Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24Aug2016. I must suppose that old habits die hard, because I am “on vacation;” nevertheless, after the usual start-the-day chores I automatically set up my reading space and drew two cards. Now, one card I could have excused and justified to myself, but two? Nope. Admit it, pal, you’re “homesick” for The Scales of Ma’at readings! “Alright! Alright! I’ll admit the truth, just no more Pentothal! I DO miss them, but I am NOT going to turn today into one, so do your worst!!” Just between you & me, OF COURSE I’m going to do that “in my head,” but I AM trying to take a light approach, after all it’s a vacation. Harrumph! Lazily performing my morning reading (as opposed to with some seriousness, clarity & humility of spirit) I decided to pick a deck at random out of a storage box full of them that are NOT in rotation; I grabbed *Le Tarot des Templiers* by S. Mayorca. It is a French deck, and the author is an initiate in the revived Order, it seems, and his historical research “seems” to be spot-on (I am NOT in any way, shape or form an expert on the Order; I only claim a passing knowledge of their history & above all their OCCULT history, which has been so badly mangled by the Roman Catholic Church and the French state, of which it may be said to be largely composed of French Freemasons. [The circles of power/corruption are VERY tight and VERY obvious here in France.] The deck draws me; not powerfully, but it does. We shall see what we shall see.) I drew the 8 of Pentacles? Um –hmm; Okay, well, I’m not off to a bad start. (“Start? Vacation, jack, vacation!”) (“Oh shut the fuck up.”) I’m mirroring the Compass Rose, it seems, and boy! doesn’t THAT scream “direction”! It also states, a little more quietly, that the Perfect Equilibrium is maintained between Above & Below, between what is visible and invisible. The French LWB gives a divinatory meaning that is interesting; a rigueur in Justice and honesty in dealing with inheritance and legacies. It indicates an ability to learn and to possess a dialectical ease with sincerity. Okay, so, “Shoulder to the grindstone and be an ‘honest merchant,’ Mark.” The first part is a bit irksome, but I am always (I hope) an honest “merchant.” Which reminds me of a question I wanted to ask any readers; If you were to bill yourself out to clients yourself, with Tarot as part of the package but your “product” being “the total experience of you, your knowledge, your all,” at what price would you bill an hour’s worth of your time? You are not a crook, you are going to give it your very best shot each & every time you are hired; so, what are you worth? 
Moving on . . . I couldn’t resist, I drew a second card, which would have been the Feather of Truth card otherwise, and pulled XVIII the Moon, or as the deck prefers, “18 Le Visage de Séléne.” The Major Arcana carry individual Hermetic Messages; the HM for XVIII is “I am your source. The Mother Goddess, Seal of the night.” If this were the Feather of Truth card, then I could break it down and see the what, why, when, where and how of the Truth that is relevant to me by looking to XVIII the Moon, not the card but the concept manifesting somewhere in my life today. However, it ISN’T the Feather of Truth card – I did not intend that when I drew the reading. This is good, because that means I can’t drop it in its handy “Feather” slot and thus assume comprehension. “So, Astro, keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you see Selene snooping around in my files, okay?” “Woof!” The Moon is a 2; it could be a long wait, as she is geared for passive receptivity. On verra. Otherwise, the LWB gives this trump a strictly traditional interpretation, which no matter how you word or cosmeticize it, is all about waxing (& waning) romantic in the moonlight, but beware of unhealthy attachments to the past and oh, yes, BTW, you may have psychic gifts. As I said, traditional to the teeth. But that is okay, because that isn’t exactly the message I get from XVIII. (Another stray thought; the cards are all the same for everybody, yet the cards are all unique & potent speakers for YOU only insomuch as you agree to NOT take them for granted.) She may then start giving you your own feedback back; enslaved to material things, feelings of insecurity, treacheries and dangers. You really ARE a paranoid fucker, aren’t you? LOL. Let it be, let it be. I go to the Moon with open arms and an erect phallus; she demands that. With her infinite wellspring of mystic femininity, she can evoke either desire or terror . . . so tell me, how do YOU see women? Grin. Well, that’s enough blathering today without structure or purpose; I need to return to the dissatisfaction of enforced leisure. I ask the Cosmos today to bless us ALL with a bit of spiritual tranquility today as we contemplate the ebb & flow of our lives. Be Well!    

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