Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Sept2016. Today I did something much more typical of my younger self; I asked the cards to take me into Shadow and show me what they wished to show me for today, “No Holds Barred.” I’ve wanted to journey DOWN IN for a while now, so one might as well just dive, right? I’ve decided to use something I call the Boaz-Jachin spread for this journey, however many days it lasts, (I’m planning a week; we’ll see.) It is, AGAIN, a simple 2-card draw, but what I am asking to see here is not so much what is in the two pillar cards, important though they are! but rather I am deeply interested by the part that Morgana asks me to construct along with them; the “toile,” or web woven between the two columns, THAT is where I will find this day’s shadow focus, I know it. The cards are anchoring the Web of my “Fate”, if you like, (I do NOT believe in predestination; it seems a “tad” incongruent, I know, but it works in my universe, so just ride along, okay?) (Today’s deck is *Strange Wonders Tarot* by William Wraithe [appropriate last name, eh?].) I have pulled the 8 of Cups as Boaz and IX the Hermit as Jachin.(it doesn’t have an overwhelming bearing on the reading, but Boaz is, more or less, “Strength” and Jachin is, again more or less, “It will be established.” “HE (It) will establish Strength.” I can grok that if I translate Strength as necessary to Stability, because I’m a big believer in Ma’at; perhaps because so much of my life was out-of-balance, I have come to highly value it now. At any rate, enough hand-job blathering, on to the cards and the web hanging between them. First off, let’s get bothersome facts out of the way; the 8 of Cups sits in Hod in the Tree of Life, arriving by Water. Astrowise, it is Saturn in the 1st decan of Pisces, not a good place. This 8 is gloomy enough without my having to look too far for Shadow reflections in myself; “The Eight of Cups has driven the debauch of the Seven to absolute excess, the delusions have lost all attraction and all that's left is frustration. The sequence of the numbers has reached Hod, calling for structure and logic, but the emotional waters of Briah cannot be happy with this call and remain in dumb resignation. Nevertheless, happy or not, the call must be heard to leave the bogs of numbness, and the Eight of Cups tells us to abandon the past, leave the current situation, make up our minds most honestly and open our eyes to upcoming changes.” (Raven.) O-k-a-a-a-y, got it. There is the left-hand anchor for my web. 
Let’s check out the right, IX the Hermit. He is on the Path of Yod, 20, in the Tree of Life. Saturn is the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence. The Hermit is of Earth? Is Virgo Astrowise, and travels from Chesed to Tiphareth. The Hermit is normally read along the lines of “retiring from life, retreating from the masses, looking into one's self, introversion, seeking hidden knowledge or gnosis, etc.” There is a social side to the Hermit, too, that is often dismissingly discussed. Here, however, it is serving as one of the pillars of the gateway to gnosis, of the web I help weave, of the curtain of the temple which is eventually ripped asunder by an enlightened one. (Any of us; All of us.) And with this rather forbidding Hermit holding a head and staring out to confront me & my quest, I need to look past her to see what the Hermit is anchoring in terms of the invisible Shadow and in cooperation with the darkly omened 8 of Cups. What I can see is a figure forming, it must be me, I’m the one asking – and the figure is of a “wisdom whore”; someone who collects knowledge for the sake of collecting, not putting to use. There is also a ragingly angry and disappointed quester wrapped up in that figure, someone totally pissed at being deceived by what he believed was promised to him/her. He is, of course, mistaken; nothing was promised. Oh, yeah, it’s a him, . . . it’s me, I’m sorry to say, in a Shadow part of me that never sees the light of day. I don’t like to see him, but lurking somewhere in the Memory Palace is that obnoxious, spoiled and hateful child who never really existed in reality but whose composite was present in a live reproach from others, especially when it came to not conforming to the Eisenhower world of my childhood. The price was high for non-conformity back then, and I certainly don’t recall anyone asking me if I wanted the deal, I just found myself bound by it, for good, it seemed. What is Shadow here is that figure who eventually became an almost- Bogeyman kind of figure; I still carry that Shadow, somewhere in there; the guy who is pursuing enlightenment for unenlightened reasons, regardless of whether he was ever real & true or not (he wasn’t) – it’s an avatar forced upon me by the society that bred me; I was a hell of a combination to come out of the American mill; American Indian & WASP, gay & not fey, hungry for all the knowledge locked away in the “restricted” sections but maddeningly good with the pap they wanted me to learn (my teachers for the most part were jealous and fearful of me: fearful of being shown up, I imagine.) I was an “enfant terrible;” and I had been that way since I first opened my mouth at an unusually late age. Keeping my mouth shut while I built my vocabulary, I would assume. Grin.) In its own way, the message here on the invisible web is quite clear; “Part of your Shadow is that person who is ‘weary of it all;’ not that you are a drama queen or a horrible hypocrite, it’s just that you aren’t very patient, Mark. You never have been, to your detriment. And when your excessive measures taken to get what you want come to naught, you indeed tower furious and vexed. But so what? Does it matter anymore? Be a grown up here, pal, and throw out the Halloween costume that used to so amuse you. It does you a disservice now, by demanding recognition, when it was only a set of clothes. Fuck that. Let it go, and good riddance.” I shall include, as the last of this posting, two pieces on the respective cards by A. E. Thierens. As I mentioned the other day, he is charmingly yesteryear, and while much of that is now discounted, there is still much to be learned from the style of reading in that era of the Art. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today the necessary wherewithal to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and kick out any old and unwanted tenant(s) TODAY. Be Well! 


