Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Sep2016. Several changes have arrived by yestereve‘s breeze and I need to share them. The first is that I have found a deck that fits magically in my hands and the link is intense, intuitive and immediate. I am speaking of the *Vieville Tarot* produced by Maître Cartier Jacques Vieville between 1643 – 1664.  I have never felt a link like this before. Second, I have decided to rename the Not-So-Holy-Family to the Nuclear Family, better reflecting not a moral judgment but a picture of modern interpersonal dynamics. Today I have drawn: 1) the 10 of Batons as my day-journey; 2) the Queen of Coins as my helpmeet, and 3) the influence for better or worse brought in by the “child of our union,” the Knight of Swords. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I don’t know where to start! . . . with the beginning, of course. The very first thing I remark is that only the possibly nefast card, the 3rd, is reversed; for to better inform you, you should take note that in a Marseille or Marseille-type deck of this sort, Reversals DO count and they are important. You may think some of the pip cards are unpolarized, but you would be wrong; with attention to the detail, where the Devil lives, there is always a way to tell upright or reversed. So, my goal, state-of-existence today is the 10 of Batons or Wands or Clubs, call it what you will. Unlike a Rider-Waite reading, the 10 of Batons has a very different meaning. Here it is a strong catalyst. It expresses an action which, to start, concentrates Energy and then forcefully and efficiently deploys it in every direction. It also marks a very obvious delay between the acquisition of these spiritual energies and their deployment. If one isn’t careful with it, it can turn you into a Dominator in all the BAD senses of that word. “This is a real Will to dominate. It is the strength of the ego, of the personality and by extension the organization of voluntary expansion without limits.” (Patrick Coq, trans. by Me. *LWB*) It’s a real humdinger, this 10. My 10 expresses a strong discipline and great organizational capacity where fantasy has little to no role to play. 
It anything is going to strike you sharply across the buttocks with a stinging cane and tell you to get back to work, it is this card. If that is my-day-my-goal, then I am going to be okay today. What I have on the agenda is revamping and figuring out how to format & schedule my brand new, informal evenings chez Moi once a week to discuss Tarot – I’m trying a different form to edge into this teaching gig the cards keep screaming at me to take. I’m all for it, but am practical and realistic enough to know that it won’t just happen out of thin air, it won’t manifest that way. It will manifest through work, skill & determination, and this card is telling me that they are here today if I need to pick them up and use them. That’s cool, I can grok that. My helpmeet today is the Queen of Coins (Pentacles); now here is a lady I like a lot, having had one in real life during my childhood and young adulthood, a very smart older relative who had almost unlimited funds and an inordinate fondness for me. Anything I know about generosity of purse and spirit, of body and mind, I know from her, and yet she DID have faults, great big glaring ones, which she made no pretense to conceal. I adored that woman, and she gave me a great gift, a way to see women in a positive, life-fulfilling role of guiding their own destinies while doing their utmost to help others. Otherwise, my view of women, constructed during childhood, would have been a grim, bleak wilderness filled with cold, howling winds. This Queen is very cerebral & active, and generally follows the prevailing wind, be it conservative or liberal. She is an altruist or an egotist, depending on the circumstances’ diktat. She is, however, insouciant with a rich unconscious and loads of regenerative strength. She is usually gifted with an exceptional gift of Vision; her vast network of “informants” make her a calculator on the statistical probabilities and she is usually dead on. So she sees a LOT, but because she does, she DEMANDS a lot. I can live with that, and if I need her today, I WILL call her. 
Finally, I need to look at our willful child, the Knight of Swords reversed. Normally, this guy is an upright, stand-up kind of guy with a strict moral code and he sees things in a rainbow of . . .  black & white. Ha. He can be brutal, if he needs to be, and he certainly will let nothing stand in the way of the realization of his desires and a good long look in the mirror to preen about it. Two words were shouted in the Cosmos when he was born, “CONTROL FREAK!” The LWB here says that he is in psychic torment because he is in an imperative fight to control his Anima, but conversely and paradoxically she is the source savage, untamable and masculine Force. Okay, get it got it good, yeah, but here he is reversed – so-o-o-o, “What does that mean, Annie?” “That means he’s out-of-his-head brutal, Daddy Warbucks, and most likely he will trail destruction behind him like an inevitable consequence.” Yep, that’s someone to be avoided today!! A brute, a mindless bull, as the French say an “abruti.” I’ve met a few in my life, but the real, true Minotaurs are actually few & far between; it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of Energy & Force to manifest that kind of animalized human. Think *Rabban* in the book & film “Dune,” a man who is no more than a savage pork in dress leathers. Now, I can hardly imagine anyone even REMOTELY like that showing up in my life today, or any given day for that matter, and thus it would seem that if sonny is going to raise his ugly snout it will be in some subtler, or perhaps even interiorized, fashion. I hope not; I hat dealing with that energy, and yet it is easily summoned in me, although not to that reversed extreme, thank Osiris!! At any right, I WILL keep a lookout for him both in the exterior and the interior. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of distance from the shitheads in our lives, in order that we can better see them as they are. Be Well!      

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