Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13Sep2016.  It could be my morning meds, but I doubt it; I’m feeling very chipper and upbeat this morning, not the usual father nondescript feeling one normally has. One reason is that I took a weekend out of town, just to blow the dust off, a change of air, and a change of ideas.” We returned yesterday, and I feel better about being here again this morning as I deal with the Tarot. Please don’t misunderstand me; I LOVE the Tarot, but at times I’d rather be doing something besides Tarot; or even nothing. Today, I feel back on track and am ready for the cards.  Today’s deck is *El Tarot Egipcio* by Margarita Arnal Moscardo, Editiones Obelisco... Today, in the One-Legged Beggar spread, I get the happy nexus of 45 Innovation. This is my climb up out of here today, my “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” piece of Info about what’s on the agenda today.  
The message here is clear; “Those around you will want to help, we all want the best for you, but only you should decide what you have to do. As reappraisal of your life, you must make a plan for the future.”(« Los que te rodean querrán ayudarte, todos querrás lo mejor para ti, pero solo tu debes decidir lo que has de hacer. Como nueva valoración de tu vida, debes hacerte una planificación para di futuro. » LWB)  The second card today, my « beggar’s hand up » over the wall to understanding, is 33 Los Pactas (Pacts, Unions). Here we have the importance of the double effort, the not-aloneness of this part of the Journey, El amor Maduro, el real, el autentico, el gal. Epoca de amor, epoca deliz.>>(LWB) And that will be how I get things done today, in tandem, in couple. Good. Jeanne & I are whirring in tandem today, each on hir or hir project, and in perfect harmony & contentment to be doing separate thing but together. It’s gonna be a good day!

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