Monday, October 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 01Nov2016. Today I have again used the Three Principles spread and today’s deck, in honor of the Day of the Dead, or Toussaint, is *Tarot of the Dead* By Monica Knighton. Amusing AND appropriate! And even a bit creepy and I can’t quite put my finger on why – perhaps the sheer “jollity?” with which the skeletons replace the “fleshed” human figure . . . the perfect post-Hallowe’en creepy feeling. Sulfur, Mercury and Salt. Stir, bake, and run. LOL, no, actually that is the alchemical symbolism of our three cards today, and I have, in that order, 1) the 8 (of) Coffins; 2) II the High Priestess, and 3) XIV Temperance. I know, I know, you want to laugh and point at me and isolate me on the playground from the others; “Look, Mark got Temperance again! Hee-Haw! He must have a REAL Moderation problem! Hee-Haw!”  You’re all cruel fuckers! LOL . . . no, you’re not, but it IS a bit remarkable how fuckin’ OFTEN I get XIV popping up in any nook, cranny or fold that she can find. 
I know, however, that her presence is ONNLY a reflection of how often and how easy it is for me to fall out of balance, and head on down Screwy Lane. With a grin on my brain, I imagine her as a kind of hot/intractable, you know, “Mark, if you weren’t always putting me in this Foucauldian surveillance role, maybe you’d notice what a hot woman I am!” Moderation DOES have its attractions, and these days I DO like leaving a function somewhere still sober and able to be intelligently snarky. Grin. But she’s my Catalyst, so “later, baby.” (I’ve always detested men who call women “baby.” Stop it, stop trying to infantilize her. You’re either an idiot or a crypto-pedophile.)  Actually, this is ALL a quick read, so I won’t be here much longer this morning. My Sulfur/Active principle is centered on starting a new enterprise, anew project, manifesting a new vision. Well, yes, we ALL know that about me now, if you happen to follow me. I’m still struggling, squirming around on the cold steel table trying to figure out what to do but TOO FUCKIN’ LATE ‘CAUSE THE BABY’S COMING NOWWW . . . . Grin. Yes, my little Tarot groupuscule is out of me and in the incubator, intact and healthy but with a very weak tendril of a connection to life – we have hopes, though, and it is VERY EARLY DAYS yet. So . . . on verra. Normally this card would signal a quite different reality; despair and abandonment of goals or projects, but not in this deck; they’ve made a point of emphasizing that. Right after stepping off onto my rather simplistic active, male, Osirian path for the day, the proverbial Dior hits the fan with two feminine Major Arcana strolling in to see how they can amuse themselves screwing with the existence of this mere man. (LOL, no, I like to play at being a misogynist, but I’m not, actually. 
But I AM a realist. “There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity...You can smell it. It smells like death.” Tennessee Williams, *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof*) My supposedly Passive current is II the High Priestess and the Catalyst is my buddy Temperance, and seeing these two together makes me feel like a fat, trapped turkey the day before Thanksgiving. The best I can do with this, I believe, is to use that temperance to balance my “oh boy! a new project!!” energy so that I can deal with an entry into the High Priestess’s temple in order to inform myself of what is necessary to continue this project, and in fact to continue my journey, which is on this particular scenic rural route off of the main highway. The High Priestess in close, personal contact with me? Harrumph! “She’s a ‘techy’ kind a gal, that one is,” my grandfather would have said. “Gotta stay on yer toes, or she’ll run right over ya.”  Yeah. Exactly. And then on to the Catalyst, about whom I have informed us time and time again until I am, and probably you as well, thoroughly sick of more information for the moment. I know Temperance is about to get a LOT bigger in meaning and place because of the course of study I am on, but not quite yet, OK? Thank you. That really about wraps it up, and I don’t like to hang around and dawdle . . . unless you really DO want to hear that story about me, the one-legged widow and the church belfry? No? Oh . . . well . . .  okay then. LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of balance as we embark upon our new projects for this fall & winter. Be Well!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 31October2016, AKA the Day, the Revelation, the Truth Will Set you Free . . .  Hallowe’en!! LOL, I LOVE it. My absolute favorite high holy day of the year (“If’n you don’ believe that, then you be in the wrong church, boy! Git out! Go on, now, Git out!”) Today I’ve used the Three Principles spread and *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West. (When you own a deck themed to only one day in the entire year, you know you’re hooked, either on the holiday or the Tarot, probably both.J)   Sulfur, Mercury, Salt; Active, Passive, Catalyst; Osirian, Isian, Heruan; Male, Female, Androgynous; all of these: the 2 of Pumpkins (Coins), the Knight of Pumpkins, and the 3 of Bats (Swords.) I’m not tempted to run on and on about a simple read today. With that in mind: I see a day of choices ahead, pretty much the regular “train-train de la vie,” and really the only serious choice I have to male today is whether to take the trouble to go out tonight, de rigeur en déguisement, bien sûr ! Right now the feeling is trending towards staying home & watching a flick, 
but . . . on verra. My wife is French, therefore Hallowe’en is a foreign import for her, but the next day, All Saints’ Day, la Toussaint, is a big deal here, so it’s a party weekend anyway. Hallowe’en fits in nicely over here. Which is a good thing, otherwise I couldn’t have stayed! Grin. Okay, here, back to it – small questions & conflicts may have the right of way today, but handled with the placid calm and dogged duty of the Knight they will have short shrift today. The manner in which to catalyze this small, persistent rain of binaries is to suffer the intense but brief pain of solving them one right after the other, in a quick train and almost without thought and then moving on the down the road. While these concerns may be small, in quantity they can fuck up my day, so deal with them IMMEDIATELY as they rise, no procrastination, buddy. Got it? Short, sharp swift pains that will pass. You can do this, Mark – it’s only maintenance, and low-level maintenance at that. I can’t get too serious about the 3 of Swords, one of my favorite cards, actually. It is one of the trumps by which I always judge the attraction  

of a deck, as well as being a bit of a truism – “a little bit of pain can put you much f-a-r-t-h-e-r along the road of Illumination  than any other single experience.”  We ALL know we won’t die from it; we are just such PUSSIES about it, for God’s sake! “Buck up and take the strap, Jethro! You fucked up, you take the whippin’!!” or something like that, maybe a little less “Mandingo”-ish. LOL. I’m okay with this today, I really am. IT doesn’t say that I’m GOINBG to suffer today, just that I MAY, and if I do, so what? I know how to work it, how to leave it if I wish, or stay and construct something useful. That is ALL up to me and my conscious choice – pain doesn’t kick me off of the throne of Responsibility. SO-o-o . . . groove on being human today, Mark, and know that even in the duty of choice and the choice of duty the pain is present but temporary, and a necessary part of the process. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the Sense of Humor to see the reality of the process and to find it vaguely amusing and unfrightening. Be Well!   

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30Oct2016, what we used to call, in the creepy post-war Eisenhower era, « Beggar’s Night, » as if somehow a rigid caste system prevailed even among Trick-or-Treaters. LOL – ahh, yes, America, The Post-War Dream. Ha! Ah, well . . .  on to the draw. Today I have used the 3 Principles draw, modified by using the entire deck instead of only the Majors. It isn’t the Nuclear Family spread because I didn’t “intend it” that way in my “manifestation of the reading.” (Yeah, that sounds as pretentious as all Hell, but I don’t mean it that way [or do I? Mwuahahaha!]; rather, what I “bring forth” that flows out of me and into the cards to make “the reading.”) “Onwards slave! (cccrack!!!)” “Ouch!! Hey! Watch that!” My cards for today are: Sulfur/Active/Osirian/Male – the Ace of Swords; Mercury/Passive/Isian/Female – IV the Emperor; and finally the Salt/Catalyst/Horusian/Androgynous – I the Magus. Yes, I was using the whole deck, and no, I hadn’t removed all of the females! Said deck is, of course, again the splendiferous Tabula Mundi Colores Edition, by M. M. Meleen. The deck makes me delirious; I want to “stand under it and shake it like a pecan tree, and then laugh crazily as I’m pelted by a rain of symbols from the branches above.”  It is a marvel of both erudition and talent coupled with a kind of joyous abandonment to the mystical and the occult, or the metaphysical, if you prefer. Every time you pick it up you DO feel as if you are embarking on a voyage to unknown places. I always buy a ticket for a journey like that! I must say, the Ace of Swords seems awfully grand for how I’m feeling this morning, which is, well, “just there, yeah, Madge, you know, just there.” 
