Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Sep2016. I’ve drawn the Nuclear Family again for today, and the draw was as follows: 1) Goal/Me/Main point of the day – the King of Coins; 2) Principal helpmeet if needed – the Knight of Coins, and 3) our “child” for good or ill, of help or hindrance – 8 of Swords. All are upright. The deck today is, again, the *Viéville Tarot*, and this will be its last public appearance for a while, other decks are yelling & waiting restlessly for their turn to lead my day. The King of Coins comes up to lead today, to stand as goal or main point of the day – and I just don’t have a fucking glimmer on what he is doing here. When I show up on the board, it is always as the King of either Wands or Swords, the other two kings being rare visitors indeed. I can only surmise that this is going to be an outside influence. In which case, I’ll be dealing with a person who is a shrewd businessman and genial spirit. He’s curious, cultured and observant, and he only walks in to anything if the odds are in his favor, and he has finely calculated them. The King of Disks is Fire in Earth, he’s in Chokmah and he strides from Leo to Virgo. This sounds very much like a money issue, and as far as I know I have no irons in the fire right now as far as the bank is concerned. 
I’m not rich nor am I poor, so no change there. I hesitate to say it as assuredly as all that, but this isn’t me, therefore it is coming from outside, and I need to be alert for “him” or “it.” By the way, that feels right to my intuition, too. As my helpmeet to deal with this arrival, interestingly enough, I can find help if I need it from the Knight of Coins. Rather placid & stoic by nature, going about the business of growing and consolidating his material “gains” as well as bringing a regular rhythm and a realistic point of view to any endeavor.  The Knight is Air in Earth, moving from Leo to Taurus and sits in Tiphareth. Finally, exercising an influence on the day in a subtler manner, from a distance, is our creation, the 8 of Swords. If a man is to maintain his “equilibrium” in the world he does it by preserving the intimacy of his primordial being. This card is in the ranks of spiritual openings appearing in life, and the expansion of conscience. More than anything else, what I seem to be looking at is a day with the arrival of an outside “King of Coins” force or person or energy nexus, which isn’t a bad appearance in my life just an odd one. My helpmeet in this is 

to try and understand that blind loyalty and utmost obedience is required in order to establish favorable odds in life’s dealings, whatever they may be. Just as this is a heavily material draw, it opens up to the spiritual with the last card, propelling 3D earth concerns into the realm of spirit where other matters are more important. 
Pay attention to a heavily material influx into your life today, Mark, and look for the gateway to take the experience into the spiritual and this transmogrifying its nature to suit your own needs, instead of existing to serve the illusion. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a touch of our most unfamiliar element and a chance to transmogrify it into a spiritual gateway. Be Well!   

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