Monday, October 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 11Oct2016. Today I am using the 3 Principles Spread I recently discovered; 1st card is “Sulfur”, the active principle at work today, the 2nd is “Mercury,”  the passive principle, and the 3rd is Salt, the catalyst to harmonize the other two. I have drawn, in order, IV The Emperor, VIII Strength and XV The Devil (reversed.) I am using a brand new arrival, *Pagan Underworlds* by UUSI; it is quite lovely & reads like greased lightning. A keeper. Looking at the 3-card ensemble I can immediately grok this morning’s read and I agree with and understand it. “Regard the logic of it, mortals, and see the reason for Paganism!” LOL. There I am, the 1st and active principle, struggling back into position after a dastardly attack over the weekend by the Forces of Darkness and Bad Respiration to do me in. However, I AM still weak, and there is my Strength, running in the passive current, not blended with me, thus unavailable to me as a resource. What do I need to make the blend today? 
To give my Emperor some oomph? To bring him back roaring to his cubic throne? Ah, a denial of any attachment to the material is called for, first, and a long look at other attachments I may be carrying around for no good reason. And there never is, a good reason, that is. “And there you have it, Sir. Your struggling after an attack that left you weakened, you need to reunite with your Strength who is in passive mode at the moment, and you can do it best by denying any attachment to base materialism as a motive in creating the blend, keeping the “re-”union of you and Strength in higher realms of your being than simply powering your sword arm. That will be € 30, and Thank You and Come Again!” I could make it MUCH more complicated than that, and spin it out into my usual 1000 words with the added information brought in about the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and of course Astrology. And this & that. ALL OF WHICH IS PERTINENT 1 USEFUL, when you want to use it and/or when it seems necessary to understand a reading. When I write this blog, sometimes I’m explaining to both of us, you & me, and sometimes only the readers because I’ve got my understanding of the cards down fairly cold. So, with that, I’m going to go out and play with other children now that piano practice is over (Grin.) I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL the gift of Brevity today at a moment when it will serve us best. Be Well!  


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