I’m definitely NOT the hurricane wind of an entire suit! And it is Sunday, not exactly a day when I seek out intellectual ferment, either. Rather than read it that way, therefore, I have to read it as a sheer access of energy, in particular those associated with this Element, this Suit. What I most like about this card is nicely summed up by Ms. Meleen; “The Ace of Swords is the Root of The Powers of the Air. Will and Love combine to wield the sword of Reason. The sword is marked with 93/93, and the Greek words for Love and Will, “Agape” and “Thelema.” This card is mapped to Vau, the Son, third letter of the divine name YHVH and the combination of the fire of the Father and the water of the Mother. Here is the invoked force of the Son as opposed to the natural force of the Ace of Wands and the Father. This is the mighty sword of the intellect, the weapon that pure thought can wield, and the seed of the classical element of Air. It is a card of prescience. Raised upward it invokes the spiritual crown, and points at Lamed as the arbitrator of divine authority. Aleph, its counterpart is hidden behind the blade. These are Justice, or Adjustment, and the Fool in partnership. If so rightly held, it brings clarity and cuts away darkness.” (*Book M: Liber Mundi* by M. M. Meleen, Atu House, Barre, 2015.) She ends that with, “The Seed – The seed grows the root of the element of Air, invoking the powers of reason. This is intellect, as a tool of justice. The goal is the power to Know.” (Ibid) Yep! THAT’S how I feel this morning – all possibility, but not quite out on the showroom floor,. yet. However, I AM a bit shocked at how much my Anima has changed!! LOL. The passive, Mercurial current today is IV the Emperor. Wow, does that guy look down in the mouth! The weight of power & responsibility, one assumes. It reminds me of hearing someone from rural Oklahoma saying, “I’m jest tahrd, Deanie. (Tired, and “Deanie” an interlocutor) The fahr’s jes’ done run right outta me.” (Fahr =fire. Okies - Lovely folk; STRONG accent! Ha!)He looks like I feel, in general. “Jes’ tahrd, Deanie, jes’ tahrd.” I’m fighting all the rear battles faithfully as my carcass continues the March Through The Shit of Time (an officially recognized hiking trail) and loses pieces of itself along 
the way. A finger here, a toe there, a lung left hanging from that tree branch, an aspen, I think. LOL. You get the drift. And I look positive, so I’m told, a beacon of humor and goodwill to the fear-run flocks of fleeing fauns from a flaming forest.  His “Oracle,” according the book, is, “King of Kings, seek order from chaos, and act to build a firm foundation for your kingdom [empire, non?- mm.] Send forth your seed. Ambition and Power are qualities of rulership. The Grand Architect reminds you that planning is necessary. Be not rash and beware arrogance; it leads to the decline of empires and their builders.” Wow, can I grok THAT!  I was just having a “strong talk” with myself last night about the price of arrogance, or hubris, and the silly, silly trap that it actually is; worthy of no one older than 6 yrs. of age. Finally, I turn to the Catalyst, and fin IX, the Hermit. Ha! Well, it being a given that the cards “know” (my subconscious, after all!) an actual hermitage isn’t possible in my life right now, (or more accurately, I don’t WISH it to be possible right now. Perhaps if I am ever single again, “mais on verra,”) but I CAN profit from our relatively calm & quiet home here to construct blocks of “alone time” quite easily. My wife doesn’t mind, and never has. We both value the concept of “privacy within partnership” when we really do need to retreat from the “couple mode” for a bit, if for no other reason than to breathe “free” a bit. LOL. We’re cool, we’re best friends. I do a lot of “alone” here anyway, as I have always enjoyed it, and nothing has changed that. My wife has similar reasons. So, if the cards say I need some “Alone,” I can stir up an order of that tout de suite with a side of FRENCH fried books and a musical salad. “Seek yourself. Wander alone with the sun and moon to guide you. Carry the staff of wisdom, descend within and seek the secret seed. Illumination comes with solitude and prudent introspection.” (Ibid) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of time and a brane of space to create a time, a moment, of Solitude today when we most need it. Be Well!   


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Oct2016. Today I have used the Nuclear Family spread, but have added a Shadow card. The deck is *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West & Karin Lee. So! We are edging closer to THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR, Hallowe’en!! LOL, yes, I do (almost) believe it is the most important day of the year, at least for me, and many like me who wallow and orgiastically squirm with delight in the outré, the strange and the creepy. You may take my word for it that my involvement with the Tarot is a step DOWN into normality and not a step UP into weirdness. HA HA! I’ve done some very Orlockian things in my life and been to many a “castle in Transylvania” so the use of Tarot was a step to trying to introduce dull & boring normality into my life. No joke! Of course, my beginning Tarot involvement goes back to the age of 10, but perhaps that just means my life has been off of the rails ever since at least then; I’d put money on that! Okay, enough about why I am weirder than Hallowe’en . . . LOL. (I’m not the baddest little boy in the world, either, so don’t believe I’ve swung to that extreme, either; I’m not that stupid, you know.)  OK, let’s get on with it, Madge! In the 1st position, the “Sulfur/Active/Male/Osirian Principle” slot, 
I have XVII the Star (hip-hip-hooray for me!) I like this, a lot, and it fits with my mood. I woke this morning with extra aches, pains and worries, but I didn’t care, because it’s the autumn and Hallowe’en in almost here – I feel young(er) at this time of the year, and as it is such a kid’s holiday hiding under the deadly serious business of witch-hunting and fear of the supernatural, I feel like the Man Behind the Curtain, and I love it. (Forgive my Ego; it gets excessively into this time of year. LOL) In general, I live with Hope – for many, many reasons, a recitation of the list of which I shall not bore you. Suffice it to say that underneath the crocodilian hide of this cynical old reptile beats the heart of young man still full of Hope, just badly abused & battered. I get SO tired of how mean & evil the human motherfuckers are “out there” - “GODDAMN IT ALL TO HELL, Virginia, don’t the Good Guys get a fuckin’ break??” And yet, somehow, for some unknown and unfathomable reason, Hope doesn’t die screaming in my heart. I don’t know why, but it’s true, and it is SUCH a BIG PART, to me, of my manhood, my masculinity, that I could no more do without it than I could do without a brain. Moving on. . My “Mercury/Passive/Female/Isian Principle” slot is filled today with the 2 of Pumpkins (Coins.)  “Mamma’s jugglin’, boy, don’t disturb her . . .” LOL! I get the distinct impression that my much-suffering Anima is juggling these days, a LOT, with the manifestations in reality that I am deliberately invoking and my growth as a conscious individual, wrapped in a mantle of daring-do and aiming for my star at top speed. OH, Horus!! I wanna’ get ON with it, I wanna’ walk among the stars and feel the cold and comforting cosmic winds of the assurance of the impermanence of Sorrow, of Pain, of the perceptions which plague us with predictions of permanence where there is none. “Sorrow ISN’T forever, Virginia.”  Today my Catalyst, my 
“Salt/Catalyst/Androgynous/Horus-Son Principle” slot is the sure hands of XIV Temperance; not only are her hands sure and steady, but she is an old, old, buddy of mine of long date, despite her ever-youthful appearance. I’ve had to moderate my WHOLE life; I have NEVER had the luxury of a full-out full-blown 100% indulgence in ANYTHING because my educated self won’t suffer me to harbor such an illusion. Tarot is the closest I come to it – as much as I can honestly say this without conscious or (I hope!) subconscious duplicity. I BELIEVE in the efficacy of the Tarot to aide me to move my soul towards illumination and my being to freedom in the cosmos and reunion with the Great Divine. And there is nothing moderate about that! But you see, that’s me, in a nutshell. And Temperance has a HELL of a HUGE role to play in my getting on with it; if she wasn’t present in my life, I would already be dead at least 4X over – and that is completely serious. She has saved my bacon more than once. And YES, I’m sure it was her, moving and speaking in my world in order to motivate me to save myself. I more than love her, I depend upon her, and I respect her and I LISTEN to her. One could do worse. Today I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clearer understanding of the sheer vastness of the Love that the Divine carries for us if we will just reach out and touch it. Be Well!   

