Friday, September 9, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 10Sep2016. IT is REALLY Short, quick & sweet this morning, as I’m out of the door early and won’t be back here on the blog until Monday. I’ve got a lot of things to do still before I zip out of here, so it’s a quick “There & Back Again” reading, 2 cards, one for going, one for the return home. The deck today is the *Thoth Tarot* by Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris. 1st card, the 10 of Cups, is Satiety, a kind of crowned with success turned sour, a surfeit of the good things. Meaning that this trip is the culmination of some sort of trend, but what? I don’t travel a lot, so it isn’t that direct a rapport. Hmm This will require thinking. My return is XVIII the Moon; looks like I’ll be learning? Finding out? Some strange news and the return is best symbolized by a search in the unconscious for meaning to it, as well as the weird ‘vapiness” that always accompanies the Moon; you become a bit vague around the edges oneself when diving into the blackest sea of night, the Unconscious. I suppose I will find out what that is about as well, once I’m on the train back. Here are the cards and some data. The “outbound “card is the 10 of Cups, which is aka Satiety. She sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life, born of Water. In astrology she is Mars in the 3rd decan of Pisces. “With the Ten of Cups, the suit has completed the journey from the seeds of the Ace to the final goal of Malkuth, root and origin of the element. All energies are ending, the have found their fixed forms. The waters are resting now in their final grounds. Yet the Ten is not the end of a line, but the end of a circle - the cross sum of 10 is 1 and there we are at the Ace again. After all the ups and downs of the journey, we find ourselves at its beginning, and it is up to us whether we use our experiences or not.” (Raven) 
My return trip is booked on XVIII the Moon. The Moon is on the Path of Qoph, #29 on the Tree of Life? She is in Scorpio, signifying the dark knowledge of the depths of soul, just as she is Pisces, as well, running from Netzach to Malkuth. Her element is, of course, Water. “The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. The Moon isn't the most comfortable trump - though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time. But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light.” (Ibid) So, there we have it; I feel rather as if I have pulled gummi candies, malleable and only slightly different the one from the other. For the most part, I would say it’s going to be fine, if a bit disappointing, on the outbound and puzzling and thought provoking for the return. Well! We shall see. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL an easy voyage wherever we may be going this weekend, either in the world or in ourselves. Be Well!   


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