The 8 of Cups: “Theory –
On the Fourth house the Water of the soul will be in its own element, so to speak, and will consequently rejoice in its existence, swimming in agreeable sensations, the family and the memory, as far as the personal life goes, playing important roles in the life of the Querent. The lunar and Jovian element passing over this house will almost certainly cause the home and family-life to be forsaken or relinquished; this perhaps may account for the interpretation: "Deserting the cups of his felicity." We should prefer to substitute for "felicity" his family or intimate circle. Changes in home-life be it for the better or for the worse. There cannot be much of order or rule in this combination, and disorder or chaos is threatened. The strong Cancerian peculiarities, such as shyness, timidity, prudishness, etc., may appear here, but we can see no reason for addictions like 'great joy, feasting,' etc. Feelings, sentiments, wishes have very little chance of becoming reality in this house, and this may be called the true reason for 'leaving the house.' The latter seems to us to be the proper meaning: either leaving the safe and comfortable home, or losing the chance to realize more ambitious projects. Being the eighth card of the suit, it may denote a girl, and cups are said to be related to the fair or 'blonde' type.//Conclusion// Leaving the house or home; changes in the family (-circle). Little chance to see one's wishes and ambitions realized. Shyness, timidity; disorder and waywardness. Despondency, despairing of success. Mixed sensations, no strongly preponderant feeling, unless it be that of dissatisfaction. May be fair-haired girl.

“The Hermit - Description and Meaning - Papus: "Humanity fulfilling the function of God the Holy Spirit. The human creative force." Indeed this is clearly Sagittarius for every astrologer. The author might have mentioned in the same line that the Hierophant (Leo) represents God the Son. The Hebrew letter "That represents a roof and suggests the idea of safety and protection . . . protection ensured by wisdom." The astrologer says: the Ninth house is the house of the Master--idea of wisdom and protection in one; the Master in fact shields his disciples like a roof . . . in some way. The sign is that of thought-power, creative mind, idealism, which throw their own light on the things below, and consequently the Sagittarian is remarkable for always seeing things in his own light and trying to throw light on things in order to instruct other people. He is the eternal traveler, the indefatigable walker. And mentally he is always more or less lonely. All this is very distinctly symbolized in the card of the Hermit, which stands for ideas, perspectives, spiritual or moral influences and for light thrown upon the objects of this earth-life. In divination it stands for teachers, legal authorities, advisers and guides, and with the guiding principles in everything and questions, in relation to the Querent. But above all it is his own idealism, etc. The direction in which his thoughts are running. In the older cards the Hermit is shielding his light on one side with his mantle. This may be indicative of the habit of Sagittarians to evade and disarm contradiction beforehand, knowing by intuition the power of darkness. He is leaning on the staff of knowledge with regard to earthy matters. Waite is perfectly right in saying, that "Prudence is the least of its meanings and the most negligible." Some authors (Mathers) held this card to be the symbol of 'prudence,' but indeed the Sagittarian is not very famous for this virtue, though the card is truly Sagittarian and nothing else. This is again proved by the striking explanation of Waite: "His beacon intimates that 'where I am, you also may be.'" This is the stereotyped way in which a Sagittarian thinks. Astrological Correspondence: Sagittarius.”   

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