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Oct2016, and speeding towards All Hallows’ Eve, it seems, about which I am both excited and already haunted by the melancholy of its quick passing. LOL, no, I’m not in the habit of ruining things before they even happen. But I am definitely in the Linus club when it comes to waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Ha! I don’t know if any celebrations will be occurring in my life this year, but I always enjoy the anticipation. And just in case, I have some costume trinkets I just happen to have lying around . . . .  Enough. It does good to remember XIV, Temperance – I love eating pumpkin pies in just one month, so I can’t claim to be the pumpkins’ friend. L LOL. Onward, Mark, enough folderol. Today I have used the 3 Principles spread but modifying it THIS time to include the Majors and the Court cards only, no pips. I keep trying for something that is expansive enough to be inclusive yet respectful of the original condition on which this spread is based – ONLY the Major Arcana. Opened up to include the whole deck makes it a bit unmanageable and with a tendency to “wisp off” into vagueness & picayune “observations.” Today’s deck is the *Tarot de Besançon of J. Jerger CRH* and is the companion deck to Evalyne Hall’s absorbing new book, *Du Jeu des Tarots et Du Recherches Sur les Tarots: Transposed, Transcribed and Transcripted.* I shall read the book at a more reasoned pace, but I HAD to rip open the cards package and use them ASAP, which, as it happens, is NOW. I Love the Art on the deck, it is fabulous. And I felt no momentary “hiccup” or “flow blockage” even in my 1st use of the cards, something I have become used to having – the 1st hand of any NEW Tarot deck (or an older one that wasn’t yours) making absolutely NO sense whatever, just pure gobbledygook. I interpret that as the decks need to run a “test connect” to get the quick MRI image of how & where you two, new to each other, are going to work together, if at all. It is RARITY that the connection jumps out of the cellophane and is rip-roaring ready-to-go on my particular intuitive wavelength, but it does happen. Just not often, AT ALL. It did here. So without further ado, I give you my 3 Principles draw today with subsequent informative notes to illuminate interpretation, all taken from *The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens. As for MY interpretation, I see it exactly as the cards are telling it: active in the material today, nevertheless there is a hidden or passive current of discontent and unhappiness, frustration especially, that having this far, I am still finding roadblocks aplenty across my Path. (Naturally, I know this & accept it, but when I’m in “a mood,” I take it personally. Silly rabbit, Tricks are for kids! Grin. 
The Catalyst to these two currents running rather abrasively in opposite directions, for XXI IS reversed, is going to have to be something or someone as tough as nails . . . and voilà! We’ve got him, the Valet of Deniers. Stolid, respectable, (I believe I know who this is) is going to help me break through the stasis resulting from the opposition of the currents. Either it is that, or I needs must find that quality of youth in myself, again after so long, to motivate me to catalyze the currents to produce “electricity” at the very least, if they are going to run like that. (Opportunism at its best!) However, that’s my short take; here is the “expert” breakdown from a number of “experts,” Thierens being the principle. Okay? Okay! 1st off, as the active, Sulfur card (sic) I have drawn XXV the Devil. “The goat-like figure recalls the sign Capricorn in which astrology teaches that the planet Mars has its exaltation, the name 'devil' means the evil, as is well known, and this alliteration holds good not only in English. It is the symbol of that which to exoteric human understanding is as much of a malefic nature as Venus is benefic. The counterpart of Venus: Mars, planet of pain and struggle, passion and sex-nature, but also of the energy necessary for the process of formation and generation in Nature. Allusion to sex-problems is found in the two human figures, man and woman, chained to the pedestal on which the diabolic figure is seated. That sex-nature binds man is a natural fact of a more or less occult order. So it has to do with generation in Nature in every sense and kingdom, though astrology teaches that Mars has a special connection with the animal kingdom and animal passion--passion which drives to the preservation of the body as well as of the race; fighting for existence in both senses of the term. So Mars always figured as the War-lord. Not only sexual energy, but every energy in Nature chains the result to the cause and object to subject. It is unnecessary to work this out any further. We shall be safe in interpreting this card as energy, desire, lust, war, struggle, difficulties, pain, loss, etc. But also as exercise, training; tests to which the personality will be subject. The torch in the hand of the figure denotes, of course, the fire of passion and desire, which may rise to anger, etc. So it may well be said to represent the condition of "Adam and Eve after the Fall" (Waite) The struggle for existence, in short. Papus in regard to this card points to the Hebrew letter "Samech which expresses the same hieroglyphic sign as the Zain (7th arcanum) . . . etc., a weapon of any kind . . ." We can see, that this generative force has much to do with the house of marriage. Its astrological correspondence is Mars.” Well, 
okay, I get that, but believe me, I was inoculated to the Devil a l-o-n-g time ago, so his “affect” on me now is negligible. I can do his shtick better than he can! However, in the Passive, Mercurian position I have something which I’m NOT happy to see, XXI the World reversed. Ugh. It isn’t particularly horrible, but it gave my instant instinct the “horripilous shivers.”  The World is passively resisting today, and not that it is exactly, diametrically opposed to its upright signification, but it is weakened or “mal-aspected.” “As in the case of Uranus we want to point out that originally the planet cannot have been appointed, astronomically, but the principle of cosmic magnetism, of which it is the organ, and the universal magnetized, field, the field of the world in which we live, must have been well known to the initiates, who worshipped Poseidon and Varuna, gods of the world-ocean. The symbols of the four fixed signs are presented at the corners of the cards, and where these fixed signs are seen as the foundation stones of our physical world by such visionaries as Ezekiel and St. John of Patmos, we cannot be far wrong in assuming that originally the meaning was that of the physical world coming forth out of the magnetized etheric ocean of the universe, which itself has been represented by the oval form, be it a laurel wreath or something else. The World must have had a larger meaning, originally, than that of the world of beings moving on the surface of our Earth, and the oval figure may well have stood for the form of the solar system at large, with its planets moving in oval orbits. Appropriated to the world of men, it must mean 1 that which falls outside our will-power, cosmic conditions to which we are subject, but which at the same time provide us with all that is wanted for our physical conditions. The latter of course became the reason for attaching to this card a generally benefic influence, especially in the domain of the senses. "It is eloquent as an image of the swirl of the sensitive life, of joy attained in the body, of the soul's intoxication--(can any word remind us more strongly of Neptune's workings than precisely this one: 'intoxication'?--Th.)--in the earthly paradise, but still guarded by the Divine Watchers . . ." (Waite) Let us put it this way: it means that if we row with the cosmic tide, we shall enjoy happiness and everything we want, but on the other hand we must not neglect the implicit possibility, that when rowing against the tidal current of the world, we shall experience trouble and no end of it, or if we 'cross the stream' we shall have to stand firm on our legs. So besides the joy of the senses, this card means also the cosmic origin of life, to which the candidate for initiation returns, and which now and then appears in dreams. In fact this card has much to do with dream-life. The relations of Neptune with the Moon and the lunar body are not unknown to astrologers nowadays. The Hebrew letter Tau is related to this card and "has the same hieroglyphic meaning as the Daleth (fourth card)--that is the womb ;--( which confirms the relationship to the Moon--Th.)