Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25Sep2016. These feel eerily appropriate as I close out this week of Shadow reading. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Mortis* by Mark Case Watson. The last of his dark trilogy [*Tarot Naught,* *Tarot of Nightmares* and this, *Tarot Mortis*], it has been both revelatory and “wonderful” to work with all three on a subject, I believe as he intended. They ARE dark decks, but Wow! do they deliver, and are honest in their directness. I *really* like them. One last thing – they make great meditation images.) To finish up my run I am again using the Boaz and Kachin 2-card layout, and have received, respectively, the 7 Air (7 of Swords) and XVII the Star. Well, just on the surface, we are already off to a good start! “Skull-in-flames Deception” as opposed to “ghost bride Renewal” (granted, she seems a little spooked out here, but whaddaya want? It’s the *Tarot Mortis*!) Can’t get more obvious than that, unless perhaps you find a corpse with Major Arcanum XIII jammed down its throat. Well, let’s take a look at the pasteboards, shall we? First, in the Boaz position, is the 7 of Air (Swords) AKA Deception. It sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, carried by Air. Astrowise, it is the Moon in the 3rd decan of Aquarius. (Water + Earth = mud, which blurs one’s view!) This was certainly the card for my concerns most recently. I hate feeling deceived, for whatever reason, and it is a struggle to stay neutral and not lash out and destroy. I manage, barely. On the other hand, sticking by one’s guns despite a reception of deception is required if one is going to be true to oneself, and although that is cold comfort, it IS comfort.  I’ve had an issue the last several days, but it has been resolved, leaving the burnt aftertaste of “lesson learned.” Let’s see what else the 7 is up to concocting; “Now none of the Suits is lucky within the Seven - the Wands burn down, the Cups nearly drown and the Disks are out cold - yet the Swords are least willing to accept their fate and activate every trick and list they can figure to get along. And considering that the Swords are pure intellect, they are embarrassingly good in figuring out tricks... Therefore, the Seven of Swords can talk of trickery, cheating, sudden affronts, juggling and intentional confusing with unrestrained Mercurian amorality. Though, all the lists are bound to fail, even the clever Swords cannot escape the hand of fate.” (Raven) Yep, yes, et oui. There is also our old friend A. E. Thierens, with “The element Earth on the Seventh house indicates the actual and material union of the Self and the Not-self in the organism, as a material building. In this we have to see the 'accomplishment' or attainment of the Self, that which the Self wishes to join. Since the seventh house represents 'the opponent' as well, there may be something like quarrelling in this card, attempts to reach agreement with an opponent; this will be done in a practical, business-like way. A combative spirit, ready for the defensive. Owing to the diplomatic and foxlike qualities of the house of Libra, the Querent may, by this card, attempt to steal the weapons of the opponent, as the figure rightly suggests: using the arguments and fighting with the weapons of the enemy.” Well, yes, but on the whole I don’t read him for ideas or breakthroughs but for the antiquarian charm of him. His science isn’t wrong, however, just rather quaint. And how does one hope to exit Deception? “With Hope” is a good answer, of the many available. Despite her ghost bride appearance, this is a WONDERFUL card to be the last to draw in the Shadow journey. I’m deeply pleased. 
Factoids first, however; XVII the Star is on the Path of Heh, #28 in the Tree of Life. She has Jupiter in Aquarius as a combo of perspicacity; or she may be Venus in Pisces, (watery enough for you?) as the desire for the inscrutable. She herself is Aquarius (“Aaiee! I’m melting, melting! All my beautiful wickedness!” the Wicked Witch of the West.) She is walking from Chokmah to Tiphareth on a breath of Air. (Surprise!) “The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to Justice (sic) (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while Justice keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling.” (Raven) And for the taste of sarsaparilla again, with A. E. Thierens, “The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. No astrologer will hesitate to recognize Venus. "The Star is the ‘étoile flamboyante’, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused herein. [Waite] And "gifts of the spirit," which au fond means beauty, are the gifts administered by Venus, who in the solar system hands over the vibrations or 'gifts' coming from the Sun, to our Earth. . . . Well, then it is the image of this planet of beauty and eternal youth, which has its place between the Sun and Mercury on one side and our Earth on the other, the third personification of the genius of the Sun. . . . The Phe--identified with this card--expresses the same hieroglyphic value as the Beth (second card), but in a more extended sense." It is said to represent speech. (Papus) Now Venus has in so far to do with the second sign, that it rules this sign. The 'more extended sense' may perhaps be thought of as this planetary rulership, as ‘the Word in action in Nature with all its consequences.’ (Papus) . . . Venus indeed is the representative of the ruler of Light on Earth and in Nature: third aspect of the Solar Logos. . . it is Venus, the ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra, houses of riches, art, beauty, and of the organized body. In the latter it represents the Law of Harmony between the Self and the Not-self.” And I DID come out of the experience with Hope, that all was settled and could lie quietly in its grave now. The void in between the two pillars, the “toile” or web which I need to discern to complete the lesson is quite clear to me now; that is the analysis of motivation and the necessity of rigorous examination in order to have a solid foundation upon which to stand. I did. NOW I can move on.  I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of pure self-conviction today, in the knowledge that we are acting in Truth, and to change course if we are not. Be Well!       

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