Sunday, October 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 31October2016, AKA the Day, the Revelation, the Truth Will Set you Free . . .  Hallowe’en!! LOL, I LOVE it. My absolute favorite high holy day of the year (“If’n you don’ believe that, then you be in the wrong church, boy! Git out! Go on, now, Git out!”) Today I’ve used the Three Principles spread and *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West. (When you own a deck themed to only one day in the entire year, you know you’re hooked, either on the holiday or the Tarot, probably both.J)   Sulfur, Mercury, Salt; Active, Passive, Catalyst; Osirian, Isian, Heruan; Male, Female, Androgynous; all of these: the 2 of Pumpkins (Coins), the Knight of Pumpkins, and the 3 of Bats (Swords.) I’m not tempted to run on and on about a simple read today. With that in mind: I see a day of choices ahead, pretty much the regular “train-train de la vie,” and really the only serious choice I have to male today is whether to take the trouble to go out tonight, de rigeur en déguisement, bien sûr ! Right now the feeling is trending towards staying home & watching a flick, 
but . . . on verra. My wife is French, therefore Hallowe’en is a foreign import for her, but the next day, All Saints’ Day, la Toussaint, is a big deal here, so it’s a party weekend anyway. Hallowe’en fits in nicely over here. Which is a good thing, otherwise I couldn’t have stayed! Grin. Okay, here, back to it – small questions & conflicts may have the right of way today, but handled with the placid calm and dogged duty of the Knight they will have short shrift today. The manner in which to catalyze this small, persistent rain of binaries is to suffer the intense but brief pain of solving them one right after the other, in a quick train and almost without thought and then moving on the down the road. While these concerns may be small, in quantity they can fuck up my day, so deal with them IMMEDIATELY as they rise, no procrastination, buddy. Got it? Short, sharp swift pains that will pass. You can do this, Mark – it’s only maintenance, and low-level maintenance at that. I can’t get too serious about the 3 of Swords, one of my favorite cards, actually. It is one of the trumps by which I always judge the attraction  

of a deck, as well as being a bit of a truism – “a little bit of pain can put you much f-a-r-t-h-e-r along the road of Illumination  than any other single experience.”  We ALL know we won’t die from it; we are just such PUSSIES about it, for God’s sake! “Buck up and take the strap, Jethro! You fucked up, you take the whippin’!!” or something like that, maybe a little less “Mandingo”-ish. LOL. I’m okay with this today, I really am. IT doesn’t say that I’m GOINBG to suffer today, just that I MAY, and if I do, so what? I know how to work it, how to leave it if I wish, or stay and construct something useful. That is ALL up to me and my conscious choice – pain doesn’t kick me off of the throne of Responsibility. SO-o-o . . . groove on being human today, Mark, and know that even in the duty of choice and the choice of duty the pain is present but temporary, and a necessary part of the process. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the Sense of Humor to see the reality of the process and to find it vaguely amusing and unfrightening. Be Well!   

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