--but it is chiefly the sign of reciprocity, the image of all that is mutual, reciprocal." It is further added that abundance and perfection lie in the card. (Papus) Reciprocal certainly: from that we come and to that we shall return, be it the world's dust or the ether of the cosmic ocean. Very striking is Papus' saying that "This symbol represents macrocosm and microcosm . . ." and even more so that "the empire of the world belongs to the empire of Light, and the empire of Light is the throne of God . . ." Scientifically expressed: the ethereal world, being the bearer of light, is the universal womb of the material or physical world. The nude female figure may certainly contain indications with regard to the life of the senses, but is also a symbol of the angelic state to which man will one day come after being delivered from the bonds of the lower world. It may have to do with nature spirits. It is Aphrodite rising from the sea, daughter of Neptune. Beauty and love and happiness arising from the communion of souls. Its astrological Correspondence is Neptune.” And finally, as that agent of Catalysis, I have drawn the Valet of Deniers, AKA the Page of Disks. His type and I don’t usually get along, but a lot of things have radically changed in the last 10 years, so what do I know? “The Page is a dark young man, disciple, student, speculator, commercial man. Application, scholarship, study, reflexion, meditation, occupation, rule, management, news, message and the messenger himself. The reverse meanings are here for once even given as favorable for the greater part: Profession, luxury, sumptuousness, breadth, abundance, magnificence, liberality, generosity, well-doing. Also the crowd, multitude. Degradation, dissipation. The Page, always more or less of a messenger, in this case of fiery nature, on the Seventh house, as well as on the Third. The latter house is that of the disciple and the message; so here the traditional rendering is again quite correct. The seventh house explains everything that is said about application, occupation, profession, liberality, etc., this being the house of Libra, of relation. We may add, that the card will indicate a proposal of marriage, courting, love-making, but in a gentle, sometimes a poetical or platonic way, not without ardor however. It has also to do with all sorts of honorable offices and denominations and may indicate any official person in the civil service and commerce, a stationer, bookseller or editor, bookkeeper or director, appointed by the owner or patron.” And there I have it; while I’m trying to work in the tricksy Material today, the World reverse is going to be giving me some of her Gandhi-action, with non-violent disobedience. HA! Finally, I’m “freed?” from the binary by the actions of the earthy, green man-still-youth of the Page of Deniers, either outside my skin or in. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the abilities at hand to work constructively through our days. Be Well!   

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Words Today. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a Moment of Silent Reflection today, & the time to profit from it. Be Well!

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 26Oct2016; Today I’ve used the Not-So-Holy Family 3-card spread, signifying 1) myself & my goal today; 2) my “helpmeet” or “spouse”, a concurrent aide and 3) our “child,” for good or ill. In these positions I have drawn: 1) XXI The Universe; 2) the 5 of Disks, and 3) the 3 of Disks. (I have decided that this is the spread to use INSTEAD OF the 3 Principles when I want to use the WHOLE deck. For that latter spread, using ONLY the Majors is essential, as I have discovered.) Today, I am debuting a MAGNIFICENT new deck, the color version of the *Tabula Mundi Tarot*, by M. M. Meleen. WOW! Wow! wow! This deck is unbelievably magnificent, not only a fabulously esoteric Tarot deck that works but a piece of Art that is mind-bendingly amazing. Oh, Brava! Ms. Meleen! This is a visual feast for the eyes and an esoteric feast for the soul unlike any other deck I have encountered, with the exception of 2 or 3 decks that sit regally in MY firmament of the Heavens: this deck has just joined them. (Thank you, Ms. Meleen, I feel honored & deeply humbled to have this gift.) On to this morning’s draw. I am rather overwhelmed by what I see; to whizz!bang!! start off the day with XXI the Universe is a hell of a shot of espresso! This card has been constructed carefully by Ms. Meleen to be a representation of arriving, of “THERE. So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done; 
I have made the Journey, and I have arrived Home.” Here is the relevant opening for this arcanum in Ms. Meleen’s thorough accompanying book, “Book M: Liber Mundi”; “*The Fool, having entered the wormhole, exits the tube torus as a being transformed into the Bride, Malkuth. The Ouroboros portal is still there, but this is the other side. The circle has been squared, and Kether is in Malkuth. The essence of the Great Work has been accomplished, and is ready to return.” (“Book M”) I guarantee you (and me!) that I haven’t reached enlightenment yet, honestly, I haven’t! (If this were Enlightenment, you would be able to hear my scream of Anger & Denial unto the Confines of the Universe.) AND, even if I take that in the worst possible aspected way, I’m not going to die today, I don’t think, so I don’t need the candy-coated pill. So, ummmm. What does this mean?  I could give you the complete rundown provided by the author, but instead, I’ll just mention key points; I’d like to simply reserve judgment on this until I get a little more information, thank you.  At least we can chew on the factoids for the moment: “The Great One of the Night of Time”, Planetary Trump of Saturn & Elemental Trump of Earth. Hebrew letter: Tau 
(cross). On Path 32 from 9 Yesod (Foundation,) to 10 Malkuth (Kingdom). Yes, it has a color scale. I like the entry’s opening quote, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber. Then she adds this bit of Crowleyana from the “Vision and The Voice”; “We are come unto a Palace of which every stone is a separate jewel, and is set with millions of moons.. . .’ it goes on for quite a while, but it is part & parcel of Crowley’s trip visioning the Enochian Aethyrs of John Dee & Edward Kelly. I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. Grin. I just simply need more info here before I can understand what this card is doing here today. One thing about it that pleases me immensely, though, is the assurance that my rebirth is prefigured as “the Bride, Malkuth.” I find that there is a kind of poetic justice in that, turning me into the “psychic equivalent” of a young girl, as if the Universe is gently & kindly saying, “Hey, Mark, the joke’s on you.” Aw Hell, let’s move on; The 5 is the Lord of Material Troubles in the 1st decan of Taurus, ruled by Mercury, sits in Geburah in Assiah as delivered by Earth, his Trumps being V the Hierophant and  I the Magician (yesterday’s 1st card!)  The Color Scale is the Princess in Geburah, ta-da. Both my maternal grandmother (the important one for me) and my wife was/is/are “Lords of Worry.” They have some disquieting similarities, which demand too much explanation to discuss here. Suffice it to say, it drives me mad, but I cultivate its existence in my life, to a small and very contained degree; in the case of my wife, I must simply let her work her own Path; it would be a mistake to try and interfere, beyond the realm of a loving husband & friend.  There is a kind of gritty “Reality TV-show humor” to considering the 3 of Disks as “our child”, me the Universe and my helpmeet the 5 of Spinning Worries over there. The 3 isn’t a bad kid, you know; he just seems that way. The fact is, he’s rather dull, but like many dull things, he is absolutely necessary. He is the Voice telling me, “Work with the building blocks of Form to manifest a construction.” (Ibid) I DO love to manifest, heavens to Betsy! the Goddess knows that! I’m ruthless with other drama queens, but only because I know that if I ever decided to do that “thang, I’d blow the competition out of the room. Snap!” Grin. Gosh, I dislike raging queens, even if one is hiding inside me! LOL. Okay, okay, calm down, Mark. Here, suck on some factoids . . . He’s in the 2nd decan of Capricorn, ruled by Mars, and sits in Binah in Assiah, delivered of Earth. (Him & his Mommy = tight, tight, tight!)  His Trumps are XV the Devil and XVI the Tower (“He was always a pleasant child, Doctor, and then something changed. His nanny hung herself from the rain gutter at his 5th birthday party, and he delights in homicide. He's always trying to kill me!” LOL) Well, I’m entering Silly Village, a sure sign I need to sign off here! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a LIGHT touch today when dealing with the SEEMINGLY gritty. Be Well!   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25Oct2016. Today, as usual lately, it is the 3-card Principles spread using *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson. This is the KING of the Hermetic decks – every Tarot reader needs to own a copy, I believe, unless “they are promising tall, dark strangers and lost chests of gold coins suddenly found in the water closet.” Grin. I’m running a bit short on time this morning, so I’m going to give you the rundown on this layout as given by the deck's analysts, but not published (available on the Web.) Remember, 1st - Sulfur, Active; 2nd – Mercury/Passive, and 3rd – Salt/Catalyst. I’ve also drawn a Shadow card today, and it is the 2 of Swords. The reading is all fine & good, as far as I’m concerned, with the exception of what-the-heck-is-Judith-&-Holofernes’-head-doing-here?? But she’s running in the Passive current so I shall take it to mean outside influence, or at least not within me, “BECAUSE, Virginia, I just don’t feel it. Remember what we said about Intuition? You don’t? Go fetch a switch, girl.” Well, that’s my cue, time to go beat the children and tell strangers rude truths.
