Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12Aug2016: today my Heart is once again seeking out the 7 of Wands for a little Valor and the Feather of Truth is hanging out with the Princess of Wands, mainly because she is unpredictable and exciting, but she (the Feather) has to be careful not to become singed. (Today’s deck is *The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot* by Chic and Sandra Cicero, along with the eponymous large accompanying in-color book. It’s a wonderfully expressive Tarot, even if the art seems a bit childish, & a prerequisite for working any of the Golden Dawn rituals.) I’m struck immediately that the 7 of Wands has come up again, very close to its most recent appearance in my draws. The 7 of Wands is Mars in Leo, from Netzach to Hod, from opposition to courage. A general divinatory reading of the card would give minor victory, courage, arguments met, etc. 
I can see this playing out in many ways in my life right now, the most important being that I continue to win the small victories and get my project(s) “on down the road.” The Feather of Truth today is hanging out with the exciting, dynamic and sometimes unstable Princess of Wands. The character of the Princess is extremely individual. She is brilliant and daring; she creates her own beauty by her essential vigor and energy. The force of her character “takes the place of” of beauty in the eyes of the beholder. In anger or love she is sudden, violent, and implacable. She consumes all that comes into her sphere. The Princess of Wands represents the Earthy part of Fire, and she is extremely individual & quick to anger. Perhaps I can expect to see a Truth in this woman today? We’ll see. As the Feather of Truth, it doesn’t offer much, I’ll have to wait it out & see if something develops in that arena. Finally, I want to announce that this blog, The Fool’s Tarot, will be on hiatus until September, 2016. I want the rest of this month off, in order to relax but also in order to work on a new draw that I hope to present to you in September. Today I ask the Cosmos to let us ALL enjoy the time we have right now to stop & smell the flowers. Be Well!  


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