Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08Sep2016. Today I decided to throw just a hint, a soupçon, of poke-myself-in-the-eye humor, so I’ve drawn what I call the One-Legged Beggar. It is a 2-card draw, with the 1st card being what’s in store in my subconscious for today. The 2nd card isn’t given full power, it’s a hint, a leg up (filling in for the beggar’s missing leg); it is there to tell me where to look if I really need a bridge through the day, if I need some “lube.” Therefore, the one-legged beggar looking at the Wall of the day, and a booster is provided if I need it. Fittingly, the deck that came to hand on rotation today is *The Medieval Scapini Tarot* by Luigi Scapini, and accompanying book by Ronald Decker. Well! Harrumph! And Hidey-shit-Ho! it seems I expect a day of being beset by troublesome worries, questions, beggars, “gypsies, tramps & thieves.” II think I know why; the last week has been beset with various sand traps and hidden risers. If I can get a handle on it, I can deal with ill-intent quite easily; it is when it sneaks up and strikes out of the empyrean blue that you have a cold feeling at the base of your gut. Luckily I have had 64 years of training on dealing with energy vampires and progress-halting succubae and incubi (as good an analogy as any for the youthful years of “sexual adventure” – I was a teenager in the 60’s and in my horny and energetic 20’s from 1972 on. All of that changed with the arrival of AIDS, of course. Now you can only imagine – about as close to the end of the decadent Roman Empire as we could make it, I suppose. All set to the roar of rock ‘n’ Roll and the Disco beat. Arroooo! LOL.)
The point being; do you ever feel as if you have been elected, without your knowledge, to be in the barrel for the day, week or month, whatever?  Of course you do; we ALL do, from time to time. Well, that’s where I was for just a few days, that barrel; but I was leaning in heavily towards judgmentalism (Aha! Is my false leg hollow??) Thankfully I got a grip on myself before I unleashed something ugly. “Rise, Mark, rise. It doesn’t matter, it never has. Serenity; . . . Rise.” Illusion and delusion, desire and personality, I can’t help but think of carpets too heavily embroidered or gilded lilies; too much, stop it. (Said to myself, of course.) You can rise as far above the miasma as you have the Willpower to do so, but as long as we are on Malkuth strings and filaments of ooze keep us attached; desires, judgements, even emotions, all strings and filaments. Some of those we cannot do without if we wish to remain within the parameters of our definition of being human: emotions, desires spring from them, etc. The airship never quite really breaks free – but only because we wish it so. We are on a mission of discovery and comprehension, and it is EASY to pick up TOO MUCH baggage along the way. So, before we progress we need to divest. And big time, because this is the real deal before you commence the long haul towards to the finish line; “get your shit together, pal, and throw out that dead carpet, for Osiris’ sake! It weighs two tons!” HOWEVER; There was a gift underneath all of that dead shit that came back to me from several directions, mightily surprising me, and reminding me that I’m not the best judge of my own movement on the Path, I lack the objectivity. I think we all know that about ourselves, even the ones that loudly proclaim otherwise; perhaps them most of all. The point for me being that while I may be expecting robbers, thieves and mendicants on the Path, I need to divest myself ‘voluntarily’ of the no-longer-needed. So, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, I guess. If being aware of the sheer unimportance of these strings and threads proves difficult, I need to bring out XX Judgment. (BTW, with or w/out the middle E, it is the same word, idea, and construct/meme. It’s a question of British legal language.) Now, usually Judgement and I get along very well, as long as I remember my place (Ha!) »Je suis un croyant «: I am a believer. Not in Christianity, but in the Divine; I have my own handy-dandy pocket guide to the Deities (so to speak) with which I have chosen to dedicate my own private, inner temple. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that for the most part I enjoy axing those kinds of issues through an Egyptian framework; it is the thing that has held one of my deepest interests since the age of 5. It was my first library book checkout with ‘my own card’, a special moment for extremely young & literate. And as I have amply demonstrated for what, a year now? that for me the easiest costume to slip over the concept of the afterlife is the Egyptian one. Based on merit and the skill of deceiving the gods, it was a bit of a free-for-all to get into the afterlife, and of course your place was assured by rank, blood or money. Of course my level of use and perception of these “mythological concepts” differs vastly, I am sure, from whatever grand tapestry the ancient Egyptians themselves wove out of it, but I am quite idiotically happy with my set of wrenches to deal with the elaborate, beautiful but clumsy old machinery of the dregs of ritual and “religion” that still rest barnacled to my being. Plus, it’s kitsch. I can deal with this draw today, as it is basically the skeletal outline of what I decided late last night; “here is how I am going to get a grip on myself in order to ignore the illusion of any personal attachment to these issues at all.” I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a sense of the necessity of cleaning spiritual house from time to time. Be Well! 

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