 Ahahaha!! (Not really, I’m just feeling a little “loufoque” aujourd’hui!) So, here’s the rundown on the cards. Buckle your seat belts, and remember, the ride doesn’t make restroom stops! “Traditionally, The Magician is one who can demonstrate hands-on magic -- as in healing, transformative rituals, alchemical transmutations, charging of talismans, and the like. A modern Magician is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and Earth; one who seeks to bring forth the divine gold within her or himself. . . Waite's image of The Magician as the solitary ritualist communing with the spirits of the elements -- with its formal arrangement of symbols -- is a token of the freedom we have in modern times to declare our spiritual politics without fear of reprisal. The older cards were never so explicit about what The Magician was doing. It's best to keep your imagination open with this card. Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by evolutionary forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Trust your inspiration. You are smarter than you think. The card suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. Have faith in your innate creativity. 
The Magician advises you give your questioning nature and free-associating mind plenty of room to explore the subject at hand. Behave just as if you were an open-minded and curious scientist. Through this process, you may bring freshness and clarity into the situation that is both stimulating and catalytic. You do not have to understand it all intellectually. Besides, intuition is your ace in the hole. Respond in a spontaneous manner to what is right in front of you. There is no reason to hold yourself back. Your natural urges are exactly what is needed, and, your ingenuous timing and elegant style will help smooth over any awkwardness.” M Passive, or Mercury current, is in the 6 of Pentacles; “The Six of this suit is the card of patronage -- generosity with strings attached. The picture shows a rich man giving alms, his reputation enhanced from his giving, but without having helped anybody really better him or herself. Sometimes there is an inference that the giver will be expecting something back for his giving, perhaps sexual favors. Sometimes this card is interpreted as referring to some kind of patron or benefactor who rescues a talented person from oblivion, but then wants to dictate what the artist works on as his fame grows. Inequality of power is generally a factor in this card, and the person being helped needs to be careful not to trade off heart and soul for a shortcut to fame or fortune. Each player in this scenario needs to examine the possibility they are taking one side or the other in an unbalanced power struggle. 
Think of yourself as someone who can assist others in refining their skills and talents and using them successfully. The Six of Coins in this position asks you to think of yourself as a cosmic talent agent, seeking individuals who show a spark or gift. You may help them refine and upgrade their skills to fit a larger context. The outcome is a peer relationship with a sense of mutual regard and admiration. This is a delicate operation. You have to constantly check your intentions so that you are not expecting something in return. Do not for a minute feel proud about doing someone a favor. In truth what you are doing is paying back an old debt to those who served as your mentors.” Well, that sound a LOT like the Passive is trying to put reins on the Active!! And we can’t have that, can we, Virginia? But . . . oh my sweet castrated cherub on a cloud! The Queen of Swords as the Catalyst?? She’ll “catalyze” something, alright – probably everyone’s opinion against her, but you never know, she can be very surprising, soft and gentle – like a fist of iron in a velvet glove. She is certainly woman enough to take on the Magician, and as for controlling, controlled generosity, I can see her slitting open the stingy giver’s purse with the tip of her sword and laughing as the coins poured out onto the ground. “Representing the energy of a Queen, this feminine power was traditionally known as a widow, crone or divorcee. In modern times, she can be viewed as a model of self-sufficiency, independence and intelligence. She often has extremely high standards due to her subtle sensitivities, which can be perceived by those around her as being critical or hard to please. Her true motive is to refine the world, to upgrade peoples' understanding -- so that everyone can have the space they need to become fully themselves. She is not interested in conforming. She is too intelligent to be confined to the role of housewife or nursemaid, although she is perfectly competent in those areas. She chooses her associations (or her solitude), and is seldom caught up in dependent relationships -- at least not for long. Her intelligence is not always the most comfortable to be around, but she can be counted on to see through superficiality and point to the truth of a situation.  The Queen of Swords in this position advises that you refrain from remaining dependent on others at this time. Instead of placing too much confidence in the promises people have made, harbor only those ambitions you know you can accomplish yourself. The Queen of Swords does not want to wait and see what others would think, say or do. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She doesn't ask permission or even subject herself to much influence. There are times in life when no one can take care of you as well as you can. Leave sentimentality behind and take action. Make important decisions for yourself because it's up to you. You are the final judge.” Well, okay, maybe she IS meant to be me today, after all; I know I’m notoriously reluctant to turn the reins over at any time to my Anima, so perhaps today’s a day I need to let her ride Point for a change. Okay, I can do that. It sounds a bit dodgy, but yeah, um hmmm . . . it all works, but just seems to lack some cohesion to give it that “Yes, we are an ensemble” look. I decided to draw the Shadow card (the card at the bottom of the deck) and lo & behold, another Swords arcanum, this time the 2. “The Two in this suit usually represents conflicting ideas or visions. These must be reconciled by communication in order to arrive in a harmonious place or to complete strategic negotiations. Mixed signals prevail. [Yeah, gee, no shit, Sherlock!] While they may be appearing to try to communicate, opposite sides are missing each other entirely, with possibly drastic consequences. In the best case, a frank discussion would clear the air and serve both sides, but one cannot expect that in every instance where this card appears. Wait until the timing is right and all the facts are clear before taking action. The Two of Swords in this position advises that this may not be a good time to make a decision. Neither allow others to push you beyond your boundaries, nor permit yourself to act impulsively. You need to fully assimilate the situation before making any moves -- even if not having a solution as soon as you want causes tension. Have patience. There are circumstances in which action is better than non-action. This, however, is not one of them. Remain silent as much as possible and allow things to settle. A little meditation can help you achieve greater objectivity. You do not have enough information, as all the evidence hasn't come in yet.” Whew!! Well, there we have it!! THAT’S WHY it doesn’t give me that ensemble feel, it is complete, and I “don’t have all the evidence yet.” Okay, so after all, it’s going to be a questionable, kind of funky, up-in-the-air day, until all the information comes in. Okay, deal with it, Pal. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the curiosity-tinged patience with which to await the arrival of necessary information. Be Well! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24Oct2016. Again using the 3 Principles spread, which I think I may as well use for a while as my “morning card draw,” and the deck with which I am reading is somewhat of a mystery to me; *it’s a 22-card Majors-only deck, in French, in the Egyptian style. I have neither box nor LWB. Just the 22 cards in a velvet envelope. So be it. Even Google couldn’t place the deck (“cartoon?”), so if anyone out there knows WITH CERTAINTY which deck this is, please leave me a note, thank you! Well, not knowing its name didn’t prevent me from using it (how often do we do EXACTLY that in life with so many things/people?) As you can see, I pulled XIV “Temperance” as Sulfur/Active; IV the Emperor (Pharaoh) reversed as Mercury/Passive and my Salt/Catalyst is XX Judgement (The Sacred Book.) “Hmmm, well, Marjorie, it’s an odd layout, indeed it is. We’d best summon Basil from the conservatory for his rather more considered opinion.” LOL. Well, let’s look at components then re-look at the panorama, which I must admit doesn’t mean a lot to me today.  