Monday, September 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26Sep2016. There are several surprises for me today in the cards, but first the draw. The draw consists of three (3) cards today, with the 1st as the day’s Goal, the 2nd (right top) is my aide in the form of 0 the Fool, and finally there is my hindrance or opposition or bumps in the road figured by the Page of Cups. I think I’ll call this spread the Not-So-Holy Family, with the Goal and its Aide being “parents” to a “difficult child.” LOL. I could probably find a more elegant name, but not a more descriptive one! (Today’s deck is the *Templar Tarot; The Journey* by Allen Chester & Stephen Dafoe.) the aforementioned deck was a bit of a surprise for me, as well; this is one of those decks that I purchased ages ago and shelved at the time because it has an entire EXTRA set of Major Arcana that are “to be used in conjunction with” blahblah. I dislike the whole concept of, “Hey, gang! I have an idea! Let’s fuck around with the mechanics & basic setup of the Tarot!! Whaddaya say? Fun, eh?” Adding or subtracting cards is a no-no in my eyes, and re-ordering them had DAMN WELL BETTER have a good reason. We go through THAT hang-up every time we use the cards, the whole 8 vs. 11 situation with Justice & Strength. I just re-spotted it the other day, took it out, and saw that nothing would be impaired by leaving the 23 cards of the expanded Major Arcana  in the box, and working with the standard Tarot deck. 
And thus I have discovered a new Tarot that, unlike its name, has little to nothing to do with the Knights Templar. . It is, however, an attractive and vitally alive deck on its own, so I’m going to put it back into circulation here.  My Goal for the day is XI Justice, and although you may not understand why, I am fukkin’ DELIGHTED to see the old girl. She and I are bosom buddies and have been a long time, “depuis des lustres” as the French say.  IT is only human nature to demand to see Justice done, but rarely is it not self-interested. For example, I’m a BIG fan of Karmic payback and what is perceived to be such, but I “expect” the Cosmos to have a great deal of genial mercy, compassion & understanding, enough to spare ME of an unpleasant karmic payback. LOL! Pure bullshit, of course! I CANNOT hope to escape the Karmic wheel any more than while in a physical shell I need to breathe.  However, having Grown Up ( a helpful quality, believe me, kids) I am sensible enough to know that cheering for Karma and Justice is all fine and good as long as you live by what you preach. I try to, I really do. Of course I can’t help but blame the Universe sometimes for what I perceive as malchance or bad luck, I’m human, but I TRY VERY, VERY HARD not to take it personally. I take responsibility for my life. It is as simple as that. And THAT is what Justice is, ultimately, all about. It’s about right living and justice, it’s about Ma’at, “the whole organic balance and well-being of the kingdom.”  I should add the whole kingdom, all the kingdoms, in their nests of empire or alone, it applies. My aide today is –Surprise! - 0 the Fool. That is absolutely fukkin’ GREAT! While I normally like my traveling companions to be more “straight men to my comic wit,” with the Fool you abandon hope of control and let him go whither and away, looking for the way forward. I enjoy the Fool, but he is a particular kind of company, a zany friend that you can support maybe 2 or 3 times a month, but any more is difficult to deal with and to swallow. While he may illuminate your life from time to time with his zaniness, you imagine that he must suffer, because who could possibly live that way, maintain all of that, 24/7?? The Fool may bring you zaniness, but who knows? maybe you bring some calm to the Fool. Regardless, he is a wonderful buddy to have at your side in a pinch, irresponsible and flighty though he may be, because Genius often strikes him and gives him a way forward where none can see one. (You’ll notice that I’m not going into all of the astro-notes and abstruse occult symbology of today’s cards; correct! I feel good today, having just left the Temple of the High Priestess and my journey in Shadow, and I am just “enjoying the sunshine & flowers” for right now, not tearing them apart to find out how they work.) 
Then there is our “problem” member of the family, who is often described as “just like the Page of Cups . . . sort of.” This is because when the Page of Cups turns to creating trouble or difficulty in your life, s/he can be a bitch. Amongst many devious & rotten qualities, s/he is capable of faking emotions, of an abuse of feelings, of being selfish, of indulging in wasteful luxury, deviations and obligations of ALL kinds, of being a flatterer. Hir taste & inclination are to attachment, seduction, deception, and artifice. (If this is your significant other, RUN! LOL, just joking, but . . . not really!)  Actually, this young person who is filling the role of Sower of Discord may or may not show up in my life. Someone is welcome to try - I give such people very short shrift indeed, and quite often, accompanied by fireworks; (“Oh good, Daddy!! Is Uncle Mark gonna get mad again??OOH! Fireworks!!”)  The one thing I am NOT ready for is an attack on the emotional front, because for the moment it is necessary to keep that line open. I shall mount double guard duty, of course; I don’t want an asshole sneaking into my life by the backdoor! Nevertheless, that front MUST stay open – I’m expecting a delivery any day now. Grin. Well, I’ve got my hands reasonably full today, so we’ll go with that. I ask the Cosmos to give us all a boost up today, in order to see over the Wall and be glad of the next stretch of the Journey. Be Well!   

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