Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Sep2016. Today I am again using the Nuclear Family spread for a look at the day, in order to get a “full” picture of how to “ride the day;” a one-card draw is great for general trends but I want a bit more specificity today; I have a morning of Doctors’ appointments & medical folderol to engage myself in in the soon-approaching hours. So, this morning is short & sweet because of time pressure. Which should be fine, because then you can either read these cards yourself for  a “ghost client” or draw a Nuclear Family spread of your own.  Today’s deck is again the *Vieville Tarot*. Well, hmm; I’m represented by a slick professional mercenary, the Page of Swords (or Valet, as in the original.) He’s loyal to who pays him, his quick, efficient and can be pitiless and brutal if the occasion calls for it. That represents, I suppose (dodging the bullet) that is meant to be how I’m approaching the day, and I must say I find it a bit true. When dealing with the quacks who want to tell me what to do with my health, it is best to ALWAYS remember that under those clothes, 
they ARE wearing wildly kinky undergarments, driven to it by years of organized soul-crushing in med school. Gazing down at “me” . . . in amusement? Inquisition? Lust or Distaste? . . . is the King of Cups. This King isn’t the Rider-Waite kind, by any means; whereas the RW King is somewhat diffident and not even sure he likes where he is, this King is into it! He is of a different order; he LIKES his job! He’s gifted with a solid psychic ability is intuitive and a good observer. He wants to lend me a hand to accomplish projects of the first order, but he needs me to be sure I separate and am able to juggle my terrestrial appetites in order to be able to make room for both his aide and my first manifestation of the “project,” whatever that may be. He is a reflection of stability and can bring new solutions to old & thorny problems. His only weaknesses lie in needing to surmount his own laziness, overcome his passivity and control his libido. And finally, we have our “love child,” the 3 of Coins reversed. Normally this “child” represents creativity, pure and simple. It is exactly like a blossom springing forth in the warmth of the spring sunshine after a fresh rain. That is an image I REALLY like for this card. However, our 
roses are on the bottom, thus reversed. So today, Junior is feeling touchy, and any intrusion into its space is seen as aggressive, and to be responded to accordingly. It is a waste of energy, causing disorder. It can even signify that an action which started healthily because inspired has become confused and leaning into anarchy. “DAMN! Priscilla!! That boy needs a good whippin’! He can’t treat us like that!” Well, barring taking off my belt and whipping surprised strangers in the street, I shall keep an eye out for ANY interference in my day from this kind of energy nexus, which has the ambition & ability to fuck with my day. Guess again, douche bag. Okay, that’s it. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today wings on our slippers to speed through the day! Be Well!    

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