My Sulfur/Active Principle is XIV the 2 Urns (Temperance), my old buddy, so yes, we know how to get along. “‘. . . the Genius of the Sun holding two cups and pouring from the one into the other the liquor which holds life." (Papus)--" A winged angel with the sign of the sun upon his forehead . . . pouring the essences of life from chalice to chalice." (Waite) Another version has: ". . . pours the fluid of Life from a golden vase into a silver one." (Papus) This is evidently the cosmic function next to the Sun, messenger of the same: Mercury or Vulcan, lord of the sphere of Virgo, surrounding the solar Leo-sphere. Other traditional descriptions confirm this: "It is the symbol of combinations, working incessantly in all regions of Nature." (Papus) On his breast this angel bears a square with inscribed triangle, reminding us of the passage of the cosmological Stanzas of Dzyan, "The Three fall into the Four," which means the beginning of Manifestation. "Entry of Spirit into Matter and reaction of Matter upon Spirit." (Papus) So on the subject of this card there seems to be perfect understanding. "Incarnation of Life," Papus adds. This is Mercury, who has to do with the distribution of life-currents from the Sun farther on into the solar-system and from the heart and solar-plexus farther on into our physical body. The golden vase and the silver one illustrate this distribution from higher to lower regions. . . ” (A.E. Thierens) Okay, yes, I know all of that, this isn’t my first barbeque, thank you. But is there any reason he should be ACTIVE in my life today? In visual range, I’d say “No,” but what the fuck do I know? Just what the cards tell me, and here they are telling me Moderation has to get pro-active today. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind, thanks,
 Great Lady Ma’at. From the weird to the upsetting, my Passive/Mercury card today is IV the Emperor (Pharaoh) REVERSED. Ugh. So, I’m indulging, passively, this “. . .  reflection of your conscious mind [which] formulates the beliefs of your sub-conscious mind. You structure your experiences by establishing organized patterns of thought through which you collect the beliefs which you think are reasonable and rational. These beliefs form the "framework" in which your experiences are tested and "laws" are generated here - there is a resistance to change, as you enclose yourself in a "reality" that has been created by the reflection of your intentions and focuses. Your reasoning mind directs and focuses your feelings and imagination. Remain strong - always seek a positive direction. Plan and work each day - concentrate on your self-discipline. Take the time to understand the motives of the people around you - focus your energy on "cleaning house" and removing the things you do not want in your home. "Benevolence and compassion" result in the development of new life, even in a stormy desert - but if taken too far - it can signifying immaturity or the inability to make harsh decisions and carry them through. History records the distortions that materialize with too much or too little excess knowledge which can bring with it the abuse of power. Personal health lies in taking the middle path. Where do your ambitions lie? What are you organizing, building, doing? “(Crystal Reflections) Well, I’m not going to burn out following a useless line of thought &/or action, I know that. As for the Emperor being somewhat “scattered” today, harrumph! Well, perhaps possible, one must wait and see. Really, I never!! . . {{grumble grumble}} (Grin.) So, if I need to kick some ass and get the Emperor situated back right-side up, and have him work with Temperance, we might do some good, BUT . .  what the Hell? The Catalyst is XX The Sacred Book  
(Judgement)! Wow, okay on that . . . I guess. It is never something that I have actually considered, I believe. I may be mistaken, but I think not. Judgement is passive, but perhaps here I can see it as a call to the Emperor to get his butt back right side up. I can’t have The Seat of Solidity, of Materiality and Manifestation hanging upside down from the ceiling! Fuck that. “Resurrection is rooted in the Latin word “resurgere” which means to resurge, remerge, to re-emerge; therefore, in order to deeply understand the meaning or the way in which we have to re-emerge, to resurge, to resurrect, it is necessary to talk about Christ because, according to many esotericists of the past, they state that the only being that resurrected is Christ.  Yes, we understand this, but from the esoteric point of view. Thus, here again we have to emphasize the statement that we have been repeating many times: “Christ is not a person, but an energy.” Christ is a Greek word that comes from the root, Khristos, which means worshipper of fire.  So, in synthesis, we have to state that Christ is fire, and that Christ is the only one that can resurrect, and this is the main point of this lecture. Christ resurrected within the body of Jesus of Nazareth. Christ resurrected within the body of Moses, within the body of Abraham, within the body of Krishna, within the body of Quetzalcoatl, Hermes Trismegistus, St. Germaine, Babaji, Dante Alighieri, etc. Christ is the energy that descends from the Abstract Absolute Space, into the different worlds that are very well described in the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) with the names of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. In the world of Assiah, that energy (that fire that is called Christ) descends into the very bottom, the very center of the earth, which is the ninth sphere.  So that is the final journey that energy takes from the Ain Soph into the different types of matter that are within the different worlds that we have described.” (Gnostic Teachings) Okaaaayyyy, NOW I get it. This energy is to be used to resurrect the Emperor today and to help him establish a working relationship with . . . wait for it . . . Mercy. Ha, that I can aspire to, I do believe. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the “desire to aspire” today, and to transmute our dross into gold. Be Well!      


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Oct2016. Today I am using the 3 Principles spread and the deck is *Le Tarot de Nostradamus* by La Maison des Editions Heron. Just a short recap – Sulfur, Mercury, Salt as the alchemical references, Active, Passive & Catalyst as the actions or currents. Today I’m “pulling it” as it was designed, with the Major Arcana alone, so the hand isn’t quite as startling as it looks at first glance; nevertheless, . . .hmmm. Now, despite the personal interest I port to this reading, today I’m going to load the blog down with information; make it Heavy with facts, man. So, if that isn’t “yer thang,” feel free to skip the blog. ON THE OTHER HAND, the reason I am doing this is for the benefit of my small, private group on the Tarot. This post is really for them, as a kind of Mondo sum-up of the three cards drawn. At least from this perspective, for now; it can all change tomorrow, right? At any rate, you are playing 2nd fiddle to my group today, but be assured, it is as informative for you as I hope it is for them. That being said, “let’s dive, boys & girls!” My Active Principle today is – ta da! – XIII Lybitine. (« On trouve parfois l'Arcane XIII du tarot de Marseille sous la désignation de Libitine ou Lybitine. Il faut alors lire cette appellation comme un surnom plus qu'un nom, le propre de cette carte étant de ne pas avoir de nom. » Wikipedia. My translation: « One sometimes finds Arcanum XIII of the Tarot de Marseille under the designation Libitine or Lybitine. It is necessary therefore to read this name as a ‘nickname,’ more than a name, the proper name of this card being no name at all.” Mm » So . . . XIII Lybitine; a funeral goddess of the Romans, for Nostradamus it is death and/or revolution, signifying a change, a brutal transformation. “The picture speaks for itself--as indeed most of them do--but still there is more in it than we might suppose at first sight. 
