Saturday, September 3, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 04Sep2016. As a single meditation point/card of the day, I have pulled VIII Death/Rebirth from the *Dreams of  Gaia Tarot* by Ravynne Phelan. Okay, 1st, let’s get something clear, this is “almost”-Tarot, NOT Tarot. I was disappointed. She has left the minors mostly intact with little fudging; however, she has run in with a will and wreaked HAVOC on the Majors (all 24 of them?!?!) I’m not sure what she was doing, but it looks like “Hey, play with me, me, me!”  Let’s not make a mistake here; I have used eccentric, even bizarrely axed decks before, but this one just doesn’t “sit right” with me for some reason. Now, having said that, having committed to using this purchase at LEAST once, I must tell you that it read precisely this morning, and I DO mean precisely. NOT because the image is traditionally Tarot but because it was so striking and as composed, Death/Rebirth, it hit this morning as sure as the Tunguska Event. (The exploration/explication of this “Trump” is 5 & 1/3 pages in the accompanying book! I have reproduced them here, below. You may click & enlarge in your photo program.) If you’ve been reading the last couple of days, you know I’ve been playing Yo-yo. Yesterday, to figure it out, I was advised to seek out the Palace of Water (as an “ambiance mentale.”)Try as I might, it only worked half-assedly; I couldn’t lift myself out of a simmering funk. That is, until I remembered something; this is home for the Water Royals, and for their exchanges. So, deciding to mimic “the gods,” I approached my wife and we drained a small sac of bad-feeling that had been hanging around for a while. We found it, saw it, recognized it, owned it and dismissed it. The day immediately started uphill, and finished with calm & serenity. I also, finally, found around 2 hrs. of solid sleep, so I felt much refreshed for this morning. A late-morning snooze will most definitely be on the agenda. In that way, I can fulfill the advice of the card as well as my own natural intuition, and see the transformation through & out today through the emergence of the Cosmic Egg. *Push!!, Peggy-May, PUSH!!! OK, breathe deeply, and. . a.n . . .n. . . n. . . PUSH!!!”  I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a pain-free moment of course adjustment today. Be Well!

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