Saturday, August 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome to the Scales of Ma’at for 06Aug2016: today my Heart is placidly gliding along with the 6 of Wands and the Feather of Truth has taken herself off to one of four unique sources of energy, the Ace of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Universal Fantasy Tarot* by Paolo Martinello & Bepi Vigna. Normally I wouldn’t use this Tarot deck, it being in one of my storage containers, but it has been being pushed by Lo Scarabeo® in their posts recently, so I decided to take another look. Hmmm, okay, yeah, as I thought; readable, but it goes back in storage after this morning.)  A rapid reading today; my Heart is feeling the promise of victory this morning, or at least the good news of it. Whatever that victory may be, it isn’t military. It is my Heart still rejoicing at the step we made the other night of divorcing the particular from the general and learning to embrace the general by itself. The 6 of Wands sits in Tiphareth by way of Fire, and astrologically is Jupiter in Leo: “Jolliness” in a “brave spirit” (or the Sun in Leo, by the continental system.) The card is designed so that it can represent the expectation crowned with its own desire, the crown of hope, and so forth. It is also - attempt, hope, desire, wish & expectation. Whatever the reason, the card shows that the victory now expected is honestly won. There is no doubt in MY Heart that  my recent “victory” in the suit of 
Cups is what this card is entirely about, as that victory will allow me to move forward in both the general and the specific in giving away of what I know in a responsible manner. Turning to look for the Feather of Truth, I see that she has decided to rest at the source of both the Heart’s decision and my pleasure, the Ace of Cups. This is a beautifully paired reading, yet only I could see that in exactly my present position!  This Ace, AKA The Root of the Powers of Water, sits in Kether in the Tree of Life, having arrived by Water, of course. Astrologically it is ALL of the Water signs. “The Ace of Cups shows the way deep into our soul, to detect beauty and trust. It stands for the sources of love, for growing feelings, the desire for a relationship or the readiness to have a friend. Referring to the Kaballah, the Ace of Cups is attached to Briah - the world of pure feeling and sensitive intention. It is the female counterpart of the Ace of Wands, representing the female element water as a sign for devotion and care.” (Raven) I especially like that if you carry the metaphor forward, you “end up in the mud of creation.” The two poles belong together, and the mud of their meeting gives birth to flowers.  I ask the Cosmos today for enough of the spillover water from the Ace of Cups to enter ALL our lives and make a little mud. Be Well!    

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