Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool's Tarot for 06Sep2016. I'm showing the Goal/Opposition draw as cards only, with "descriptory" text. I'm not there today, sorry. I AM, however, there enough to note where I differ from the "authorities," - this makes all the difference in the world to a reading; listen to YOURSELF. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll be "noral" again, but who knopws? Eh . . .  It has just been a whirlwind few days of ups & downs. See you tomorrow! Be Well!
"In the “Naples arrangement”, the introduction of the number Five shows the idea of motion coming to the aid of that of matter. This is quite a revolutionary conception; the result is a complete upset of the statically stabilized system. Now appear storm and stress. This must not be regarded as something “evil”. The natural feeling about it is really a little more than the reluctance of people to get up from lunch and go back to the job. In the Buddhist doctrine of Sorrow this idea is implicit, that inertia and insensitiveness must characterize peace. The climate of India is perhaps partly responsible for this notion. The Adepts of the White School, of which the Tarot is the sacred book, cannot agree to such a simplification of existence. Every phenomenon is a sacrament. For all that, a disturbance is a disturbance; the five of Wands is called Strife.Irrational energy that is impossible to control." (Paul Hughes-Barlow, SuperTarot) NOTE FROM MARK: The actual German/English translation of this word is "STRIVE", not Strife. SO . . . I make my adjustments accordingly. My Goal today is to STRIVE, not be subject to Strife. HA! So Put THAT In Your Pipe And Smoke It, Sherlock! (I wonder exactly HOW A.C. understood the etymology of the word.) I offer Raven's comment on this card, as is, with the same caveat - STRIVE, not Strife. " Five of Wands - Strife
Geburah in the Tree of Life through Fire. Astrology: Saturn in the 1st decan of Leo
Like all Fives, the Five of Wands stands for Geburah - motion and changing and the powers of destruction - and 5 is the number that breaks the stability and structure of the Four. Fire isn't meant for settling and resting, and the flames burn high to break out of their own realm of the Four. This means revolutionary movements and aggressive renewals, and sometimes this isn't the most pleasant way to go. Especially not when we felt good and comfortable in the secure structure of the Four. In the shadowy aspect, the violent disruption of the struggling flames can mean that we're just aggressive and restless, making trouble for no better reason than being bored.
Drive: Challenge, the will to break out, contest, struggle, conflict, rashness
Light: Refreshment, renewal, boldness
Shadow: Struggle, conflict, destruction, spiritual crisis, prodigality, trickery" (Raven)

As my Opposition card, I drew the 3 of Cups reversed, Jolly. So, here is the Golden Dawn take, via SuperTarot "Hand as before holds group of Lotuses or water lilies, from which two flowers rise on either side of, and overhanging the top cup, pouring into it the white water. Flowers in the same way pour water into the lower cups. All the cups overflow, the topmost into the two others, and these upon the lower part of the card. Above and below Mercury and Cancer. Y Y Y Abundance, plenty, success, pleasure, sensuality, passive success, good luck and fortune. Love, gladness, kindness and bounty. According to dignity. Binah of Heh. (Plenty, hospitality, eating and drinking, pleasure, dancing, new clothes, merriment.) Herein rule Rahael and Yebomayah." AGAIN, STRIVE, not strife, and toned down or dampened, seeing it reversed like this. A reversal can mean anything you want, or not at all. So, let's just take it as it is, and give a bit of "subdued atmosphere" to it because of the reversal. I "grok" it reversed, I am aware of what modifications that brings to the card, Intuitively. So I'm okay here, I haven't broken down and am sobbing in my corn flakes. Nah, just ease up on the accelerator, Mark, old pal. Finally, let's check in with Raven: "Three of Cups – Abundance   Binah in the Tree of Life through water. Astrology: Mercury in the 2nd decan of Cancer. ‘The Three of Cups will combine the qualities of both the Ace and the Two of Cups. The undirected love has found its goal, it will grow and blossom. The 3 (triad) as the number of synthesis and harmony will pour its riches into the seas of Binah, the understanding and realization. Therefore, the Three of Cups shows that we have found joy and fulfillment in love and devotion; we are aware of the worth and understand its meaning. Drive: Pleasure, healing, sensuality, conception, fulfillness. Light: Good luck, joy, satisfaction, passive success. Shadow: Greed, raw lust, excessive pleasure, over-abundance."  Again, in this instance the reversal is not too evident, as I have already decided for myself. There we have it for today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the wherewithal to progress around a difficulty if there is not a way through it. Be Well!    

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