Sunday, October 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 02Oct2016. Ah, breathe the fresh air of October! Just fills your lungs with screams, terror, hobgoblins & ghosts, doesn’t it? LOL. I love this month.  Today I have finally hit upon a daily question that works for every generic daily card request I know; I asked this morning for the Major & the Minor currents in my life today. I really like that, simple, sweet and all-inclusive (just like I like my lovers. Grin.) I received VII the Chariot and the 5 of Coins. Both upright, thank Valhalla, as I didn’t want to have to deal with a reversal today. The deck today is *The Revised New Art Tarot* by J. A. Knapp & Manly P. Hall. (Now, if you are one of the New Agers who meditates on peace & love for the entire universe and you grow organic Karma Karrots® on your vegan farm where you live in spiritual harmony with your significant soul symbiote, Moonflower Peonyspirit Butterflyglitter, then you already know Manly P. Hall. If not, and the deck interests you, go find out.) The Major current of my day seems to be VII the Chariot. Okay, first the factoids: he is on Path #18, Cheth in the Tree of Life. He is Mars in connection with Sun or Mercury, as a symbol of enforcement combining with the Sun as symbol for will or Mercury as the symbol of the way. He is in Cancer, by way of Water, and is going from Binah to Geburah. “The Chariot stands for combined powers, ready to move forward. It represents the dynamic principle and the human will to proceed, the ability to use the powers of life and keep the outer and inner balance. The Chariot shows a strong will, a strong personality, and at its best, victory and success. But it also is a symbol for controversial power, for contradictions that are not solved, but just controlled. In this, the trump also warns of overestimation and recklessness. With every new venture or beginning one should check carefully whether the desired goal is compatible with one's life and inner self.” (Raven) I DO like Raven’s summaries, they are brief and to the point. It helps to remember that the Chariot is a symbol for the armor we build up when moving forward in the process of self-assertion, and the danger that we might mix this armor with our actual personality.  “So, move forward like a boss, Mark! You’ve got the Sphinxes harnessed and your goal (teaching Tarot) awaits – up, up and away!” That’s cool, I can live with that, and it is entirely appropriate considering that I am beginning the Tarot lessons this week. We’ll see how many make the 1st session! LOL.  The minor current for today and I see it as linked directly to my Chariot, is the 5 of Coins. And no, it doesn’t automatically mean begging & barefoot in the snow outside the brightly lit but hypocritical church. It sits in Geburah in the Tree of Life, by way of Earth.
Astrowise, it is Mercury in the 1st decan of Taurus. “The Five of Disks finds itself in the changing movements of Geburah, but this is not the well-balanced change of the Two of Disks, but an imbalanced, disruptive change, the effect of the 5 breaking up the stability of the 4, destroying its structure and balance. So the Five of Disks represents a material crisis, which can also be a crisis in home and profession, an illness or injury, anything that disturbs or destroys the material, peaceful security of the Four. There is not much to find when looking for the bright sight of the card, nevertheless it is a fact that every burning of a forest results in many little sprouts that appear afterwards, having the most fertile ground in the ashes. But of course, the old forest doesn't need to burn down completely - the card can also talk of the worry that it might do so just because it burns somewhere in the near(by surroundings.)” (Raven)  You have to like Raven; even though you may have to a little translating, a little cleaning-up from time to time, s/he says some wonderful things about the arcana. This is a minor current in my life today, so while I needn’t overly concern myself with finding myself on the street, it will be a good idea to keep a sharp eye on my own attitude to make sure I don’t come down with a sniveling case of the “Poor-Me’s.’ I just can’t fucking STAND it when people whine and snivel, I want to physically, corporeally punish them across their backs, buttocks and legs with something supple and extremely painful. Like a bullwhip. If you EVER meet me, you have been warned; don’t snivel, no matter WHAT. Grin. (Below you will find an addendum of Manly P. Hall’s take on VII the Chariot from his book, * The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy*, available at finer ice cream shoppes near you . . . .)  Today I ask the Cosmos to give us a bit of insight in determining what is necessary and what is dead weight as we ALL guide our chariots on the Road. Be Well!

“Manly on the 7th - The seventh numbered major trump is called Le Chariot, the Chariot, and portrays a victorious warrior crowned and riding in a chariot drawn by black and white sphinxes or horses. The starry canopy of the chariot is upheld by four columns. This card signifies the Exalted One who rides in the chariot of creation. The vehicle of the solar energy being numbered seven reveals the arcane truth that the seven planers are the chariots of the solar power which rides victorious in their midst. The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four Mighty Ones who uphold the worlds represented by the star-strewn drapery. The figure carries the scepter of the solar energy and its shoulders are ornamented with lunar crescents--the Urim. and Thummim. The sphinxes drawing the chariot resent the secret and unknown power by which the victorious ruler is moved continuously through the various parts of his universe. In certain Tarot decks the victor signifies the regenerated man, for the body of the chariot is a cubic stone. The man in armor is not standing in the chariot but is rising out of the cube, thus typifying the ascension of the 3 out of the 4--the turning upward of the flap of the Master Mason's apron. In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the warrior carries the curved sword of Luna, is bearded to signify maturity, and wears the collar of the planetary orbits. His scepter (emblematic of the threefold universe) is crowned with a square upon which is a circle surmounted by a triangle.” (Ibid)    

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