Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 22Oct2016. Today I’m using the 3 Principles spread and *Le Tarot des Templiers* by Willy Vassaux et Jean-Louis Victor. It is a French deck, and very Kabbalistically oriented. I was surprised by it – I didn’t expect a lot out of it, but it gives surprising insightful reads As Well As seeming to” break through” when another deck can’t or won’t. I surprised myself by liking it more than I had expected. Onward to the reading: my Sulfur, Active Principle, card is the Ace of Coins; my Mercury, Passive Principle, card is the Page of Cups and the Salt, or Catalyzer card is the 8 of Wands. On an intuitive “whisper,” I drew a Shadow card as well, and it is the Knight of Wands. All upright. My Active, Sulfur, principle is the Ace, so let’s take a look at why, shall we? In general meanings it stands for positive results and integral concretization of my projects already in motion. This is Abundance, with its highs and lows but with a secure base in ALL circumstances. This card signifies that I should feel a pulse of energy pushing me to go farther, to pass myself. It is a psychologically encouraging card, and one needs to profit from it by pushing forward those things in neutral that have been stalled because, for once, they are going to go forward. 
Any affective troubles or worries I have should disappear, with results refining themselves down to elegantly simple solutions. It functions, however, as its own warning- don’t let yourself be “taken in” by all the fast, easy “bling” and an attitude of auto-intoxication; you’ll wake up with a bad case of butthurt. My Passive Principle today is embodied in the Page of Cups (he’s rather studly, so if you do wake up with the butthurt, you’ll know who to blame.) Cups, being Water, thus Feminine, can be rather passive on the whole, and the Page here is certainly no exception, so as a passive principle, he’s tailor-made for the role. In a “normal” reading of this Page, we can see just counsel and confidence rediscovered in action. He honestly believes that there is Nothing that the gift of Love and yourself cannot resolve, that everything must give way to it; he’s a bit naïve that way. He’s a believer in non-violence and he wants everything to “harmonize” and for everyone to experience a “win-win” situation. He sounds exactly like the kind of blow-smoke-up-your-ass-coward whom I DESPISE. However, my disdain of him is perhaps because he is exactly the kind of person/energy that blocks the more emotionally satisfying 
reactions of high emotion. He brings logic & reason back to the discussion, so in that manner, I think he is here to temper the more “outré” passions of the Ace of Pentacles, that wellspring of the Material. At the very least his entire lesson can be summed up (perhaps unjustly??) in “to know to Wait with Confidence and Wisdom,” and in affective terms, that Love is above all to be protected. He himself is reserved and standoffish, but with patience his heart may be found and it is a secret garden. Well, alright, at least that is what the sales brochure says - and I tend to believe them. I’ve run into a few of these in life, and while I love the feel of them, ultimately they prove too weak & feeble for my fiery embrace and fall out of my life, either repelled or consumed. Today, however, it is present as Passive current (much to my own dismay!) and the only way I can see to deal with him and the Ace before him as the Active element today is to call upon the 8 of Wands to catalyze the “flow” of the two so that there is some harmony in the construct, for God’s sake.  This 8 is all about Equilibrium and the recentering of the action. “He” loves order in the different sections of activity. He also remembers, “We have to get results.” Therefore, in order to succeed, I need to reassess myself and do it tout-de-suite! However, this isn’t meant to disarrange things; it is meant merely to add speed to my retaking the Path and to get my traveling show on down the road! So it is simply speed in this case and the necessity to focus, focus, focus and manifest my baby already in progress.
 This isn’t an emotive card, at all; we don’t have time for that. Just get on with it, Mark! Well, I can hear that, I really can. But the problem is that it doesn’t seem to indicate why all this lack of focus in the first place and then the subsequent necessity of speed. C’mon, give it up, you swarthy old spinster, give it up; who or what is causing this stumble and hurry up in my path? Ah ha, my shadow card reveals it is the Knight of Wands! Bastardo! Fils de pute !! LOL, ok, Mediterranean dramatic moment over, let’s see who or what this is about. Aha!! I am being hounded by the ghost of future success! Or so it seems . . . It most definitely encourages me to continue my studies, and to “keep my nose to the grindstone,” that success is a result determined by the fineness of its constituent elements. And I’m the Magician, the element-handler, furnisher, dealer, recipient and all-round habile creator . . . or at least that is what I am supposed to be, and if I’m having a good day, then I’m damn close to it; hell, on a real good day, I AM there. Like all such exalted states, it comes and goes, but this one comes and goes at MY Will. I’m a powerful motherfucker, when I think about it . . . LOL. Which I do rarely, sadly enough and I hope without the ego lens in place. Jeez! But it’s true, the Valkyries know – I’m still human, I haven’t translated yet. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL today a moment of divinity and omnivision to see the Awe & Glory of the totality of the Plan for each one of us. Be Well!  

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