Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 14Sep2016. I feel like I’m kind of dragging my ass on this one today; a deck came up in rotation that I had yet to use, the *Wicked Tarot* by Pamelina H. I have enlarged the images 2X with my scanner to give you something to see. What a horrible, horrible disappointment this deck is. IMHO. No more commentary on the deck.  I pulled for a Goal and Opposition day, receiving the King of Swords (me in a prickly mood) being crossed in his purpose by the Knight of Cups, a truly shitty card about weak-willed kings mistaking destinies, so to speak. 
He’s not an “oh goody goody!” fortunate card, being young and still sounding all “sturm und drang” with little to no judgment. I’m not thrilled today, and that does happen from time to time. I am the type of man who waxes eloquent on all sorts of paths and outcomes BUT, who when it comes to ugly cards shoved up HIS arse of a morning, well . . . I go into “Silent-Running”, the mode submariners go into when, underwater, they can hear a destroyer or other ship cruising overhead, hunting them. Slipping around like an unseen eel under the hems of the ladies at a sit-down dinner, I choose my distraction carefully . . . then . . . STRIKE! The ensuing noisy chaos always allows me to slip away and await a better day. I AM going to make the best out of the King today – I have enough going on today to use him. Damn the Knight; I’m not interested in his mewling at the moment. I ask the Cosmos to give us decision and determination when it is needed today. Be Well!   

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