Friday, September 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Oct2016. October is always my favorite month of the year, I truly love it. So this will be a month of happy events & good feelings, as far as I’m concerned; We start the month today with a 2-card Goal/Obstacle draw, and for the 1st card I have IX the Hermit, and then I draw my Opposition and it is a 9 of Swords. I’m using the *Liber T Tarot of Stars Eternal* by Andrea Serio & Roberto Negrini. “The Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal deck has its roots in the Golden Dawn teachings and has many similarities to the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot but some individual differences. Its concept is by Roberto Negrini, drawing on the astrology of the Golden Dawn, the Book of Thoth, and ancient Egyptian astronomy. . . The distinctive art is the creation of Andrea Serio - who was also the artist responsible for the Dante Tarot – and his unique style is plainly visible in the art of the Tarot of the Stars Eternal. Compared to the Crowley Thoth, the art is softer, more unfocused, more flowing and abstract. The pen-and-ink fractured detail of the Crowley deck has been removed, which gives the art a more flowing and dreamlike feel but the distinct precision and its raw-edged reality is lost.” (Aeclectic, , “Solandia.”) A LOT of people don’t like this deck, and I am sure it is because it soft-pedals Crowley. IF you cut that out of your head, it’s okay. I am neutral leaning towards like, I have no problem with this deck, although if I want to read this way I almost always just reach for a real Thoth deck. It is as if the latter deck is a loudmouthed asshole who always tells the truth, while the former is his plain, washed out partner who apologizes for him but believes the same thing. OR yes! That’s it! It is as if someone put a Thoth deck through a full cotton cycle on the washer/dryer. Faded a tad, it did. But my goal today for solitude and contemplation & meditation time won’t allow for a whole lot of pointless distraction about who bakes a better cake. I can grok it, the IX that is, because I DO need some deep time to formulate what I’m going to be doing when the tarot salon” I’m starting the group next week, so I need to have some semblance of inner calm, order, knowledge, patience & good enough cheer to welcome acolytes into my cave. Plus, if I “isolate” myself a bit today by cleaning in my office and tackling the never ending task of organizing my decks & materials, I can get the deep time without hassle or endless digressions. Factoids on IX the Hermit are: He is on Path of Yod #20 in the Tree of Life. He has either Saturn as the keeper of the gate, or Saturn in Aquarius, standing for the search of wisdom and the keeping of independence. Astrowise, he is Virgo, and he’s traveling from Chesed to Tiphareth and is of the Earth. Any opposition I may encounter along the Path today is coming from the 9 of Swords. AKA Cruelty, he is in Yesod in the Tree of Life, by way of Air. 
Astrowise, he is Mars in the 2nd decan of Gemini. “The Nine of Swords are entering Yesod, the fields of reflection and imagination, and while all other Suits make themselves comfortable in blessed happiness, the Swords seem to be the outcast, called 'Cruelty'. With the airy nature of the mind, the Swords cannot rest, they cannot stop thinking and analyzing - and in the end, cannot ignore the fact that nothing really leads anywhere, that in the end there is nothing. . . Therefore, it is a bit unfair to call the Nine of Swords a bad card, or criticize it for cruelty or 'over-analyzing'. After all, we cannot expect the suit of the mind to tell us that we're better off with our heads in the sand, just to not see the cruel truth that is out there.” (Raven) Yes, well, that sounds very much like the OLD me, cynical and sarcastic, prideful of my intellectual prowess which by its nature tended toward nihilism. Ugh, that man was unhappy! IF I am going into the depths of a subject, with all consequences NOW, I don’t visualize, manifest and expect all of the myriad fucked up ways everything can go wrong, or why the general stupidity of people makes any effort doomed to failure, or why a kind of false “pity” becomes your dominant emotion as you gaze desperately at all the sheep around you, looking for another human being in vain. Sounds nasty, snotty and very much a prick, eh? Yep. But with intelligence comes prevarication and mendacity, so one makes one’s social way in the world. But the price is always a tremendous load of STRESS. And that is how I almost always read this 9, as a moment of massive stress and the desperation of the position. Combined with my Goal, I can see it isn’t so much about actively entertaining a shitload of stress, no . . .  it is more indirect than that, it is letting old stress and possible worry add up to produce stress; now the turd in the punchbowl with this is that I would NEVER act this self-sabotaging, NOW. I might have when I was much younger, but I am crustal clear and level-headed NOW about the self-production of stress, its uselessness and simply how to stop it. I don’t stress myself out anymore if I can at ALL help it. “I ain’t searchin’ fo’ no drama, Mama!” So this card can go take a flying hike to the Moon; I may see a few examples of it coming from outside of myself, but me stressing out over my own inner drama “isn’t gonna happen, Clyde.” I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the ability to call “Bullshit!” on any false trap trying to sneak back into our lives today. Be Well!       

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