Beyond all doubt it is a sort of allegorical representation of Father Chronos, Time, who, while creating, consumes his own children, and was very often pictured as a warning of death or a remembrance of mortality. But on the other hand Time marks the beginning, and birth is not less under his government than death. The ancient edition of this card shows the figure harvesting heads and limbs of human bodies upon a field. This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave. Probably a distorted teaching of the Law of Karma or cosmic reaction, which is also ruled by Saturn, at least in the execution. And in this function he is the old God of Israel, whose law was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But Saturn is more. He is the planet or cosmic function (let us say planet for convenience sake) of Formation, which means also determination in Place and Time, limitation, definition, etc. Now let us see what Papus says. He identifies the card with the principle of the Hebrew letter Mem, who "is a woman, the companion of man," and therefore gives rise to ideas of fertility, formation. "It is pre-eminently the material and female, the local and plastic sign, an image of external and passive action." It is really a great pity that this occultist never realized what he was saying, astrologically or cosmically. "Mem is one of the three mother-letters." Saturn is the ruler of the Tenth house, Capricorn, which as such is called the house of the 'married woman' in Hindu astrology. That Saturn, the Christian Satan, has close relations with woman and even that he used her as his favorite vehicle or agent, is one of the Christian 'teachings,' in which we recognize distorted or perverted occult knowledge. Death certainly is only relative and the death of the form may mean the commencement of life on another plane. Birth down here may be seen as a sort of death of a higher existence. "The veil and mask of life is perpetuated in change, transformation and passage from lower to higher . . ." (Waite) Higher to lower as well. Waite shows the figure on horseback, which is not inadequate for the ruler of Capricorn, which succeeds to Sagittarius: action and definition in space and time are born from thought. ". . . perpetual rebirth of the Being in the domain of Time." (Papus)Astrological Correspondence Saturn” (A. E. Thierens) Whooo! Okay, moving on to my Passive current for the day, I have received – oh frabjuous joy! – 0 The Fool. So, after this deep, life-changing event I’m going to be Free Willy swimming the ocean blue looking for some tail, eh? Hmm, somehow I doubt that. Let’s look closer: “It is the last of the 22 Major Arcana, the finale of the show, luck, destiny. It is the end of a “state.” It can be, as well, irresponsibility and/or the unconscious. The average stage of man in the present stage of Earth-evolution is 'human,' but not yet at the stage of wisdom, consequently that of the 'unwise man.' To us, creatures living upon the Earth, this globe cannot be observed by us in toto, and the Fool is represented as a man walking without paying attention to himself. There is something of absolute Fate about this figure, which reminds us of the old saying of astrologers: "The wise man rules his stars, the fool obeys them." On the point of this fatality all authorities agree. For the rest the explanation does not seem very satisfying. To us there appears to be no doubt regarding the nature of this Fool, presented as a final 'principle,' if we may call it that, after those of the planets. A principle, however, without a number, a principle of nothing, nothingness. The planets give us the symbols or ideas of organs of consciousness, the zodiacal signs denote modes of substance, from which consciousness is derived. So the zero-principle is the symbol of unconsciousness. In fact he who is unconscious, of himself or of Self, will obey every intimation from without and obeys 'his stars'--his senses, stupidly, blindly. Of course this card has much to do with foolishness, spiritual dumbness, but it bears also the meaning of that which cannot be helped and which we do best to leave altogether aside; or that which will come right of itself and need not be heeded by us: that to which we are subject, as to the Earth course in its orbit. It does not need our personal assistance. Realizing the latter fact this 'fool' might after all appear to be wiser than a good many other people, who in their human vanity imagine they are greatly needed for carrying out the intentions of their God, of Whom they claim a sort of personal knowledge. A proverb says, that children and fools tell the truth. Taken as a whole, the card signifies that which will prove to contain more truth than appears; that which cannot be helped; those who are unconscious (of certain things, e.g.,) or unreasonable or foolish, disregarding logical propositions and actions. Also that part of our surroundings over which we have no control or which we do not master; that which we have to obey or which we ignore. The Hebrew letter Shin is brought in relation with this card, and Papus says it means "the Motion of relative duration," but his explanation does not throw any particular light on the card nor on the relationship. The picture seems to hint also that the fool "is hurried to his destruction unawares." (Waite) And there may be a good deal in it. In divination it may hint at persons suffering under this tendency. The question may be asked, why the planetary cards have been named in this order. When we agree that Mercury, Temperance, has been put in the place of Jupiter, which after all has been used in a higher octave, we see first named the three planets outside the place of the Earth, governing the building of the physical mold and having to do with the birth and death of it. Then follows the planet of cosmic electricity and of the birth of human spirit in the physical building, which it eventually destroys. Next come the three planetary principles functioning on the spiritual side, which have their meaning only after the birth of human spirit. The Moon takes the place of Mercury-Vulcan, and the order is that of reckoning from the Earth, consequently in a continuous line from the outside: Venus--Moon (for Mercury-Vulcan)--Sun. They have to do with the growth of body and soul. Finally the principle of deliverance from the prison of the body: Jupiter, and that of the cosmic ocean to which the particles return, Universal solvent; ocean which constitutes the real ground for our practical unity in the world. The Fool as the denial of all sense, nonsense. There may be other explanations of course. The one offered here seems to have the advantage that it is in the line of the suggestion, made before, viz. that the whole system of the Tarot is a sort of symbolism, expressly adapting cosmic principles to human life and to man's personal interests, not always even in the highest sense. There exists a remarkable difference between the degree of clearness with which concrete particulars of the Lesser Arcana are given, and the diffuse teaching of the Greater Arcana, which appears to have been rather covered and veiled, than divulged. It was in the first place the Lesser Arcana, with which the diseurs de bonne aventure wanted to please their clients, so it naturally had their chief attention. It is still more remarkable that all explanation about the 'why' of the Lesser Arcana fails. We ought perhaps to take into account a meagre effort made by Papus in his Tarot of the Bohemians, (p. 235-237), where he tries to assign each of the cards to one of the decanates of the zodiac; but he makes no further use of the hypothesis. For the rest I venture to say that it does not hold good at all and does not in the least correspond with the traditional significances given, as the authors tell us, in respect of the Bohemians. Another equally unsuccessful effort at explanation has been made recently by a pupil of Eteilla, d’Odoucet and Papus, a Frenchman calling himself Ely Alta, in a book entitled Le Tarot Egyptien (1922), which bears a close resemblance to that of Papus or speaks of the very same source as the latter. In fact Alta reproduces a treatise of Eteilla's disciple and co-worker d’Odoucet and gives more than Papus in so far as he preludes every significance of a card in the Lesser Arcana with a sort of explanation in a would-be cosmogonical sense. The fact is, that these explanations all fall short of explaining the traditional significance. So they cannot be more than a sort of drapery of eloquence, hung over the tableaux by later commentators, perhaps by Eteilla himself. And the only thing they divulge without any doubt at all is that the key to these 'lesser' mysteries has been lost or has never been given out to those to whom this practice of divination has been presented "as a bible which would make their living at the same time," as Papus has said somewhere.  But the striking fact is, that these traditional significations cover almost exactly and in almost every card the theory expounded by us. So we may be fairly certain that this theory contains or is the very key. 
