Sunday, September 18, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19Sep2016.  Today is short and sweet & I’m not going to dwell. It is just a posting, really, of the card I drew. The deck is *The Tarot of Nightmares* by Mark Case Watson.  I’m using this deck for a reason; I specifically want to look at the Shadow side of my reality today, and see if I see from there what is causing such an impediment to getting on with getting on with the project every “normal” reading is shouting at me to mount. Sometimes you have to BE in the dark side before you SEE what’s in the dark side. Mark’s decks are made for that – but they ARE dark, & one must be careful not to succumb to the siren call. That being said, I went for a 2-card goal & challenge draw, with the 1st being more of a pointed “Pay Attention Here!”  variety  The 2nd card, the “Opposition” is today actually “the Glimmer” to consider on the issue; “glimmer” being defined as illusion or hiding magic cast upon the issue, leaving only a “glimmer” of light to guide one. For these two positions, I have drawn, respectively, the 3 of Cups and the 10 of Pentacles. (Interesting side note: As soon as I started this reading, I began to feel nauseous. And every time I look deeply at the image s& consider how they live in me, I need to rush to the water closet to let things turn upside down for a moment. Bizarre! Luckily, I have the remedy for nausea on hand . . . herb. Grin, -but not until after the blog, bien sûr.) I am IMMEDIATELY seized by the appropriateness of the reading; this deck works, and with a vengeance! My “goal” that I need to consider today is the underside, or the “shadow” of my continually expressed desire to enlarge our couple into a triad. I believe, I KNOW, this card is saying, “Take Heed! Consider ALL aspects, not just the ‘illuminated’ ones that show you a bright and sunny path!” This is GREAT – and rather forbidding & cold, as well. “Mark, you are always so focused on what you need to become an illuminated being that you tend to ride roughshod over not only others but your own Shadow self.” I have a long and very complicated history with my Shadow, and while we know each other intimately, I cannot say we are either friends or enemies, or even frenemies. We auto–acknowledge, I suppose is the best way to put it. Alright, the bare facts on the 3 are thus: AKA (Love) Abundance, sitting in Binah in the Tree of Life by way of Water. Astrowise, it is Mercury in the 2nd decan of Cancer. “So, Mark, consider the dark side of three in a relationship; be sure you understand the energies.” Hmmm, okay, I will. As my “Challenge” today, or limitation/opposition to consider, I have drawn the 10 of Pentacles. Bingo! 
Again, something too personal not to be true in this place in this reading. It is very easy for me to be distracted from the light by the ultimately dark pleasures of abundance to the point of “opulence,” but it can happen. I like the card – the “opulence” seems to be happening in the foreground, in the darkness, with the round white orbs of obscure creatures staring out of the darkness with curiosity. Oh my Apep! I that your “happy family??”  LOL, no, I doubt it, but they ARE symbolic of the kinds of energy that gather around me when I let myself go into that undisciplined place, Opulence. It’s a curious word, too. For instance, nothing better conveys the whole range of that word than when I heard a man, staring at a woman’s admittedly splendid chest, say involuntarily (in French), “What an opulent poitrine!” That just says it all. Grin. For me, today, I believe this card is a call to be alert – that even the opulence of the gifts of nature, of a well-ordered and justly rewarded life, can be at times an OBSTACLE to progressing towards the light. Self-satisfaction, and a certainty of place (the happiness) so concretized that to move would be unthinkable. “Remember the danger of ATTACHMENTS, Mark! Opulence is all fine & good, but it, too, in the end, is no more than illusion, than Maya.” Yes, yes, that is REALLY a good thing to remember, and to keep in the forefront as a warning, to not become so submerged in the opulence that I drown. Okay, let’s check the facts on our 10 here: AKA Opulence, it sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life, by way of Earth. Astrowise, it is Mercury (AGAIN!) in the 3rd decan of Virgo (AGAIN!!) Wow; I’m either frightened or really impressed; BOTH Mercury, BOTH Virgo??? Shall we say that Mercury in Virgo is rather prominent in my day today? Ahahaha! So it’s a double whammy squared, hmm . . . I can deal with that. Did you know that ALL of the visible matter in the Universe makes up ONLY 5% of the mass of the Universe? 27% is taken by Dark Energy & 68% by Dark Matter (both completely invisible to us)? So, when one explores the dark side of the Tree, one is actually dealing with a much bigger and more complicated system than the Tree itself – consider the case of a tree aboveground and root system below – which is actually bigger? Almost always, the root system. So, I’m dedicating this week to exploring my Dark Side a bit, something I haven’t done in a very long time. Mazel Tov. . . I guess. LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an opportunity to examine our Shadows without shame or fear and therein to profit. Be Well!   


  1. Thank you so much for using my deck. I feel deeply honoured that you got so much from it :)