Monday, October 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17Oct2016. This is the beginning of a two-week run I enjoy inordinately every year; the presentation of the “spooky & frightening” Tarot decks. I have an inordinate number of such decks and enjoy dragging them out – Halloween should be 364 days a year – we can afford to give the other day to the other festivals, who can share. Grin. (Today’s deck IS my very favorite vampire deck, *The Vampire Tarot* by Robert M. Place, he of *Alchemical Tarot*- name & fame. It closely follows the original novel, as in book, written by Bram Stoker. This deck is so delicious it is enough to make you swoon in the pale moonlight. The deck is a highly professional, slick production, so it will be durable. The whole journey of Jonathan Harker [0 The Fool] on Tarot cards is so riveting it’s like reading it for the first time, again.  I LOVE this deck. If you love vampires and/or “horror” of this genre, this is a Must-Have deck. It is accompanied by a large, accompanying text mainly devoted to the subtleties of the deck, and not wasting space on “this is a dark young man with a significant bulge in his crotch.”) Okeydokey, onwards and downwards into the castle dungeons where we hope to release him from his captivity to three exotic, luscious female vampires who are draining him dry in every way. 
However, as it is Dawn, I see a vampire speeding away into the dark with the appearance of XIX the Sun. If one can draw any conclusion at all from this little pictorial allegory it might be that Darkness MUST fell the Light, it cannot exist in the same time/space with it. Thus it is with our thoughts, as well, and in this way this card is the perfect Sulfur/active Principle; As Above, So Below. When we fill our minds with the Light and hearts with its vibrations, the Dark cannot exist in the same time/space with it. It must be remembered; the Dark NEEDS its own time/space with the heart, as well, in order to dwell in balance & right-living (Maat.) S I can take my active principle today to be the appearance of the Sun, the Light, and my choice as to what to do with that appearance; take temporary flight like the vampire or step forward and greet the morning Sun. Remember; this is “the current;” NOT what is actually going on. Compare it to what the atmosphere is favorable towards and what it is not. It pinpoints, for this card, the Active, Masculine Principle at work today in your life/soul. As the Passive current running tandem to the Active, but with far different purposes, is the 3 of Swords. I Always love this card, and am always sure to check it out when judging a “maybe?” deck. Here, we have the traditional image right up front in simple, gorgeous color and as always, the ‘book meaning’ flashes across my frontal lobe, “short, transitory but intense pain.” I’ve never really seen it quite so drastically; yes, it hurts, but this isn’t gut-wrenching, soul-shattering heartbreak or death or something in that category; this is something “temporary,” thus by its very nature not too serious. However, it is serious enough to be called pain because it HURTS; and that is good, because we NEED that to grow. Not all pain is bad. Some can be quite necessary, for the implementation of a lesson can occur no other way. (Remember, we are speaking of punishments in an initiatory, almost karmic sense; this isn’t about being horsewhipped in some Mandingo fantasy.) 
In terms of this as a Passive current, I feel it is more representative of a deep melancholy of loss rather than loss itself- I’m not currently experiencing any “loss,” but I AM in mourning for some qualities & capabilities that I have just now realized the years have taken from me. In terms of trying to reconcile a melancholy stream of regret with the fleeing vampire & the rising Sun, I know the next card can tell me how I can approach it; what flashes into my mind big-time right now is, “Yeah, but WHY? Why would I WANT to combine those two? It sounds like I’m pulling a Dr. Frankenstein and creating something so excessively out-of-balance that it brands both of us as monsters. I have to interpret it that way as the 3 of Swords is more likely to be calling directly to the vampire – hell, look at ‘em, cozying up together, as of course they would; what vampire wouldn’t love a skewered and bleeding heart, no complications?  Well, supposedly, or “apparently,” I’m to pull off the fusion via XI Strength.  And my, isn’t she a healthy-looking & cheery lass!  Tittie to the cold night breeze and lips scarlatine slightly open and pouting as she glides on in her hunt, believe it or not she isn’t the focus here. The wolf is. We already know the traditional Strength – the androgyny of combing the two halves of yourself, the grace of combing the animal & savage with the graceful & delicate. This card, however, represents strength through discipline & alliance, and in this case while the wolf appears to be servile, he is the child of the night, the driving force. And he’s aggressive, as *Justice sometimes must be, especially faced by the lackadaisical and the indifferent. I think today, the basic message can be summed up as, “If you are fleeing the dawn to nurse a secret wound, then use the strength inside of you to get past the trap. If instead you are accepting of the dawn, then you must let the nature of the Dark hasten the end of your secret hurt with as much strength as necessary. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a set of “scales” by which we can perform a quick check of when giving a shit is necessary or ill-advised. Be Well!   


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