Friday, September 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02Sep2016. I’m going to keep my personal comment to a minimum today, and let the cards and the book speak for themselves. That is because today I’m showcasing the new Erik C. Dunne/Kim Huggens creation, *Tarot Apokalypsis*.  This is their 2nd collaboration (that I know of, of course!)  and it is a winner, as in “WOW!” I very rarely have much use for the books that come with decks unless the decks are so eccentric and bizarrely axed that you must, but this book changed all that, because from now on THIS is the where the bar has been set. Ms. Huggens words in the book actually brought me to the brink of tears – that is a mighty claim, trust me. I don’t “emote” easily. The artwork is, well, it is Erik C. Dunne, continuing his almost-tradition of providing mind-blowingly beautiful, luscious, gorgeous, decadent art yet innocent, in the way of M. Parrish or even, at times, Alphonse Mucha. On to the reading for the day, a simple Goal/opposition; the goal is the 10 of Wands and the “opposition” springs from the 8 of Swords reversed. (Let me say just this; the reading is dead-on target today for me in MANY ways, so my conclusion is that yes, on top of its beauty, the deck WORKS.)My goal is embodied for today in the 10 of Wands. Herewith from the book (and wait until you see IT!); “If you believed that this path would be an easy one, that you would tread it lightly and briefly, then your will was overridden by foolishness. My mysteries are those of the arduous, long road, the struggle” towards culmination, the straining towards fulfillment. They are the burning fire in your muscles and lungs as you push ever onwards, burdened and tiring. They are the knowledge that even in the suffering and exhaustion there is an end at which the fires of your ambition and passion yet burn. Know that although the sun’s light fades and you no longer feel its presence, a small spark of will still burns within you: it has pushed you to this point, given you strength and energy to overcome, and now it cries out in the darkness for you to take one more step . . . and another . . . over and over again; promising you with each urging that this next will be the last. It is not. But you need to believe it will be in order to press forward. This is my blessing, worker: that you shall know struggle and burden during your great work, that you shall strive onwards despite it. It is not in the culmination that you triumph, but in the continuing even as every piece of your being yearns to stop.” (*Tarot Apokalypsis* text by Kim Huggens. Lo Scarabeo, Turin, 2016) (It was at this point that I felt water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium crossing my ocular outlets: yes, I had a tear in my eye.) 
My “opposition” such as it is, comes from the 8 of Swords reversed, which is a good thing. There is a “discourse of the master” for this card, the end of which is, “Know when it is your time to fight and when it is time to acquiesce. Know where to grasp and when to let go. It is there, in the balance between straining against your bonds and allowing them to guide you, that true freedom is granted.” (Ibid) too, but as I have drawn it reversed, I shall only quote here that interpretation, and why I consider it not so much “opposition” as the lessening of “shadow”; If the 8 of Swords is “Negatively aspected . . . Voluntarily being bound to something; being in control of another person in some way; understanding an inexorable course; following a path from which one should not deviate.” (Ibid) It is flamingly obvious that this references the card above and says, “Yes, that’s right, you ARE in the right place and the right time; you planned this for yourself long ago. So buck up, this is correct.” I was more-than-ordinarily moved by the reading this morning, both because of the text and the art, but also because as a working Tarot deck, it had reached inside and drawn out my truth. This deck WILL be in the “most favored” groupuscule of decks in my rotations. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a moment of Beauty today to balance against our Duty. Be Well!    

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