Sunday, September 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 12Sep2016: on a simple Card of the Day draw, I have pulled the Queen of Pentacles. This is just about perfect . . . because I’m staying home today and putting order back in place after a weekend spent out of town. IT was a good weekend – I went to “change ideas and airs” and on that front it succeeded. All of which contributes to making this draw rather perfunctory this morning; only habit has brought me to the cards. Which is okay, I’m going with it, . . .  Now comes the part where I make YOU suffer for it. (I always like this part.) Because I AM feeling so lackadaisical this morning, I’m going to give you an old, VERY old, traditional reading of the Queen of Pentacles. It is a very good example of how NOT to pigeonhole a Court card! The excerpt is from *The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens (1875 – 1941.) It’s Old Time Tarot, serving three, perhaps even four functions; 1) to produce Tarot-wise laughter, 2) to demonstrate how not to read a Tarot now, and 3) serve to illustrate where Tarot most recently started its orbit “back in” and how the developments of THIS spurt of activity have changed the deck, or modernized it, if you will. The fourth, possible reason is that one may actually be attracted to reading with the guidelines set down by Thierens and those early tarologues. I can only say, “IF the system comes through in golden bells & silver whistles with perfect clarity” for you, well then GO that way. Remember, Tarot is an interpretive resource. All of that being said, Let’s get on with it. As I said, and it is all I will say, the card fits today, because I’m being a domestic god today; a weekend away sorted out some foggy thoughts, and now I’m back, and cleaning up the home front sounds productive this morning. And on with the day, being godlike throughout. HA! LOL. (That reminds me of a gay friend I used to have, let’s call him Darryl. Darry cleaned house every Sunday morning, which was his church service. He did it in full gay form, though; Black gospel music blaring, and Darryl, completely nude under a huge full-length mink, wearing heels & pearls, cleaning. He was a full-on queen, was Darryl! I don’t even remember how we became friends, we were SO unalike! LOL.  But he was fun; unfortunately, Darryl passed from AIDS about 10 yrs. later, and the world lost a great & unique cleaning woman. Grin – Here’s to you, Darryl!)  I’m going to sign off now, thus leaving A.E. Thierens to lull you to sleep. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of the quiet domestic today among all the noise. Be Well! “Tradition: Dark woman, who suggests "the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence." (Waite) Opulence, riches, luxury, assurance (insurance?), security, liberty, frankness. Reversed: Doubt, indecision, uncertainty, timidity, apprehension, vacillation, etc. Theory: The higher octave of the two, consequently covering the Sixth house and demonstrating the features of the noble Virgo-type. So this must be a woman always inclined to help and to serve, to make herself useful, a nurse perhaps, a household woman of good standing a good hostess. There are also qualities of science in this house, as it is the house of the Academy and Minerva. So she may be as an incarnation of Minerva herself, protecting science and craftsmanship as the Dame of Wands protects the arts. She must have many qualities and above all refinement, though she may suffer more or less from the evil--so far as it can be called--of doubt, and the difficulty of choosing between many possibilities in her nature. She is generous and benefic. Her presence is a good augury and she brings always protection and material wealth or at least well-being, ruling this house of earth. There may be some timidity; there is always honesty, honorable action, correctness and the right attitude to all problems of life, discretion, education, understanding, knowledge. These qualities certainly engender security in life. Conclusion: A good and intelligent woman, who will render service to the Querent, benefic influence, help, assistance in word, advice and action. Woman of good standing and refined type, the personification of honesty, protection, knowledge, understanding, education, culture. Discretion may sometimes lapse into timidity through sensitiveness. Material benefit, earnings, wealth, rent, products. Security, assuredness, insurance, certificate or diploma. Patronage of science and technical and industrial works.” *The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens.     

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