Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 12Oct2016. Using the alchemical spread of the 3 Principles, (Sulfur, the active current, then Mercury, the passive current, and finally Salt, the catalyst to mate the two) In that order I have drawn the King of Wands, XI Strength reversed, and XXI the World. Donning my ultravision psychic goggles, I can see in one, sweeping glance that this is a legible, understandable read that is an almost word for word repetition of Monday morning’s reading. Instead of the Emperor today, however, I have the King of Wands, but there is Strength in an even MORE passive role because now she’s reversed! Dammit! And instead of the Devil as my Catalyst, (which would perhaps have been overkill on the cards’ part, considering the deck I’m using today,) I have drawn XXI the World. Today I’m using the eponymous *Oswald Wirth Tarot*. And in this one the Devil is rather spectacular! Ha! It would have been overkill. Oswald Wirth (1860, Brienz – 1943, Canton of Bern) was a “Swiss artist and author on subjects of occultism. Under guidance of a member of the Rosicrucian Order, a French poet Stanislas de Guaita, he created in 1889 a Tarot deck with only 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Stanislas de Guaita proposed that the Major Arcana is an initiatory sequence used by initiates to tag their path of spiritual ascension and evolution. In some aspects this deck is very similar to the Tarot de Marseille but enriched with some additional symbolism. 
Today this deck is usually called the Wirth/de Guaita deck although in the beginning it was referred to as "Arcanes du Tarot kabbalistique".” ( I rather like it. A bit brassy & bold, “but ahoy! Matey, that’s how I likes me wenches, bold & brassy! Har har har!” (not me, I swear it.) So, what have I actually done for myself TODAY, eh, Janet Jackson? Well, I’ve descended from the Emperor’s cubic throne to sit on the King of Baton’s equally cubic chair, to see if (perhaps?) he can’t start the mechanism moving more forcefully, more rapidly; with greater  <<Fire>> down in there in its giddyup. As the Fire of Fire, he can heat the whole machine u to pitch perfect functioning temperature, but he’s only got one chance – that’s his nature, One-shot Oscar; if he can’t make the shot, there’s no re-take. Swimming alongside but in the opposite direction is my passive principle for today, AGAIN, XI Strength (La Force.) She’s gone from being just passive to now being obstructive, deliberately flowing in the opposite direction I don’t feel the meaning here is so much that my lack of 
Strength is increasing or growing “stronger” (ha!) but that what is being emphasized is the element of Time; “Hey, you there, Mark !! What is this shit? You are still here, 24 hours later? What’s up, water lizard??” Proving her point that she hasn’t yet been integrated, I suppose, Force is pouting a bit and threating to lose control of her kittykat. Well we can’t have that, and I DID promise myself I would start a task yesterday that really NEEDS doing. I started, all right, but I stayed at it only half-assedly throughout the afternoon. So today, I’ve GOT to get over myself and get a move on, so how can I get my catalyst to do this? Hmmm, in a counterintuitive stroke worthy of Freud’s mother trying to get him to eat the liver she surprisingly found in the ice box, I am told, “Don’t hole-up! Put on all your psychic swag and go for a walk, involve the public in your day somehow at some moment. It will be of invaluable help in aiding you to create the blend you need to get this buggy on down the road!” I’m ignoring Force’s “Kaf” (Hebrew letter) in favor of the World’s “Tav.”  Kaf is the eleventh letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet. (Blessings are upon the head of the just but violence shall cover the mouth of the wicked - Proverbs 10:6) כ Kaf, the crown, symbolizes self-realization by means of willpower and faith.כ Kaf symbolizes the latent power of the Holy Spirit (Binah) in the pineal gland that is fully manifested in the sexual organs of the initiate. The fire of Binah must create the Elohim, heaven and earth within the human being.” (Gnostic Teachings org.) Yes, I know, it sounds rather spendthrift of me, doesn’t it, throwing all of that away in order to concentrate more fully on integrating it with a much more interesting tool, my catalyst XXI the World. “Tav ת, the 22nd Hebrew letter, is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and as such it represents the completion or synthesis of all of the Hebrew letters.  Within the Tav we find the complete synthesis or sum of everything.  In order to understand the ת Tav, it is necessary for you to understand all of the Hebrew letters.” So, I feel like I’m trading the frog’s leg for the whole frog, still alive and unharmed. Go froggy. An addendum to this read is that the 3 Principles Spread is meant to be used with ONLY the Major Arcana. I spaced it out this morning and used the whole deck (I was fascinated, yet again, by Wirth’s visual interpretation.) Nevertheless, I received a king and two Majors, so I don’t feel I put myself at a disadvantage; rather the opposite, actually, in that bringing in the Court Cards could go leagues into expanding the usage of this already very useful spread. To Wrap It Up & Take It!! we need to finish there. I ask the Cosmos today to gift us ALL with a kick in the psychic butt to help us motivate and get on down the road. Be Well!  


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