Saturday, October 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Oct2016. Today I have used the Nuclear Family spread, but have added a Shadow card. The deck is *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West & Karin Lee. So! We are edging closer to THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR, Hallowe’en!! LOL, yes, I do (almost) believe it is the most important day of the year, at least for me, and many like me who wallow and orgiastically squirm with delight in the outré, the strange and the creepy. You may take my word for it that my involvement with the Tarot is a step DOWN into normality and not a step UP into weirdness. HA HA! I’ve done some very Orlockian things in my life and been to many a “castle in Transylvania” so the use of Tarot was a step to trying to introduce dull & boring normality into my life. No joke! Of course, my beginning Tarot involvement goes back to the age of 10, but perhaps that just means my life has been off of the rails ever since at least then; I’d put money on that! Okay, enough about why I am weirder than Hallowe’en . . . LOL. (I’m not the baddest little boy in the world, either, so don’t believe I’ve swung to that extreme, either; I’m not that stupid, you know.)  OK, let’s get on with it, Madge! In the 1st position, the “Sulfur/Active/Male/Osirian Principle” slot, 
I have XVII the Star (hip-hip-hooray for me!) I like this, a lot, and it fits with my mood. I woke this morning with extra aches, pains and worries, but I didn’t care, because it’s the autumn and Hallowe’en in almost here – I feel young(er) at this time of the year, and as it is such a kid’s holiday hiding under the deadly serious business of witch-hunting and fear of the supernatural, I feel like the Man Behind the Curtain, and I love it. (Forgive my Ego; it gets excessively into this time of year. LOL) In general, I live with Hope – for many, many reasons, a recitation of the list of which I shall not bore you. Suffice it to say that underneath the crocodilian hide of this cynical old reptile beats the heart of young man still full of Hope, just badly abused & battered. I get SO tired of how mean & evil the human motherfuckers are “out there” - “GODDAMN IT ALL TO HELL, Virginia, don’t the Good Guys get a fuckin’ break??” And yet, somehow, for some unknown and unfathomable reason, Hope doesn’t die screaming in my heart. I don’t know why, but it’s true, and it is SUCH a BIG PART, to me, of my manhood, my masculinity, that I could no more do without it than I could do without a brain. Moving on. . My “Mercury/Passive/Female/Isian Principle” slot is filled today with the 2 of Pumpkins (Coins.)  “Mamma’s jugglin’, boy, don’t disturb her . . .” LOL! I get the distinct impression that my much-suffering Anima is juggling these days, a LOT, with the manifestations in reality that I am deliberately invoking and my growth as a conscious individual, wrapped in a mantle of daring-do and aiming for my star at top speed. OH, Horus!! I wanna’ get ON with it, I wanna’ walk among the stars and feel the cold and comforting cosmic winds of the assurance of the impermanence of Sorrow, of Pain, of the perceptions which plague us with predictions of permanence where there is none. “Sorrow ISN’T forever, Virginia.”  Today my Catalyst, my 
“Salt/Catalyst/Androgynous/Horus-Son Principle” slot is the sure hands of XIV Temperance; not only are her hands sure and steady, but she is an old, old, buddy of mine of long date, despite her ever-youthful appearance. I’ve had to moderate my WHOLE life; I have NEVER had the luxury of a full-out full-blown 100% indulgence in ANYTHING because my educated self won’t suffer me to harbor such an illusion. Tarot is the closest I come to it – as much as I can honestly say this without conscious or (I hope!) subconscious duplicity. I BELIEVE in the efficacy of the Tarot to aide me to move my soul towards illumination and my being to freedom in the cosmos and reunion with the Great Divine. And there is nothing moderate about that! But you see, that’s me, in a nutshell. And Temperance has a HELL of a HUGE role to play in my getting on with it; if she wasn’t present in my life, I would already be dead at least 4X over – and that is completely serious. She has saved my bacon more than once. And YES, I’m sure it was her, moving and speaking in my world in order to motivate me to save myself. I more than love her, I depend upon her, and I respect her and I LISTEN to her. One could do worse. Today I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a clearer understanding of the sheer vastness of the Love that the Divine carries for us if we will just reach out and touch it. Be Well!   

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