Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 04Aug2016: today my Heart is in #61 Solitude whereas the Feather of Truth shows me today that indeed, I can find the Truth in #19 the Sun. (Today’s deck is chosen with care; it is the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, an Argentine occultist, & Stuart R. Kaplan. As you already may have read here, this is my “THE Egyptian-style” deck; there is, as of yet, nothing of greater use, quality or wisdom, as well as elegant, simplistic beauty. Find one, if you can, and sell your eldest child, if you must, to have one of these.) I chose today’s deck specifically to read, as last night I felt a true sea-change occurring within me, a shifting of “proportions” and “incumbent behavior thereof.” My friend & “adoptive son” Lucian and I were conversing about the Journey in general, and at some point we began talking about Love and all of the love-ly discussions that branch off of that. Lucian was taking vigorous exception to my expressed desire “to be outta here.” His belief is that I can find everything I want and could possibly imagine here in the Here & Now while still incarnate. This brought about a discussion of being desirous of leaving the treadmill because my love for the World is too wounding to myself; it quite simply HURTS TOO MUCH for continued expression “here,” and thus my desire to move on, in the natural course of things, of course. Loving this world in principal & fact, in general & particular, is a Bodhisattva’s job description, and while I would certainly be filled with joy to fill that position if ever called upon to do so, I haven’t been yet. Therefore, I still have my limitations. And yet . . . and yet . . . last night it came to me that, indeed, it is simple to take the step to remove the one degree “too many” in our rapport; I just need to step up and accept the greater responsibility of loving it all in the abstract, as well, to a point where it is transfigured into Hope. I HOPE for so much . . . . On with the reading. My Heart this morning is giving me a very oblique and sidelong look at what happened last night and is happening NOW in my soul; and this arcanum is a great place to begin. #61 is Solitude. Our imaged woman is kneeling, lotus on head, beneath a constellation of stars and offering her devotion “to the cause.” Below her is the underworld, so she is truly on The Middle Way. Her greatest influence is Neptune, planet of the mystic; her hieroglyph indicates Northern fields, and her magical letter is Malachim. IT is important not to confuse Solitude with the Hermit; they are two completely different concepts & cards, with different meanings. I may take this card this morning as a sigil on my work of “my own style of detachment” from this world. I offer my devotion to the cause, so to speak. Pensiveness, prayer, retreat & even an hermitage all apply here; unfortunately, I’m not in a position to actually physically withdraw from my life and go into the mountains to stay at a friend’s cabin for a season. 
My wife MIGHT complain. However I can do the next best thing and make the hermitage in my being and here in my office, enforcing even more a kind of dictum that my Tarot work/bureau is NOT to be touched or “straightened up; as a matter of fact, please just don’t go in there at all.”  My Heart is “in solitude” a lot anyway; I’m not negligent in my marriage or friendships, it isn’t that; it is that my “love” can be “uncontained” if I so wish it, and for that I need to NOT be focused on specifics (i.e. a person, place or thing) but to place my existence, however temporary, in the heart of Sephiroth , I have the habit of placing myself between Tiphareth and Chesed, however briefly, to let my “Love” have egress. That Path, between those two Sephiroth, is normally the path of IX the Hermit. He has his social side; this card has nothing social about it, except for the vague reference to “the cause,” as in “devotion to . . . .”  However, I am deeply moved by last night’s progression, and I shall continue the development of that theme. Turning to find the Feather of Truth I can see that she has decided, once again, to risk being mistaken for Icarus; I have more faith in Ma’at than I do an idle and ill-mannered Greek boy. In the Egyptian system, #19 the Sun has some surprisingly dark companions: his sigil is the Maleficent spirt of Mars; his magical letter is the entire alphabet of the Magi and his planet is Pluto, while he is Sagittarius.  I see that as a rather wild mixture, do you? At any rate of exchange, the card itself is dominated by the god Aten, the sun disk stretching his arms down in blessing upon Akhenaten and Nefertiti. They stand upon the symbol for a field of papyrus, symbolic of the land’s fertility. The rather complicated make-up of the card does not affect its reading; it is a card of satisfaction and accomplishment; of contentment, love & joy. One of the very rarely mentioned, but primal, meanings of the card is Liberation. And I DO feel liberated today, released from one room where my Heart was lodged into another larger, grander suite where my Heart may live and express himself more fully, as he is less limited now by the particular. In short, I feel I have made a step, and a big one, and I feel Good about that. I ask the Cosmos today to bring us ALL closer to living full-time in the Light of the Sun. Be Well!   


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