 We shall verify it systematically and card for card. Astrological Correspondence Our Earth.” (A.E. Thierens) Yep, nonsense, from first to last, but in the “sense” of “no sense”, not idiocies. Today’s earth changing event is going to shake things up big time, leaving me feeling very free agent-ish. Well, we can only wait & see, but I can’t help but be a bit anxious. Hmmm. Finally, as the Catalyst that will transform these two currents into something workable and usable for me, I have drawn my OLD buddy, XIV Le Verseau, or Temperament as wee more familiarly call her. So, to make this work, it takes moderation. Well, yes, obviously!! But what else? “Nostradamus saw here the Golden Age, which would return after the trial & tribulations of humanity. It signifies above all prudence, moderation and/or a considered decision or “pardon. . . . The Genius of the Sun holding two cups and pouring from the one into the other the liquor which holds life." (Papus)--" A winged angel with the sign of the sun upon his forehead . . . pouring the essences of life from chalice to chalice." (Waite) Another version has: ". . . pours the fluid of Life from a golden vase into a silver one." (Papus) This is evidently the cosmic function next to the Sun, messenger of the same: Mercury or Vulcan, lord of the sphere of Virgo, surrounding the solar Leo-sphere. Other traditional descriptions confirm this: "It is the symbol of combinations, working incessantly in all regions of Nature." (Papus) On his breast this angel bears a square with inscribed triangle, reminding us of the passage of the cosmological Stanzas of Dzyan, "The Three fall into the Four," which means the beginning of Manifestation. "Entry of Spirit into Matter and reaction of Matter upon Spirit." (Papus) So on the subject of this card there seems to be perfect understanding. "Incarnation of Life," Papus adds. This is Mercury, who has to do with the distribution of life-currents from the Sun farther on into the solar-system and from the heart and solar-plexus farther on into our physical body. The golden vase and the silver one illustrate this distribution from higher to lower regions. So this card signifies all sorts of distribution, from the nervous system and its workings of co-ordination to correspondence by the post office, letters and communications, and the latter not only limited to this physical world but extended to other planes of existence. The function of Mercury is that of the mind in its concrete activities and imparts knowledge, learning, which after all is the beginning or potentiality of all our further relations in this world. Papus seeks to establish relation between it and the Hebrew letter Nun, which means "the offspring of the female--(we said rightly, that Mercury has much to do with the Moon)--a son, the fruit of any kind . . . the image of the being produced or reflected.  .". Yes: reflection and above all reproduction. The name 'Temperance' appears to have been chosen because of the transposition from one plane to another or one center to another, which has much to do with 'time' also. The latter is the proper reason for naming this principle directly after that of Saturn. Her astrological correspondence is Mercury (my Passive current!!). So there we have it, gang, It’s gonna be a bang-up day, even though I don’t have the foggiest idea of what could be coming down the tubes. So, trusting in Tarot, here I go into my day! I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the wisdom and serenity to wait with a calm heart when necessary, and act with joy when appropriate. Be Well!  

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 22Oct2016. Today I’m using the 3 Principles spread and *Le Tarot des Templiers* by Willy Vassaux et Jean-Louis Victor. It is a French deck, and very Kabbalistically oriented. I was surprised by it – I didn’t expect a lot out of it, but it gives surprising insightful reads As Well As seeming to” break through” when another deck can’t or won’t. I surprised myself by liking it more than I had expected. Onward to the reading: my Sulfur, Active Principle, card is the Ace of Coins; my Mercury, Passive Principle, card is the Page of Cups and the Salt, or Catalyzer card is the 8 of Wands. On an intuitive “whisper,” I drew a Shadow card as well, and it is the Knight of Wands. All upright. My Active, Sulfur, principle is the Ace, so let’s take a look at why, shall we? In general meanings it stands for positive results and integral concretization of my projects already in motion. This is Abundance, with its highs and lows but with a secure base in ALL circumstances. This card signifies that I should feel a pulse of energy pushing me to go farther, to pass myself. It is a psychologically encouraging card, and one needs to profit from it by pushing forward those things in neutral that have been stalled because, for once, they are going to go forward. 
Any affective troubles or worries I have should disappear, with results refining themselves down to elegantly simple solutions. It functions, however, as its own warning- don’t let yourself be “taken in” by all the fast, easy “bling” and an attitude of auto-intoxication; you’ll wake up with a bad case of butthurt. My Passive Principle today is embodied in the Page of Cups (he’s rather studly, so if you do wake up with the butthurt, you’ll know who to blame.) Cups, being Water, thus Feminine, can be rather passive on the whole, and the Page here is certainly no exception, so as a passive principle, he’s tailor-made for the role. In a “normal” reading of this Page, we can see just counsel and confidence rediscovered in action. He honestly believes that there is Nothing that the gift of Love and yourself cannot resolve, that everything must give way to it; he’s a bit naïve that way. He’s a believer in non-violence and he wants everything to “harmonize” and for everyone to experience a “win-win” situation. He sounds exactly like the kind of blow-smoke-up-your-ass-coward whom I DESPISE. However, my disdain of him is perhaps because he is exactly the kind of person/energy that blocks the more emotionally satisfying 
reactions of high emotion. He brings logic & reason back to the discussion, so in that manner, I think he is here to temper the more “outré” passions of the Ace of Pentacles, that wellspring of the Material. At the very least his entire lesson can be summed up (perhaps unjustly??) in “to know to Wait with Confidence and Wisdom,” and in affective terms, that Love is above all to be protected. He himself is reserved and standoffish, but with patience his heart may be found and it is a secret garden. Well, alright, at least that is what the sales brochure says - and I tend to believe them. I’ve run into a few of these in life, and while I love the feel of them, ultimately they prove too weak & feeble for my fiery embrace and fall out of my life, either repelled or consumed. Today, however, it is present as Passive current (much to my own dismay!) and the only way I can see to deal with him and the Ace before him as the Active element today is to call upon the 8 of Wands to catalyze the “flow” of the two so that there is some harmony in the construct, for God’s sake.  This 8 is all about Equilibrium and the recentering of the action. “He” loves order in the different sections of activity. He also remembers, “We have to get results.” Therefore, in order to succeed, I need to reassess myself and do it tout-de-suite! However, this isn’t meant to disarrange things; it is meant merely to add speed to my retaking the Path and to get my traveling show on down the road! So it is simply speed in this case and the necessity to focus, focus, focus and manifest my baby already in progress.
 This isn’t an emotive card, at all; we don’t have time for that. Just get on with it, Mark! Well, I can hear that, I really can. But the problem is that it doesn’t seem to indicate why all this lack of focus in the first place and then the subsequent necessity of speed. C’mon, give it up, you swarthy old spinster, give it up; who or what is causing this stumble and hurry up in my path? Ah ha, my shadow card reveals it is the Knight of Wands! Bastardo! Fils de pute !! LOL, ok, Mediterranean dramatic moment over, let’s see who or what this is about. Aha!! I am being hounded by the ghost of future success! Or so it seems . . . It most definitely encourages me to continue my studies, and to “keep my nose to the grindstone,” that success is a result determined by the fineness of its constituent elements. And I’m the Magician, the element-handler, furnisher, dealer, recipient and all-round habile creator . . . or at least that is what I am supposed to be, and if I’m having a good day, then I’m damn close to it; hell, on a real good day, I AM there. Like all such exalted states, it comes and goes, but this one comes and goes at MY Will. I’m a powerful motherfucker, when I think about it . . . LOL. Which I do rarely, sadly enough and I hope without the ego lens in place. Jeez! But it’s true, the Valkyries know – I’m still human, I haven’t translated yet. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a moment of divinity and omnivision to see the Awe & Glory of the totality of the Plan for each one of us. Be Well!