothing but a tinfoil hat and a pair of ratty-looking wings made out of an old RWS deck. LOL! Don’t count on it, readers! At any rate, here’s today’s tidbit, which came to me last night as something to post this morning as I was contemplating a GD deck. So, have fun today; do as Mommy & Daddy ask you and don’t take candy from the strange man outside the school. I ask the Cosmos today to shoot a little humor and lightness into everybody’s Path today. Be Well!

The Lovers are the sacred alchemical marriage.
The marriage of the Sun and the Moon.
The conjoined Yin and Yang.
This is the first serious work required in order to make
The journey to a full life.
The internal union of the opposites.
A great deal of hard work is required to achieve a real
Partnership, to harmonize the internal male and female
Energies, to blend the right-brain and left-brain aspects
Of intelligence, and to marry all the pairs of opposites.
There is no real love without equality.
This is not a summer romance.
Not a Camelot quest for the object of your affection.
This won’t be found at the end of the rainbow.
It’s not a love affair with an external partner.
It does not describe a childish fantasy.
This is the work of becoming a well-rounded and
Balanced person. A whole person.
Have you brought yourself into balance?
What must you do to bring your male and female selves
Into equality?
Does your masculine or your feminine side need to be
Are you ready to proceed on the journey?
Will you be able to move forward?


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